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If you regularly make videos for your business, you may want to start thinking about modularization.

This is quite simply the process of creating a number of different video ‘units’ that are all complete in themselves, but can then be put together to form different videos depending on your goals. Here is a quick guide to getting more from video modularization.

Why Modularize Your Videos?

The ability to mix and match video modules can be very useful for a business. Rather than creating one long video that you then have to update every time you change a few products, you can simply create a number of different videos and then join them together. That way, if you need to take out or add another module, this won’t take as much time as filming the whole thing again.

You could also tailor your video modules to different audiences. Whereas some audiences may want to see the whole video, others may just want to see one or two modules. This can allow you to reach a larger audience, which can help with your marketing.

Smaller videos also have other advantages. People don’t always want to watch a long video, and providing them with a number of bite-sized chunks could encourage them to watch more of your videos. Smaller videos are also quicker to download, which can be useful if anyone wants to download your videos using something like

Ideal for Demonstrating Your Products and Services

One of the main reasons for modularization is that it allows businesses to create individual videos for the different products and services that they provide. By creating a separate module for each product, you can feature a video on each product page, as well as upload them to a site like YouTube. You can then optimize each page for SEO, generating more traffic and more views.

If your products can also be categorized into groups, you can join some of your modules together to create longer videos, which can be ideal when you want to present a variety of products in the same place, and simply put the modules together into one longer video can save you a lot of time.

Is Modularization Difficult?

Modularization is not difficult to do, as long as you have some good editing software and the time to script and create each video. However, modularization requires careful planning. You have to know what you want to do right from the start.

You will have to think about how the video can be broken up into separate modules before you even start filming it, and there are various factors to consider. One of these is music. You won’t be able to play a track over two modules because when you cut them up this will seem odd. Instead, make sure each module has its own track.

You will also want to use editing software to add features like fades between modules and titles at the start of each new one. This will make it clear that each section is different, helping you to break it up and rearrange modules later on.

Try It Yourself with Your Next Videos

Video modularization has many potential benefits, and it is not difficult to do once you understand the process, so give it a go yourself the next time you make a video for your business. It may take some practice to get right, but once you have got the process sorted out, you can save yourself lots of time and improve your marketing process in the future.

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Gladys King is an experienced web marketing whiz. After years on the job, she enjoys blogging about the tips and tricks to successful marketing in the digital age.

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