OTT TV apps: Learn which platform can help your business stand out from the crowd


Do you know, as per a Statista study, the number of OTT video users is expected to rise to 462.7 million by 2025?

That’s a really huge number, isn’t it?

Are you a business looking to invest in OTT TV apps and are wondering what suitable platform can help you outshine your sea of competitors?

Fret not!

In this article, we shall discuss all TV app development and how you can launch the perfect TV app that reflects your business identity. Stay with us and read on.

Meaning of OTT TV apps

The term OTT stands for over-the-top and an OTT TV app is one that delivers video content to your smart TV by leveraging the internet. As per the traditional way, people were required to subscribe to a traditional cable to view their favourite content.

But thanks to the robust network connection across the globe, there has been a drastic rise in the popularity of OTT platforms. For instance: Netflix and Amazon Prime. Such apps have totally changed the way people consume content.

Netflix’s revenue has grown from 1.36 billion to around 25 billion in just 12 years, as per research performed. Isn’t that just amazing?

Top platforms that TV app developers can use

TV app development companies often face the challenge of choosing the most suitable platform for their OTT TV apps. But fret not! We are here with a list of platforms that OTT TV app provides can use:

  1. Apple TV: It is a top streaming media that allows you to stream some of the best apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and much more. With Apple TV devices, users can access different kinds of content, such as movies, music, and podcasts. They can also utilize it for gaming purposes.
  2. Roku TV: Roku is recognized as one of the top TV streaming platforms in the US. Thanks to Roku, you can stream videos from different OTT apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Plus, and many more. With a simple interface and user-friendly controls, Roku TV can become your preferred platform.
  3. Amazon Fire TV: One of the top media players that can stream videos, music, and games on TV. You can easily plug it into the HDMI portion of your TV and turn it into a smart TV. It is highly cost-effective as it helps you save on unnecessary costs like the purchase of a new smart TV. Thanks to its high-tech features, it can deliver an immersive entertainment experience to users.
  4. Android TV: Developed by Google, Android TV can be defined as an Android operating system that comes built-in with many smart TVs these days. Being compatible with Google Play Store, Android TV allows viewers to explore various apps that might be useful for them.
  5. Samsung Tizen TV: Samsung Tizen TV is a smart TV that comes with a built-in smart operating system, Tizen. It is a Linux-based, open-source web operating system. Moreover, it allows users to hover over popular apps such as Netflix.
  6. LG webOS TV: LG smart TVs with a web operating system provide you with a sea of amazing world content. Be it news, sports, entertainment, or more, LG TV has got you covered all the way. It provides you with easy access to all your favourite content on apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and others.

Must-have features to build an OTT TV app

Have you been planning to create an OTT TV app lately? Well, that’s great and we will be more than happy to help you out. In this section, we are going to discuss some of the best features that you must include when you develop your OTT TV app. Let us have a quick look at them one by one.

  1. Content search bar: It is obvious that the content choice of all viewers will be different. And hence, there should be a quick search option that helps them switch to their favourite content in no time. Consider including a search bar when you develop an OTT TV app. Ease of navigation is one of the topmost features that you should include in your TV app.
  2. Content categories: Including different types of content categories in your app is essential to its success. Make sure that there are different types of genres available on your platform to maximize viewer satisfaction.
  3. Live content consumption: Your OTT TV app should be able to broadcast live videos. This feature provides your audience with a sense of excitement. Content delivery in real-time is one of the most exclusive features of OTT TV apps.
  4. Offline mode: Offline content viewing is also one of the most important features that you should include when you plan to launch an OTT TV app. With this function, viewers can download their favourite content from your TV app and watch it sometime late without the need for an internet connection.
  5. Multilingual functionality: It is important that you include a multilingual content option in your OTT TV app. This allows users from different geographical locations to engage with your app easily.
  6. Social buttons: Given the expanding dominance of social media in our lives, it makes sense to include social features in your OTT solution. You can add popular social buttons like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to your app. This can expand your audience’s reach and app popularity.
  7. Screen mirroring feature: Screen mirroring is one of the most flexible features that you can provide your customers with. This allows them to watch your app content on different screens, including desktops, laptops, or mobile phones.
  8. In-app purchase: With the subscription video-on-demand business model, users can access an entire library of content for some amount of fee. This is one of the best ways to earn revenue from your app.

How to create and kick-start the best OTT platform?

Are you an OTT TV app maker?

Have you been spinning your head around how to build the best platform and outperform your competition?

Don’t worry! Now, there are many smart tv app development companies in the market. You can pick one that can provide you with the best OTT solution with all kinds of modern functionalities. This way, you can launch your own OTT TV app in no time and without any hassles.


We hope our article helped you understand all the important aspects concerning OTT TV apps. Don’t delay the development process now! Start your journey towards becoming one of the most popular OTT platform providers in the market. Good luck!

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