Six Easy and Quick Ways to Boost Your Router’s Performance

How to improve performance of wi-fi router

Attending a virtual meeting with the client and suddenly connection breaks due to poor internet connectivity, there are huge chances that anger will touch its new height.

This single incident is enough to ruin the entire day and the big deal. Many such situations also rise while streaming Netflix or sending a video message, which is poor internet performance due to poor router performance.

We all remember that our lives are way more comfortable and reliable when one has good internet speed and can watch movies, series after a very tiring day, and some essential works from home. But this pandemic has put a person into some troublesome situations.

These things are restricted to studying and working from home and in meetings, shopping, etc. Our lives have become easy due to these routers broadband, but in this pandemic, every person has their different kind of work, so people have to follow some steps that would be useful for them to increase their router’s router performance. While possessing IP Addresses as ensures you a stable router connection, over-working may lead to low performance.

So many people who have faced and spent days bearing fluctuating internet connectivity then have surely few things on which we can try out before going into some long process of complaining and so on.

Having a high-tech router is not a guarantee of fast Internet speed, and performance often dips to extremely low levels at some point. However, you can make use of available online tools for checking the speed of your internet.

By using a few simple tricks, it is possible to troubleshoot your connectivity issues. Here are easy and quick ways to boost your router’s performance that you can use to achieve effective results.

Quick Ways to Boost Router’s Performance

1. Test Your Wired Internet Speed

Before blaming your wi-fi connection for poor speed, you have to ensure that the internet performs according to its potential. For this, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect your PC and modem. You can also make use of a USB if your computer doesn’t have an Ethernet port. You can insert these along with that helps you understand the need for Admin login and passwords more. 

Go for a speed test to know the actual speed of your internet. If it is falling below the speed mentioned by your service provider, you have to contact your ISP. If it still does not confirm your expectations, then you can either replace the modem or go for another internet service provider.

If you face an issue that a similar speed is not available in every corner of the house, then it is the fault of your wi-fi coverage potential. Therefore, you have to purchase a modern-day router with a wide coverage area. In that situation, you need to update this outdated equipment and look for a better option.

2. Checking the Temperature

The router’s improper temperature can also be a reason contributing to the poor internet speed. If you feel that the router is hot at the time of rebooting, then you have to check whether it is getting the required ventilation or not. You have to ensure not to place it in areas where vents are restricted by objects like a wall or other things.

Also, you may place it near devices generating heat, such as a set-top box. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that adequate room is present on the top and sides so that air can circulate properly around it.

3. Changing the Channel

It is one of the most effective ways to improve the router’s performance. Wi-fi routers make use of different types of radio frequencies to transfer as well as receive data. Those radio frequencies further dissect into multiple channels to provide the internet to the ultimate users. Unfortunately, in urban areas or densely populated regions, wi-fi routers use a similar channel and result in poor performance of the internet.

However, you have to use this method only when you are using an old router. Modern advanced routers can automatically pick their channels. This channel-changing suggestion is helpful for users who are utilizing old routers, especially single-band 2.4GHz routers.

In the first step of altering the channel, you have to look for the saturation point. Then, you can install a wi-fi analyzer application, such as Vistumbler for PCs with Windows, wi-fi Analyzer for Android, or iStumbler for Apple phones. They gather information about channels that different routers are using.

After that, log in to your router from the list, select a relatively less-crowded channel, and do the speed test. There is a high possibility that you have to make some attempts to get the channel with the best performance.

4. Check the Band

This suggestion works for dual-band routers, as usually internet issues arise with such a band. The reason for it is that most people make use of the ordinary 2.4GHz frequency band and crowding this internet connection.

On the other hand, 5GHz is faster, but the range is not adequate. You can try to put devices operating on dual-band wi-fi adapters on the 5GHz band. You can feel a great difference when using a gaming console, the Amazon Echo device, or a personal computer.

5. Upgrading the Router’s Firmware

This is a more advanced suggestion for boosting the router’s performance. However, in several cases, there is a possibility that the router performance can decline due to a bug or any other software issue. This thing shows the importance of checking the router’s firmware update regularly.

Updating the router’s firmware depends primarily on the brand of your router. First, you can log in to the router’s dashboard using its app or on the web browser. Then, search for the “Advanced” or “Administration” section and choose the router firmware update option.

Modern routers download the updated files automatically, while for other routers, you have to download them and update them on the router using the router’s user interface.

6. Adding a Range Extender

If you have tried everything and are still not getting favorable outcomes, you can opt for this method. This is a step that can save you from buying a new router. Wi-fi range extenders act as an additional wi-fi hotspot in your house. This helps boost the wi-fi signal, and there is no need to develop a new internet connection as in the case of a signal repeater. Therefore, range extenders work well as compared to repeaters.

You can notice this when you go shopping. You will find devices having the name “Wi-fi Boosters.” These are extenders saved by this name. However, you will also find a few repeaters called by this term. You have to acquire the information by reading the details available on the packaging.

Bonus suggestions that you can find informative!

Select The Right Place For Your Router:

So for understanding this concept, we all know that the game is called a maze, and as we know that if we put candles in a corner or at a place where there is no meaning by putting it.

Likewise, if we put the router in place covered with too many walls, it is so far from the person using it continuously. It is precisely related to the game called maze because the router is stuck between those walls. There is no place where it can radiate its wi-fi signals and go to the user. So a proper place for a router is the utmost important thing.

A stronger antenna:

Antennas come either attached or as a separate pieces. The antenna needs to be according to where it fits appropriately, like if a home or office or a shop is enormous, then the router needs a big antenna or more than one antenna and vice versa when it comes to a small home or office or a shop.

Traffic Channel:

This is precisely related to when we go shopping or to the supermarket; the first thing we look upon is fewer billing lines to get the chance speedily. Likewise, if we compare this with router channels, then you need to focus on the lines and strength from where it is coming and how many users are connected in that one signal line.

If the router wire is too long or attached far away from the device, you will disrupt the signals sent through it. The same goes when too many users are logged onto the same router, as it creates traffic. So while choosing it, see the router channel appropriately. As we prefer less traffic, roads likewise choose router signals also.

Updating The Router From Time To Time:

We all have heard about the growing number of malware attacks that are costing businesses and individuals heavily. However, this will stop in the meantime if the users update their router from time to time. Because if onetime malware goes into the router, it will affect a router, and it will also steal and affect the other routers.

Though the malware is not affected, the router still results in the worst performance when the same router is used for so many years. So it is very compulsive to update your router from time to time.

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