Wondering Where to Sell Your Blog or Article? Here are 10 Best Sites!

Where to sell your blog

Crafting a blog or an article from scratch demands a lot of effort, and I know this pretty well. I’ve been doing the same for years. Creating a blog that connects with your like-minded individuals is an art.

And this art demands some serious effort and hard work, so when the money starts flowing in via affiliate marketing and Google ad sense! It feels great, right?

But let’s be honest. This money is more like a trickle and not something of significant value. A lot of bloggers feel this is the only way to earn money via blogs. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an opportunity to make quick bucks?

So what if I tell you there is one more way you can make some good money in an instant without waiting for eternity? Yup, that’s right, I am talking about selling your blog or article.

Selling your blog is a great way to reward yourself with a big-fat paycheck after putting in great effort. The best part is that you get an instant reward for your blog and don’t have to wait. There are numerous platforms out there that will buy your blogs and articles right away (of course, if it’s a well-crafted piece!).

But the question is, “How to Sell your Blog?”, “Where to sell your blog?” and, most importantly, “Is there even a market out there?”

Well, I am going to address all the above questions in this blog and then some more. So, let’s kick off this amazing journey and try to make some big bucks already! But before understanding where to sell your blog, let’s understand why you should sell your blog. It will give a clear context for you.

When you should Sell your blog?

When you should Sell your blog?
When you should Sell your blog?

You have poured your heart, soul, and countless hours into nurturing your blog. It’s your own creation and has become a part of your life, so before going to understand where to sell your blog, it’s important to understand why you sell your blog.

Does it even make sense? Well, there is no common answer to this question. For some, selling their blog makes absolute sense, while for others, it might not.

So, let’s identify the scenarios in which selling your blog makes perfect sense:

Scenario 1: You Need Money Right Away

If you are looking to make a quick buck, you cannot rely on making your blog website popular and then earn from it. Selling your individual articles is a great way to get money right away. You craft a blog; you sell it, and you get compensated. End of the story!

Scenario 2: Diversify Your Niche

If you are working on a blog website, you have to stick to a specific niche. For example, you can either have a blog that publishes articles on the technology domain, or you can have a blog that publishes articles on the medical domain. You cannot have it both ways; it doesn’t work like that. But when you sell individual articles, you can work on as many domains as you like; there is no bar on it.

Scenario 3: Less Commitment

I manage multiple blogs, including this one. Trust me, it takes an unprecedented amount of dedication and commitment to handle them. But if you are selling your individual blogs, you have to commit just for a short span of time, let’s say a week at max.

Scenario 4: You want Personal Growth as a writer

When you own your own blog, you don’t always get honest feedback. Either readers don’t care, or they just don’t want to go through the trouble of giving you feedback. This can hamper your growth as a writer, as creative criticism is essential for growth. But if you are selling your blog to someone, you can rest assured that you will get feedback that is honest to the bones! 

Scenario 5: You want to expand Your Network

Selling your blog brings you into contact with many publishers, writers, and website owners. It can act as your personal LinkedIn that can help you expand your network. And remember, there is nothing more powerful than a well-connected network today.

In short, there are certain times when selling an individual blog or article makes more sense. It doesn’t mean creating and managing a whole blogging site is wrong. It’s just about priorities and goals. Now that you are well aware of when to sell your blog, let’s get to the core question: how to sell your blog?

Making the Preparations

Before I tell you where to sell your blog, you should understand that you’ll have to do some homework. Here are some steps you have to take in preparation for selling your blog.

Step 1: Dive Deep into Your Niche

The journey to where to sell your blog begins by identifying the major players in your industry or niche. Now, there can be more than one niche you want to write for, and that’s absolutely alright. Just make sure you diver deeper into each niche.

These are websites that share a vibe with what you write. They publish content that feels like it could’ve been penned by you. So make sure you analyze your niche and what exactly the relevant platforms demand.

Step 2: Know Their Playbook

Once you’ve zeroed in on some potential websites, dive into their submission guidelines. Finding the answer to where to sell your blog isn’t just about dodging the “rejected” stamp; it’s about blending seamlessly into their content landscape.

Remember, each one of these websites might have different guidelines. Word count, style, themes – understand what they’re looking for and ensure your piece fits like a glove. This will reduce the likelihood of your content getting rejected.

Step 3: Craft a Knockout Pitch

Now, for the crucial part. This is where you make it or break it! Your pitch shouldn’t be just an introduction; it should be something that convinces the individual. It’s like your article’s passport.

Highlight what your piece brings to the table and sprinkle in a bit about you – especially if you have credentials that add weight to your words. Remember, you’re not selling a post but a perspective, an expertise.

Step 4: Slide into Their Inbox (or Submission Form)

Most websites have a designated route for content submissions. If there’s a form, great! If not, it’s up to you to get proactive. Track down the editorial team’s contact details and shoot them at your pitch. Keep it crisp, friendly, and irresistible. It always pays off to have personal connection and touch.

Step 5: The Waiting Game (and a Gentle Nudge)

Okay, you’ve sent out your pitch. Now, it’s a waiting game. But if the silence lingers a tad too long, don’t hesitate to send a gentle follow-up. Express continued interest and perhaps float the idea of regular contributions or guest posting. Building bridges is key.

Remember, while the process might seem methodical, every pitch you send out is a handshake offer to collaborate. Make it count.

Now that you know how to sell your blogs, it’s time to move on to our core question, where to sell your blog.

Top 10 Sites For many Bloggers

Where to Sell your blog: Top 10 Sites For all type of Bloggers
Where to Sell your blog: Top 10 Sites For all type of Bloggers

Where to sell your blog is one of the most commonly asked questions by new bloggers and even some veteran ones. So, I prepared this comprehensive list of the places where to sell your blog and make money.

1. Textbroker

If you are wondering where to sell your blog, Textboker is a great place to start. Textbroker has etched its name as a user-friendly content creation platform, inviting writers from varied backgrounds to craft content based on real-time demands.

By bridging the gap between clients’ content needs and writers’ expertise, it has become a dynamic marketplace where writers can start their freelancing journey or further their existing careers.

What type of articles or blogs does this platform accept?

The types of this blog vary based on client needs, including blog posts, product descriptions, and more.

Who should use this platform?

It’s a perfect place for newcomers to content writing looking to build experience and a portfolio.

Ups & Downs

The best part is its onboarding process, which is simple and easy. Also, the writers can relax about the consistent flow of available orders. But It’s pay per article might be lower, especially for beginners. Moreover, it might not be the best-rated platform for obvious reasons!

2. Strong Whispers

Picture a canvas painted with stories from all walks of life. That’s Strong Whispers for you – a home to tales of societal changes, the environment, and so much more. There is no specific niche of a blog that you need to write for Strong Whispers. If your piece is great and you are wondering where to sell your blog, these guys will pay you and publish it.

What type of articles or blogs does this platform accept?

Do you have a corporate tip? Check. An opinion on education reform? Double-check. If it’s current and resonates with today’s world, they’re on board.

Who should use this platform?

If you’ve got an observant eye and a voice that echoes the times we live on, this platform awaits you.

Ups and Downs

Earnings swing between $50 and $150. It’s a vast ocean of topics, but remember, many fish swim here. So you might find it a bit difficult to beat the competition.

Imagine a bridge connecting writers to the perfect publishers. Link-Able isn’t just a platform; it’s that bridge. If you’ve got the content and are thinking about where to sell your blog, they’ve got the right space for it. Especially if you are a tech enthusiast or fitness freak who can craft interesting content. This is a perfect platform for you.

What type of articles or blogs does this platform accept?

From the buzz in tech town to the latest health hack – if you write it, they’ll likely have a place for it.

Who should use this platform?

If you’re a chameleon of a writer adapting to various genres, give Link-Able a shot.

Ups and Downs

Navigating is a breeze, but getting that perfect match? It can sometimes be a game of patience.

4. Wow, Women on Writing

Ever feel the urge to pen down experiences uniquely female? Have you ever created women-specific content and wondered where to sell your blog? Wow, Women on Writing is your cozy nook. It’s less of a platform and more of a sisterhood, eager to hear stories from women, for women. It’s one of the most popular platforms that’s dedicated specifically to empowering women.

What type of articles or blogs does this platform accept?

Think of articles as your guiding light – those that lend wisdom, advice, or share experiences relatable to the female audience.

Who should use this platform?

All the lovely ladies out there! Whether you’re a newbie with a fresh perspective or a seasoned writer, if you’ve got a story, Wow is all ears.

Ups and Downs

The $150 tag for a 3000-word article is pretty neat. Just remember, it’s a space primarily for women-centric topics, so that’s your playground.

5. Contently

Contently rises as a unique platform designed to foster meaningful connections between top-tier journalists and industry-leading brands. Their model is about marrying quality journalism with brand needs, giving writers a chance to work on big projects, and enabling brands to tell their stories authentically.

So, if you love creating journalism-related articles and are in a dilemma about where to sell your blog, Contently is the place for you.

What type of articles or blogs does this platform accept?

They accept varied categories of blogs. But if your blogs are related to the enterprises, it’s even better.

Who should use this platform?

Established writers and journalists who are seeking high-paying gigs and brand collaborations and have expertise in writing corporate content can truly benefit from this blog.

Ups & Downs

Offers high rates, an extensive network of clients and helps you grow. But the issue is this platform might be challenging for newcomers competitive.

6. Cracked.com

Have you ever seen the world with a twist of humor? At Cracked.com, they’re always up for a good laugh. If you’re the person who finds humor in the mundane and wondering where to sell your blog that falls in this niche, welcome aboard!

What type of articles or blogs does this platform accept?

Make ’em laugh – be it through articles, goofy videos, or infographics.

Who should use this platform?

If humor’s your middle name, then Cracked.com is your jam. It’s a perfect place to share some of those witty pieces you love to watch.

Ups and Downs

The pay starts sweet at $100 an article, and it gets sweeter. But humor is subjective, so it’s all about hitting the right chords.

7. Constant Content

Constant Content stands out as a premier online marketplace specifically tailored for writers and content purchasers. Writers have the opportunity to display their articles, set their prices, and interact directly with potential buyers.

It emphasizes high-quality, original content and serves as a conduit between talented writers and content-hungry businesses. So, if you are writing high-quality content and wondering where to sell your blog, this could be a nice place to kick off your journey.

What type of articles or blogs does this platform accept?

Diverse topics, but they should be of high quality and originality.

Who should use this platform?

 Writers who are looking for a direct marketplace to sell their crafted pieces.

Ups & Downs

Set your own prices, option to sell outright or license for use. The only problem here is the competition can be stiff; articles may not sell immediately.

8. Watch Culture

Ah, the glitz and glamor of pop culture! If you’re someone who’s always on top of the latest showbiz scoop and thinking of the best place to sell your blog, Watch Culture is your stage, spotlight, and audience.

What type of articles or blogs does this platform accept?

Reviews, critiques, or just a fan’s perspective on films, music, or games – if it’s entertainment, they’re game.

Who should use this platform?

If the red carpet is your dream and you live and breathe pop culture, step right in.

Ups and Downs

 You could pocket up to a cool $ 1,000 per article! But remember, in the world of showbiz, everyone wants a piece of the pie.

9. Medium’s Partner Program

Medium, known for its vast reservoir of user-generated content, introduced the Partner Program to enable writers to monetize their craft. Writers can share their stories, essays, and articles and get paid based on the interaction and claps they receive from medium members.

This program represents a unique blend of content democratization and revenue generation. Still wondering where to sell your blog? This is a great way to start your journey.

What type of articles or blogs does this platform accept?

A wide range of topics, as long as they adhere to Medium’s content guidelines.

Who should use this platform?

Writers are looking for exposure and a passive income source based on reader claps and engagement.

Ups & Downs

Open to writers worldwide, broad readership, potential for articles to gain virality. But earnings here can be unpredictable; some niches may not get as much traction.

10. ProBlogger Job Board

The ProBlogger Job Board is a curated space designed by bloggers for bloggers. Recognizing the growing demand for quality blog content, this platform serves as a meeting ground for passionate bloggers and brands or individuals in need of consistent, compelling blog posts.

It’s a trusted community where opportunities meet talent and an answer to the everlasting question, “Where to Sell Your Blog?”

What type of articles or blogs does this platform accept?

They accept blog posts across various niches. So, no matter what niche you write for, this platform deserves a good shot.

Who should use this platform?

It’s a perfect place for bloggers looking for freelance opportunities, both short-term and long-term.

Ups & Downs

Niche-specific opportunities transparency with clients. It can be competitive; some jobs might have lower rates.

Where to Sell Your Blog? Here are Pro-tips.

Now that you have taken a deep dive into the places that are the answer to the everlasting question of where to sell your blog, it’s time for some Pro-tips!

Let’s take a look:

  • Go Deep, Not Wide: Find a subject close to your heart before thinking about where to sell your blog. The digital world is overflowing with content. Yet, authentic voices are a rarity. Most content online is but an echo of another. When you tap into what you truly understand, you’re not parroting; you’re leading the conversation.
  • The Novice Expertise: Even if you’re not the top dog in a field, your fresh perspective is valuable. Currently, picking up guitar skills? You’re uniquely positioned to guide someone at the starting line. Dive deep into new passions and share your journey. Everyone starts somewhere.
  • Be a Sherlock in the Blogosphere: Instead of mimicking competitor blogs, decipher what they’re missing. Discover gaps, find dull interpretations you can jazz up, or unearth common myths you can debunk. For instance, while many discouraged freelancing platforms, I showcased how I thrived on them.
  • Be The Torchbearer: Treat your content as a torch guiding readers through the darkness. People don’t crave diaries; they crave enlightenment. If you can teach, you’re golden.
  • Unravel the Complex: Expert blogs can sometimes sound like encrypted codes. Your goal? Decode. Simplify the intricate. I once simplified the convoluted journey to becoming a copywriter, and it resonated like crazy.
  • One Post, One Theme: Avoid the temptation to create a content smorgasbord. Stick to one savory topic per post. Distill your insights, keeping them laser-focused.
  • Paint with Pictures: Visuals aren’t just eye candy; they breathe life into your text. A pertinent image or screenshot can enhance comprehension and retain attention. And with platforms like Flickr’s Creative Commons, quality imagery doesn’t have to pinch your pocket.
  • Keyword Crafting: Align your content with what folks are seeking on Google. With simple keyword tools, you can pinpoint popular search terms and cater directly to those queries.
  • Weave Narratives: Blend facts with stories. Whether it’s a short anecdote or a detailed account, stories are the honey that draws readers in, making the info stickier and more compelling.
  • Be a Helpful Navigator: Sprinkle your content with valuable links. These aren’t just breadcrumbs; they’re pathways leading readers to more treasure.
  • Perfection is overrated: Fretting over minutiae? Word count, post frequency, headlines – they’re important but shouldn’t overshadow genuine content creation. Prioritize substance over form.
  • Start. Just Start: Staring at a blank page? Pour your thoughts out. It’s therapeutic and clarifying. Some drafts might end up in the bin, but they’re stepping stones to your masterpiece. Give yourself the liberty to express yourself without judgment.

Where to Sell Your Blog: Parting Thoughts

Pheww! It was a long ride, to be honest. But I hope it has answered your question about where to sell your blog efficiently. Remember, the platforms mentioned here are not the only ones. You can find a lot of other platforms that offer you the same opportunity.

There are hundreds of such buyers available for a good piece of content. The only thing is you need to craft articles and blogs that match their needs and intent. And this will not happen overnight. You will have to spend a significant amount of time mastering the art of lightning. Once you start delivering quality, you will start receiving bigger orders!

With this, I’ll take a pause on this journey. If you want to explore more of such articles, feel free to visit my website. You’ll definitely find something that will pique your interest.


Which platform is best for beginners trying to sell articles?

Platforms like Textbroker and Fiverr are quite beginner-friendly, offering a straightforward approach to selling content.

How much can I expect to earn from selling my articles on these platforms?

Earnings vary by platform. Some can pay up to $1000 per article, while others might start at $50 or even less. The quality and niche of your content also play a role.

Are all these platforms open for global writers or specific to certain regions?

Most of these platforms are open to writers worldwide. However, it’s always a good idea to check each site’s guidelines to ensure you meet any specific requirements.

Do I retain rights to my articles after selling on these platforms?

This depends on the platform and the agreement you enter. Some sites might purchase full rights, while others may only buy usage rights. Always read the terms before committing.

Can I write on multiple topics, or should I niche down for better success?

While versatility is a strength, having a niche can establish you as an authority in a particular field, potentially attracting higher-paying gigs. That said, several platforms appreciate a diverse range of topics.

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