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Uscreen an online video streaming business

Videos make the best option to market the products. According to a survey, 94% of the marketing experts also agree with this fact. Thus, small and large businesses across the world are thriving to formulate engaging video content for selling their content online. Mostly, large businesses have a separate setup to host their videos.

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However, small businesses that cannot go for individual hosting and online video streaming platforms can go for tools like Uscreen. Read this article to know more about this online video streaming service provider.

What Is Uscreen?

Uscreen is an online platform where you can create, share, and market your content with great ease and flexibility. With Uscreen, you can build your private subscription channel, and videos, or collaborate with other content creators for creating videos on your channel.

You can choose from the best online video streaming plans for your business on this platform. And the best part is that the platform has an in-built system to keep track of your sales, run marketing campaigns and analyze your progress. Let’s dive deep into the features and functionalities of this online video streaming platform.

Getting started with Uscreen

It’s simple to get started with Uscreen. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the browser and go to the Uscreen web application
  2. You can start your free trial, request for a demo, or log in if you already have an account in Uscreen.
  3. If you don’t have a Uscreen account, click on the login button and then go to the “Get Started option”
  4. Create a new account and you can now use the online video streaming service provider.

Dashboard – Your journey on Uscreen at a glance

Uscreen dashboard
Uscreen dashboard

Uscreen has a feature-rich dashboard. The first section of the dashboard provides you with the options to add videos, or customize your storefront and connect payment gateways. Further, there are sections that take you to the latest conferences and blogs on online video streaming and trending businesses. A section also tells you about the updates on the Uscreen platform that are offered regularly.

Uploading content on the Uscreen

Uploading content on Uscreen
Uploading content on Uscreen

Once you get started with the platform, you now need to add your creatives for online streaming. The first step is to click on the “Content” tab on the extreme right of the screen. The screen that pops up has multiple sections. You can schedule the streaming of your video content.

The platform has an option for scheduling live events. However, this feature is available on their Amplify and Enterprise plans. Under the collection tab, there are options to view your published, unpublished, and scheduled content. The app also has an extra tab where you can upload your creatives and schedule them later as per your requirements.

Optimizing the search options for customers in the Uscreen app

Viewers tend to prefer content that is relevant to their requirements. Hence, customizing filters and categorizing content can help you customize the search options of your customers. Here are the steps to set these categories and filters:

1. Categories

Step-1: Select the categories option under the “organize” section

Step-2: Click the “Add new” button

Step-3: Fill in the category name, description, and position, and upload the image

Step-4: You can also include the SEO details to rank your category higher on the platform. These include the SEO title, URL, and description of the category.

Step-5: Click on the “Save” option.

You can also edit the category details by using the “edit” option.

Content categories - Uscreen
Content categories – Uscreen

2. Customizing filters

Step-1: Click on the “Add New” option in the custom filters tab.

Step-2: Fill in the details like filter title, position, and filter options

Step-3: Click on the “Save” option and the filter will appear on the main tab

Custom filters - Uscreen
Custom filters – Uscreen

3. Authors

Step-1: Click on the “Add New” option in the author’s section

Step-2: Add the necessary details

Step-3: Click on the “Save” button and the author will be added to your list

Author settings - Uscreen
Author settings – Uscreen

Keeping track of your online community

After you upload the videos and get done with setting up the filters, your content is open for subscription. The audience that purchases your content and watches your content regularly becomes a part of your community. The Uscreen app provides you with the option to manage the people who have already subscribed to your content.

The screen displays their subscription details, including titles, rates, and dates. Apart from this in the “Comment” section of this tab, you can activate the comments and keep track of what people think about the contents uploaded on the Uscreen live streaming app.

You can also activate “Push Notifications” for the Android and iOS Uscreen live-streaming mobile applications.

Managing online community - Uscreen
Managing online community – Uscreen

Creating your subscription plans and managing them with the Uscreen app

Creating your subscription plans is now possible with a single click on the Uscreen online video streaming app. Click on the “Add new plan” or “Create a plan” under the subscription tab and you can add the subscription title and description, rates, trial period, and subscription duration and decide if the subscription will be private or public. Once you save a plan, it will be displayed on the main screen. 

The upper section of the subscription screen shows the number of people using your trials, active subscribers, and current monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Thus, you can track all of your subscriptions and your monthly income from the course.

Subscription plans - Uscreen
Subscription plans – Uscreen

The features of the Uscreen live streaming app are not only limited to the subscription plans, but it also allows you to create bundles that can be used for the following benefits:

  1. Up-selling to the users: When a user buys a course that is already included in the bundle, he/she will be automatically notified of the additional content and discounts on the bundle.
  2. Limited-time promotions: A bundle of contents can be run for promotion with additional discounts for a limited period of time. This can attract users to purchase these bundles.
  3. Creating freebies: Some of the courses can be added to a bundle and offered for free to the customers as a part of your promotional activity.

The bundles can be free, rented (can be rented for a specific period of time upon subscription after which the subscription ends), or assigned a fixed rate depending on your business goals. You can also view your monthly bundles’ sales in the same tab and analyze your progress.

Sales, Marketing, and analytics of your business on the Uscreen app

Uscreen offers a variety of features for the sales, marketing, and analytics of your courses. Under the sales section, you can perform the following functions:

  1. Generate invoices: A list of invoices is generated as soon as you add subscription plans, bundles, coupon options, and any product that you might design on the Uscreen
  2. Annual and monthly sales report: Uscreen automatically generates your annual and monthly sales with month-wise and day-wise sales, respectively. You can select a single product or your entire range of products to generate these reports.
  3. Coupon reports: You can view the number of coupons redeemed by the customers to get a further idea about coupon generation.
  4. Payout report: This report summarizes the payouts done via payment gateways or Uscreen payment methods. You can thus track your expenses too.
Sales on Uscreen App
Sales on Uscreen App

Further, you can run marketing campaigns to increase your sales using the following in-built features of the Uscreen video streaming app:

  1. Generating leads: Creating sales funnels and engaging landing pages becomes easier with Uscreen marketing tools.
  2. Nurturing Audience: Using Uscreen, you can up-sell your content, check the activity of the gift cards, check your potential customers’ abandoned carts, and design coupons with exciting offers on your products.
  3. Win-back: You can track the canceled subscriptions and pitch some exciting offers to win back their sales.

Analytics makes one of the most interesting features of the Uscreen online video streaming app. You can analyze the watch time of your customers during a specific period of time.

Similarly, you can analyze the number of views on your content. Individual analysis for videos, authors, live events, collections, etc. is also available on the Uscreen. The parameters for analysis depend upon the factor that you wish to analyze.

Customization of themes

Theme customization - Uscreen
Theme customization – Uscreen

Uscreen offers a huge variety of themes for your home page as well as a storefront. You can choose the ones that align with your brand persona and, within no time, the theme will be applied to your entire content.

You can customize the themes and also back up your content and store it in the cloud space provided by Uscreen. You can also customize the navigation and page designs. The advanced customization options include a code editor, Code snippets, and other assets that you own on the Uscreen online video streaming apps.

You also have an elaborate theme gallery where you can choose from the already available themes and customize them according to your requirements.

Getting Uscreen apps on multiple platforms

Uscreen apps on multiple OTT platforms
Uscreen apps on multiple OTT platforms

Uscreen offers an online video streaming application for mobile as well as laptop devices. You can request Android and iOS applications. Also, you can request OTT apps for AppleTV, android tv, and fireTV. The application is also available for the watchOS fitness app.

Want to get Uscreen for streaming your videos online?

Here are the plans they have to offer…

Uscreen provides three plans that have the following features in common:

  1. Local and international payment 
  2. Payouts
  3. Onboarding and training
  4. Technical support
  5. Uploading content – videos, audio, PDFs, etc.
  6. Branding and language set-up

The three plans offered by Uscreen are as follows:

  1. Basic plan – $49/month
  2. Amplify – $399/month
  3. Enterprise – Customized solutions with custom prices

Uscreen charges $0.50/subscriber who subscribes to your content or avails of a VOD.

Benefits of using Uscreen online video streaming app

  • Monetizing your video, audio, or PDF content becomes easier and quicker
  • Driving more sales and tracking them with the least effort
  • Automated analytics systems for analyzing sales of your products
  • Variety of marketing tools for driving more traffic
  • Customizable themes for the storefront and homepage that can increase the engagement


Thus, online video streaming platforms are emerging as tools for monetizing content and digital products. You can create your subscription plans, sell them, run marketing campaigns, drive sales, analyze them, and run your entire business altogether on a single platform.

Further, they also create customizable Uscreen streaming plans for industries to ensure that businesses can pay according to the services they are availing of from the Uscreen video streaming app.


Can I share my Uscreen account with multiple users?

No, you can’t share your Uscreen account.

Does Uscreen provide end-to-end assistance with marketing campaigns?

Yes, Uscreen has all the features required to drive a marketing campaign.

Does Google, Apple, and Roku take any commission from the subscription fees?

Yes, a small number of subscription fees might go to the app store. But if customers make web purchases directly from the Uscreen app, no commission will be charged by any of the platforms.

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