Copywriting cheat sheet and hacks that convert every lead

Stop Starting From Scratch! Insider Copywriting Secrets Revealed

Copywriting is not about writing better captions. It is all about writing the persuasive words. 

The misconception is that copywriting, content writing, easy writing, and letter writing are all the same forms of writing.

No. It is also often confused with people, especially the beginners that all we have to write is creative content with fancy phrases! No. Those phrases are used to get you marks. Copywriting is for getting clients for real.

There’s a huge difference. Even in Copywriting, there are micro-niches like Email Writing, Sales Copywriting, Infographics writing, promotional swipe writing, and so on. And now, meme marketing has come under the same forte of copywriting.

Diversification in copywriting has much scope depending on the domain of the respective market. A copy should have each sentence as a caption in itself. So here are some basic yet powerful tips on how to write a copy that brings business:

Begin with a question or exclamation

Copywriting is not about providing information. It is about promoting your business from the very first word itself. 

The opening line on the landing page is to make your visitors read the next line. That is it! Just ask a question or make a statement that would make them think. Stop by. Read further for the solution.

Make a firm and straight criticism of the problem

The only person that gossips about your foe becomes your friend. Exactly that’s what you have to do. Make a firm and straight criticism.

People are irritated and unsatisfied with their problems. Even if they aren’t that much, you have to make them feel with your content that their problem and struggle is real. In this tech era, they can’t and won’t have to suffer so much. And this is our next milestone.

Provide a clear and direct solution

No more hitting around the bush. Come straight to the point of strengthening your solution with all your USPs listed point-wise. You don’t have to compromise on your writing here.

List down all the pros of your service and the cons that they will face if not use yours. Don’t make it sound fishy and like bragging yourself. But mention your services with all the add-ons and benefits. The reader should sense the value of your service with the content in this column.


Get the endorsement for whatever you have said. Don’t keep the testimonials part reserved for your footer. The timing of your content is crucial in copywriting. Hence, right when whatever data that you have provided until then has converted your readers warm, fuel them with endorsement.

Enlist the top three testimonials that you have gotten from your audience’s rival. This works best all the time. If you are a newbie and don’t yet have the testimonials that will make your visitors feel like using your services and seeing them, make use of video testimonials.

Chat testimonials work great too. The screenshots usually convey the feeling of transparency and make the reader believe that the testimonials aren’t paid ones.

Showcase your Achievement or Success to date

As you have already engaged your visitors with the aforementioned data, chances are extremely high that they are interested. Now it is the time to brag about yourself, promote yourself, and pitch them upright.

Showcase your clientele, your praiseworthy and noteworthy works to date, and all that you think is your achievement. Mention the things that you have done by going the extra mile. 

However, while doing all this, make sure you don’t sound bragging although you are doing the same.

Declare an Offer

More than 90 percent of people who come to your landing page are window shoppers. They don’t want to lose a buck. 

Declare your special seasonal offer. Mention the festive or a day that is celebrated all over your terrain and so you are going low on your prices. Keep the countdown timer active for this column.

Give it a sense of urgency

Validate your offer. Don’t cool down your warmer traffic. Create a sense of urgency by limiting the offer to less than 24 hours. 

Now, this is a trick. And almost everyone knows it. Chances are people will come 2 days later only to see the offer is still on. This will make your readers lose their faith in you. Do shut the offer after the time is gone. But mention the next dates of a special offer in the “something exciting coming for you soon” tab.

Call to Action

Give them a link in the button form to act. Let your call to action button be blinking everywhere from the start itself. Chances are that the readers may wish to skip all this and directly visit the service or product sales page. 

Have your call to action attractive. And the color psychology of the button must be studied carefully. Like no one will keep the call to action button darker in shade. This acts subliminally to act. 

Keep Negative Qualifier

As already mentioned, more than 90 percent of people won’t convert. Hence, keep a negative qualifier button. 

Give them options like – “Yes I am all open to Success!” “I don’t want to be successful”.

It works like a mirror. People don’t like to see themselves as ugly and losing. Hence the name is a negative qualifier.

Bottom Line

Copywriting is purely meant to sell your product. Hence, unlike content writing plagiarism won’t be an issue in copywriting. You are after all targeting your audience base through some campaign to generate leads. 

Although plagiarism is not a concern, you are supposed to create content that is persuasive enough to make the sale happen. 

Copywriting is all about creating a sense of fear, giving a helping hand, and then endorsing that hand is a hand of trust and it is available only for a limited time and people. 

Better Captions in copywriting come with the understanding of your service right. And studying the psychology of your range of demographics.

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