What Is Evergreen Content and Why You Need to be Creating It?

Evergreen content writing

Did you know that the best way to attract steady traffic to your website is to create evergreen content? It is true, but unfortunately, many people don’t understand it or how it works.

Evergreen content is good for your website because it has a longer shelf life than most information you may publish. Keeping a good stock of evergreen content on your website will help to keep your site relevant for years and is more likely to attract inbound links.

Many blog updates can be tied to the latest trend or news headlines, so the information it contains may not remain of interest for very long. However, evergreen content is considered more long-lasting, so other websites will be happier to link to it because they know that information is set to stay around for a long time and will remain a reliable link.

As Hostgator says, ‘There is one style of content that can actually send you traffic for years to come. All you have to do is to invest the initial time in creating it.’

However, many people new to the concept may not know what sort of evergreen content they should be making. It can help to include a wide variety of content in the form of white papers, explainer videos, how-to guides, and blog posts that go into detail about a product or service you offer that is a permanent feature of your business.

Creating useful evergreen content

As Sandra Long, writing for LinkedIn, explained, Evergreen content can permanently be available for your prospects and clients.

This is why what you create needs to be helpful and can provide answers to the most common questions being asked. The most popular type of evergreen content to make would be anything that delivers the information that people are looking for.

If you are stuck for ideas, it is worth scrolling through your email inbox to see if any common questions are coming from your clients.

Answering the most frequently asked questions in a simple, straightforward way can become material that you can turn into evergreen content. Again, you can offer the same information across different formats, such as video, podcasts, and blog posts that can be easily shared across social media.

It can also help to look at your Google Analytics to see what pages, blog posts, or content is being most visited. You can make helpful evergreen content around those topics and include links to it from your most visited page or content.

Need some inspiration?

If you are looking for more clues about what topics to make evergreen content about, take a look through your email outbox. This can give you a clear idea about what questions you are answering the most often.

Not only will you find a few topics to write about, but you will also be saving yourself a lot of time answering emails by providing people with the answers they need in your evergreen content on your website.

How-to posts are always popular. People like to find out how to order from you, hire your services, or use the products that you sell. Evergreen content like this will never go out of date as long as you continue to offer the same product or services as you do today.

Most web visitors are looking for more information about a product or service, so you can create useful evergreen content that will help them while at the same time help to build your authority in your particular field.

For example, you could draw up a list of the top ten influencers or experts in your field. You can include some curated information from them and talk about why you like and respect them.

If you sell a product, you could list the top ten benefits that a person will get from using it. The same goes if you provide a service. You could highlight ten benefits of using your service.

Top tips for creating evergreen content

While you want to make your content as valuable and as information-packed as possible, remember that most people like to skim over the content before deciding whether to read it in full.

By keeping your content short and to the point and include bullet points and attention-grabbing subheadings, you won’t overwhelm your reader with too much information at once.

People are visual by nature, so breaking up your blog post and web page text with photographs and graphics can help catch people’s eyes. Using short explainer videos and simple animations to present information is also a great way to create evergreen content.

Remember, though, that if you prefer making videos, make sure you include some captions to help get your message across, as many people may watch your videos at work on mute.

Evergreen video content tends to be short–usually no longer than one to two minutes long. The quality should also be high, so recording on your smartphone may not be the best idea. There are professional short film companies that make corporate videos, animated videos, and explainer videos that you can use to produce evergreen content.

How does evergreen content benefit my business?

After you have successfully created some evergreen content, over time, you will hopefully see a growing level of incoming traffic to your site. But you may still be wondering how this helps your business.

While seeing increased web traffic is exciting, it won’t mean much unless it converts your web visitors into paying customers.

If you create some amazing-quality evergreen content but fail to utilize it properly, you could be

missing out on sales. Your content is there to inspire, educate and encourage enthusiasm in your readers, but if the content doesn’t point anywhere at the end, your readers won’t know where to go or what to do next.

One of the simplest ways to boost your sales is to include a call to action in your evergreen content. Your CTA should lead engaged readers into your sales funnel while they are still interested in your product or service.

An excellent example of CTA use is this post about How To Write a Blog Post, where the reader is encouraged to click the CTA to get six free blog post templates.


Evergreen content creation can take some time and effort to generate, but it is a valuable investment of your time. This type of long-lasting content can bring your website ongoing traffic for years.

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