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Motionbox Review Cost-features details and much more

Videos have become an inevitable part of any marketing content. Videos are beneficial in various marketing, Lead Generation, & conversion campaigns.

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But to do so, businesses & Marketers need a powerful & efficient Video Content Platform. Such platforms assist businesses in delivering creative & intuitive video content. They let Marketers Store, Upload & Deliver innovative & engaging videos.

There are thousands of options available in the market when it comes to Video Platforms or Video Clouds. In this detailed Motionbox review, we are going to explore one such platform, Motionbox.

We are going to offer you an insight into this platform & its features.

So let’s get started right away.

What is Motionbox?

Motionbox is a collaborative video creation & motion graphic management tool. It allows various teams & marketers to collaborate & create videos in real time. It lets you create amazing videos via available templates quickly & easily. It’s by far the most straightforward yet efficient video editing & creating tool we have encountered.

You can crop your video, and add animation & text to make your video more intuitive & meaningful. As its UI is intuitive & straightforward, you can work with Motionbox even if you don’t have previous video editing experience.

You can also collaborate with different teams to create videos for marketing & Branding purposes.

What are the main features of Motionbox?

Main Feature of Motionbox-min
Main Feature of Motionbox-min

Simple & Clutter-free Dashboard

As you can see in the image, the dashboard is very simple & clean. You can create multiple folders for your different campaigns & can access them right from your Homepage.

Here you also have the option to view all your videos collectively.

Video Collaboration

Video Collaborating is probably one of the best features that you get with Motionbox. Its creative & efficient UI lets you collaborate with different teams & speeds up the process of creating videos. You can access all the videos remotely & can work on them in a much more efficient way.

With this feature, you can create professional marketing videos & funny memes in a much quicker way.

Repurposing content

Repurposing content is one of the essential requirements of any content marketing strategy. However, Motionbox offers a tool for cropping video clips from your original video to fulfill this purpose. For instance, you can pick up a video from Instagram, crop the clip that you want to reshare, and then post it as a reel or story on other social media platforms.

Resizing GIFs

Resharing a GIF on different platforms requires resizing. Motionbox offers tools for molding GIFs into different shapes and sizes as per your requirements. Thus, you can post rocking content on different platforms with great ease.

Adding Text to Videos

Motionbox add text
Motionbox adding animated text.

Text is a critical part of any Video Content. It quickly grabs attention, conveys the right message & engages the viewer.

The Story Creator feature in MotionBox allows you to add text to your video in multiple forms. You can fill your whole video with the text or add text in small cuts.

Video Cropping

Repurposing an existing video is a highly complex task. A lot of creators struggle with this issue while creating videos.

But Motionbox comes with this very helpful feature of Video Cropping. You can use any video from other platforms like YouTube or Instagram, crop it & repurpose it for your specific needs.

Splitting the video

Removing any unwanted part in a video is a primary feature that a Video-editing tool must have. Motionbox allows you to split your video & use only a specific part of that content.

You can also add specific transitional effects to your videos, ensuring you get the best results.

Editing videos for Clubhouse

If you are active in Clubhouse, you would probably be familiar with the difficulty of being promoted to a Clubhouse conversation.

You may easily transform meaningful content into a video that you can share on this platform. The tool also allows you to add headers, progress bars, subtitles, and many such features to these videos for a better presentation.

Video Meme maker

Memes have taken the world by storm! And with Motionbox, you can ride that wave very efficiently. With Motionbox online video editor, you can create funny & engaging memes for your target audience within a few minutes.

What is the Motionbox pricing structure?

Now let’s take Motionbox pricing into account. Motionbox comes with two payment plans, while one is a free plan.  Let’s check out the features of all these plans.

1. Free Plan:

Under this plan, you won’t be paying anything. You get access to 1 Gb storage, Standard  & Watermarked Videos & 5 Videos a month.

2. Pro Plan:

Under this plan, you will be paying $19/Mo. You get access to 5GB storage & 20 HD, Watermark-free videos every month.

3. Business Plan:

Under this plan, you will be paying $99/Mo. You get access to 25 GB of storage & 110 videos per month.

Under the Business & Pro Plan, you get Premium Support, while under Free Plan, you’ll get low support.

And if you choose Annual Billing, you will get 20% Off on the above packages.

Motionbox pricing
Motionbox pricing

Why should you use Motionbox for video creation & editing?

Motionbox review
Why should you use Motionbox for video creation and editing?

Creative & Intuitive Videos are a vital part of any marketing campaign. Thousands of businesses are using videos for their marketing campaigns.

With the excess amount of competition in the contemporary digital world, it is mandatory that users tick mark all that they require before choosing a software. Creating an impactful short video turns out to be a challenging task.

Given the constraints of time and the effort that the creator puts in, Motionbox comes up with advanced features to enrich the quality of the content of your video and to strengthen the impact of your video on its viewers. It has always stood up to the expectations of its users.

With a Video-creator like Motionbox, you can make the complex task of creating videos more easily. Here are the benefits of using Motionbox.

1. Collaborate with teams

It lets you collaborate with multiple teams across the platform to create stunning videos. You can share ideas & take inspiration from the already available templates too.

2. Loaded with multiple features

Motionbox comes with multiple features like GIF-resizing, Video Splitting, & Adding text.

This makes your video-creating & editing simple.

3. Standing out from the Crowd

As thousands of videos are being created daily, your ad or video can be lost in the clutter quite easily.

Thankfully, Motionbox lets you stand out from the crowd with its unique features. You can use readymade templates or create your own using their platform for excellent results.

4. Access to High-Quality Video templates

Tell me a faster way to finish your video editing than having ready-made templates and I shall wait for the answer. With this feature, Motionbox offers a super speedy way to make videos by giving users the option to choose from a variety of different styles of templates, which saves their time, and effort and also helps them to beautify their creations as per their needs.

You get access to premium-quality video templates for creating awesome videos. You also get access to HD videos & Photos from other platforms like Pexels & Unsplash.

5. Automatic subtitles

Let us face it, isn’t it extremely taxing and time-consuming to add subtitles to the whole video after every slide or click? You don’t have to worry, Motionbox has got you covered with its lovely built-in feature, which automatically adds subtitles to your videos.

These subtitles are available in various sizes and fonts and you can choose as you see fit for your video. You simply have to upload the video and you’re ready to click start! This is the most appreciated and loved feature of Motionbox as it makes lives less complicated and increases the speed of editing for video content creators.

6. Animations

Motionbox also brings a vast range of animations for its users to open gates of customization of texts for users and to empower them with premium quality animations. Animations play a significant role in videos as what appears creative to the eyes wins the game here, hence these animations should be chosen wisely by the users.

Leave the aesthetics and last look for us to take care of and you will surely not be disappointed with the impressive results. You just have to drag and drop these animations and wait for the outcomes to be incredible.

Motionbox templates
Motionbox templates

7. Free Plan

Motionbox also offers you a free plan so you can understand the platform easily before making purchases. This is a great benefit, as you can have a good deal of insight into the tool before you pay for the premium plans.

8. Social Tools

You can add videos from other Social Media Platforms like YouTube, Unsplash & Pexels to create videos. This is apart from the readymade templates that are available with the tool.

Motionbox introduces you to a vibrant and lively social community where you have the opportunity to build strong connections with like-minded content creators and teams and further head over together to collaborate on various projects that you wish to, do in the future.

It also helps the users to share their work with one another and take advice, suggestions, and each other’s help to solve barriers in their content creation at their convenience.

PROS of using Motionbox

  • Automatic subtitles in desired size and font. 
  • Value for money and easy to use.
  • Exchanging ideas and suggestions on content in real time.
  • Availability of varied animations at the click of a button.
  • Easy cropping and splitting of the video, as well as resizing text and editing of the whole video.
  • The story creator feature gives a characteristic detail to the video.
  • Simple regulation of video content.
  • Gives the right space for creative ideas to creators, which lets them create intriguing content.

CONS of using Motionbox

  • Premium support is available only under the paid plans
  • Storage limitations on every plan

Motionbox Alternatives

No doubt Motionbox is an excellent option. But here are some other choices to consider if you’re exploring video editing options beyond Motionbox. Each software offers its own set of unique capabilities, and the best fit will depend on your particular goals and requirements.

  • InVideo: InVideo serves as a comprehensive video editing solution that offers a wide range of pre-made templates, making it ideal for quick and professional video creation.
  • Filmora: Known for its user-friendly interface, Filmora allows for robust video editing, featuring a variety of special effects and transition options.
  • Adobe Spark: As a multimedia creation application, Adobe Spark enables easy video editing and social graphics creation with an intuitive design interface.
  • Animoto: Animoto shines in creating marketing and slideshow videos, with a drag-and-drop interface and a large music library for customization.
  • Magisto: Powered by AI, Magisto simplifies video editing and production, allowing you to create professional-looking videos with minimal effort.

No matter what tool you choose, the core idea is that it should meet your needs.  You should make your choice a matter of aligning those strengths with your specific needs. Consider each platform’s functionality, pricing, and customer feedback to make an informed decision. In the fast-paced digital world, leveraging the most suitable video editing tool can significantly elevate your content creation strategy.

Closing Remarks

Motionbox offers a lot of services & options at competitive pricing. They also have a dedicated YouTube channel that assists Creators & teams with new ideas, assistance & support regularly.

Its long list of features, including GIF editor, video merger, product video maker, yearbook creator, meme maker, and GIF speed changer, offers excellent flexibility & creativity to your video creation.

So if you are looking for a Collaborative Video Platform that’s affordable & feature-rich, Motionbox is undoubtedly a great choice.


What is Motionbox useful for?

Audio tools, Brand overlay, media library, Split video, merge videos, text overlay, collaboration, Social sharing

Is Motionbox free for users?

No, it is not a free tool to use, but it surely presents you the opportunity to avail a free trial to make up your mind about how useful the tool will be to you as a user.

Does Motionbox provide an API?

No, Motionbox does not provide an API.

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