What are the major applications of low-power Digi Pyros motion sensors?

Low-power DigiPyros

Sensors play a very important role in designing different electronic and electrical systems. Starting with the CCTV cameras to the home automation systems, several sensors are used like thermal radiation sensors, voice sensors, motion sensors, and others.

Even though sensors are beneficial, they can consume a lot of power from the system’s main input. That’s why limited sensors are only used such that the total power consumption can be reduced. But with the advancements in micro and nanotechnology, the sensors have also been upgraded for meeting the circuit requirements.

One such upgraded sensor type is the low power digipyros motion sensor. It is made with special technology which will consume low power. It can work at the minimum voltage of 1.8 volts while consuming a current of about 3A. For this reason, the Digipyros motion sensor is used in different types of electronic and electrical circuits.

The below section has talked about the varied applications of the low power motion sensor from Digipyros.

Occupancy detectors

One of the prime uses of the low power motion sensor is in occupancy detection systems. These are electronic systems that detect whether an area is occupied or not at a given point in time. Based on the results, the system will be able to control the lighting, ventilation, and other such systems.

For example, if no one is present in the indoor lounge for a set amount of time, the occupancy detector will sense the absence. In turn, it will coordinate with the lighting system and send digital messages to shut off the lights. Similarly, the moment someone enters the lounge, the sensor will detect the presence. Hence, it will switch on all the lights back.

Long-range distance motion detection systems

Usually, the motion sensors can sense the movements within close vicinity. Their range of operation is only a few feet, which has become problematic for long-range systems. That’s where the low-power digipyros sensor comes into play.

These sensors can easily detect any motion or activity from a long distance, beyond ten feet, to be precise. Long-range motion detection systems are usually used in outdoor CCTV cameras, thermal detection systems, and others. These are specially used for military purposes where long-range detectors play a very important role.

Smart alarm systems

The usual alarm systems can be divided into many types, the intrusion alarm circuits being the most important. Be it for residential places or on the commercial ground, intrusion alarms play a very crucial role in preventing break-ins. However, these alarms need to sense any motion within the operational range before the break-in can happen.

That’s why the low-power Digi Pyros sensors are used in the intrusion alarm system. The electronic element can easily detect any motion, both long and short-distance. Hence, the system will be able to alert others faster than any other alarm system with motion sensors.

Battery circuits

Another major area in which the low-power Digipyros is used is in the battery-based circuits. As the sensors occupy a very little amount of power, it wouldn’t affect the battery’s operation. So, all other elements present in the circuit will be able to function properly without suffering from increased current flow across the circuit.


Motion sensors have become one of the most included microelements in several electronics and electrical systems. However, since they consume huge power, the low-power digipyros sensor has become the savior for engineers and technicians. This particular sensor consumes a little amount of electricity without affecting the input and output voltage of the concerned circuit.

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