Digital Marketing Strategies for an OTT Tv platform

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OTT Tv which stands for Over-the-top Tv is your conventional cable TV reinvented with the help of the Internet.

According to Magna Global’s Media Economy Report, OTT Tv enjoys the maximum viewership for video advertising. For OTT Tv broadcasters, the industry is expected to bring in $65 Billion in revenues by 2021.

But, there is a catch. Reaching the market with an OTT Tv platform is not a straight-road drive. It is riddled with challenges of varying magnitude that need to be tackled with specific strategies. Here are some video marketing strategies that will help you reach your OTT Tv market with ease.

Display banner ads

Banner ads are text, image, or video-incorporated banners that are placed on websites where high traffic is experienced. They are large in size, have few characters that are easy to read, and also have a Call-to-Action which helps invoke actions from viewers immediately. Banner ads for OTT Tv platforms help reach targeted audiences easily.

But, the challenge is in spotting the exact medium where the topic of interest is media, Tv, entertainment, video streaming, and the like. If done correctly, display banner ads with rich media can bring back as much as 60% of click-through rates.

Social Media Advertising

The easiest way to reach your market located next door to the next continent is through social media. Social mediums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. have paid and free advertising modes that help reach your potential customers with pinpoint accuracy.

It is no surprise that more than 66% of marketers have social media as a pivotal strategy. Sharing visual content like images, videos, and gifs have maximum conversion rates (as high as 40 times) than text and link sharing.

Video advertising

Heineken Light was able to increase its audience reach by 54% in 3 days with the help of video adverts. The power of video can be best experienced in marketing. Video can showcase a product/service in quick snackable bits of video that hardly take any effort to consume.

Unlike text which is long or images which is restricted in content length, the video combines the best of both worlds to help impress viewers easily. A good marketing video can ignite curiosity in a viewer and turn them into leads who the sales team can convince and persuade for placing an order.

Google AdWords can bring to an OTT Tv platform unique benefits that no other marketing medium can provide. For instance, it is a direct way to reach customers who search for products specific keywords that are associated with you. Secondly, the reach and RoI can be accurately measured from campaign to campaign (something every marketer yearns for!).

Third, it can help reach customers in specifically targeted locations or characteristics like gender, age, location, mobile usage, etc. An OTT Tv platform can use Google AdWords to target specific kinds of users with specific characteristics.

Email marketing

Even in the age of FB Messenger and WhatsApp, email has not lost its might to get a user’s attention in the most important place of all – their inox. Email marketing is proven to achieve better RoI and customer engagement since it creates a direct connection with the customers.

Lead nurturing, brand engagement and incremental conversions are the major benefits that email marketing delivers high on. For an OTT Tv platform for which there is a significant initial investment involved, email marketing is a perfect tool that sets the precursor for lead nurturing and ultimate conversion.

In a Nutshell

Marketing an OTT Tv platform is a tightrope walk. There is no shortcut to finishing it easily. You have to find the right balance (read mediums) and capitalize on them to maximize your RoI. Banner ads, Social media, video advertising. Google AdWords and email marketing are some options that help market your OTT Tv platform easily.

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