AI Content Writing – is it here to replace humans?

AI writing - Can it replace human writing?

Change is the only constant thing in this world, and with upcoming innovations, marketing is evolving, too. Automation has been on the mind of everyone lately, and we wouldn’t be surprised if every aspect of marketing is automated in some way or another.

Writing is one thing that writers rely upon, but lately, AI tools for writing have been catching on.

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But, how does it feel to write with AI? Is it capable enough of replacing human writers? Is AI content writing capable of helping them ease the task? Which tools should one turn to for the best AI writing? Let’s discuss it!

What exactly is an AI content generator?

Using machine learning, artificial intelligence learns tasks solely performed by humans otherwise, and it is surprising how good the results could be. Without human assistance, a content-writing AI generator can develop content such as blog posts, ad copies, etc.

It is basically software that uses AI and ML to scale the content creation process by generating unique and data-driven text. These tools, by using machine learning, develop relevant, grammatical, and plagiarism-free localized text after conducting deep research.

So, without having to write all the content by yourself, you could seek assistance from such tools to reduce your workload and focus on more important things. Every AI writing tool uses natural language processing, which helps it understand and interpret the intention of every user and thereby produces relevant content. 

Based on the details filled out by the user, different kinds of content are generated by AI. The text-based content produced by any AI generator is as good as the kind of data input by the user.

This input makes the content relevant, unique, and focused. All in all, it is not something that produces accurately framed, ready-to-use content, but something that gives you a batch of content that you can edit and use for different purposes.

How does AI writing work?

Not every AI tool works on the same principle. Some of these tools use a pre-generated pool of content from which they draw relevant text, and some others are programmed to write in a certain manner. These tools work exactly like the human brain, learning on-the-go, and completing complex tasks based on what they learn to use artificial intelligence. 

While you cannot rely 100% on these tools for your content requirements, you can surely edit and restructure the content written by them, thereby minimizing your efforts in the content development process.

What is the difference between AI and human writing?

AI writing is very similar to natural-based writing; however, AI writers use the methodology found in artificial intelligence to create their work. However, there are specific aspects of AI writing that differ from classic human-based writing; for example, AI writers often program AI to produce certain phrases, sentences, or even entire texts.

In compiling content for artificial intelligence, it’s necessary to structure sentences using many of the most common sentence structures. Some sentence structures which are more often used in AI include inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, and instruction.

Using different AI text generator tools:

There are myriads of writing tools available in the market, some paid, some free. But most of them have one thing in common; they are very easy to use. Here are the best AI tools for content writing:

1. – Creating errorless content

An AI copywriting tool can create ads, blogs, emails, articles, product descriptions, and more.

copysmith logo

Founded in 2020 and located in San Francisco, is an AI writing tool mainly useful for marketing professionals, agencies, and businesses in need of bulk content in a short time. The specialty of this tool is focusing on scaling content production and supporting you with long-form content with their “Article writing assistant”.

Following are the types of services Copysmith supports you with. This tool is specifically great for those who have a hard time finding ideas or starting from scratch. All in all, it is a highly functional, robust, yet simple tool to use. 

The pricing varies depending on the kind of package you choose, but to give you an idea, it costs $19 when billed monthly and $16 if the subscription is annual. Coming to the writing ability of the tool, once you select the type of content you need along with the topic, it takes barely 15-20 seconds for the tool to generate a copy for you. The writing tone is extremely sophisticated and resembles that of a human, and is quite smart and empathetic for a tool.

All in all, a good tool with all-around services to make your content creation journey easier.

Scale your marketing content
Scale your marketing content – Image source:


Jasper – High-performance AI content generation

AI-based content creator trained by marketing experts for successful content marketing.

Jasper AI Content Writing tool

With hundreds of templates across various types of content, is a one-stop shop for people who need precise write-ups on various topics written within a specific framework.

Be it blogs, marketing copies, long-form content, ad campaigns, social media posts, Jarvis helps you with everything. Of the various plans they offer, the Pro Unlimited Plan helps you write any number of words within seconds. Yet another plan of called Boss Mode is for people who need their copies written faster.

It helps you double the speed of content production, and no matter the plan, the content generated by is unique and free of plagiarism. One more benefit of subscribing to this tool is their extremely supportive Facebook community and their academy, where you get answers to all your questions regarding AI writing.

The only drawback of using is an occasional repetition of content while writing long-form pieces. One needs to skim through the write-ups and remove the unnecessary fluff from the same.

The cost of this tool is a bit on the higher end if you decide to pay monthly. Given below is the breakdown of pricing for each package: pricing pricing


Founded in 2019 with 12 employees on board, Crawlq is an up-and-coming tool for the AI writing ecosystem, Crawlq claims that it helps you cut your writing time in half by researching meaningful insights on your target audience and crafting the content accordingly. It helps you create personalized content like stories, posts, Q&A, etc. for a given target group.

CrawlIQ AI Content Creator
CrawlIQ AI Content Creator

One can sign up for this tool without any hassle, but as you move ahead, the system is quite complicated to deal with. There’s a bit of a learning curve and there are too many reports of the system crashing frequently. The one benefit that makes this tool unique is its ability to craft highly personalized and unique copies based on the data provided by the user.

Best for SaaS entrepreneurs, product marketing managers, CTOs, etc. this tool is meant for those who are willing to understand the tool and put in some effort to use it efficiently. It does have its own flaws, but the importance of data-driven content is on the rise and Crawlq is doing exactly that. There is immense potential in this tool once they have recognized the improvement areas and developed features to close the gap.

The pricing for this tool starts from $79 a month for a basic subscription and goes up to $237 for a premium subscription. They also provide a customized plan for enterprises based on the number of users and workspaces.

4. – Content writing assistant

An AI-based content creation tool that helps businesses create high-converting content.

ShortlyAI logo
Shortly AI Content Writing
Shortly AI Content Writing

Considered as a hidden gem among the many GPT-3 AI writers, ShortlyAI has a lot of potential as a writing tool. While most tools focus on the amazing UI for their customers, ShortlyAI is completely out of the box and uses a minimal UI instead.

One text box and one blank document on the screen are all that you see. This seems to help people write without being distracted by the many features the tool has to offer. It does not bombard you with gazillions of templates to choose from. Instead, the AI steps in right when you need its help.

For a brief while, it did suffer from an issue almost every developing AI tool has to face, i.e. irrelevant output. However, it is now one of the best tools in the market and makes it so easy for the user to just ask for what they want.

Over time, you learn how to use this tool in the best manner to yield amazing results, but even when you are starting out, ShortlyAI will not disappoint you.

More importantly, you can also use Shortly on different devices, and it goes well with your workflows. The pricing is quite reasonable, starting from $39 a month and going up to $299 annually, bringing the monthly price down to $24.99.


AI-writer – Making content creation faster

An AI tool that assists in producing content with a list of citations from reliable sources.

AI-writer logo
AI writer logo
AI writer logo

Founded in 2015, AI-writer has been around for a long time and is one of the pioneers in the AI writing space. It is mostly focused on long-form content like blogs and articles, unlike other newly launched AI writing tools.

It needs as little input as a short title and produces comprehensive articles derived from extensive research. The output is quite decent and needs a little restructuring, but all in all, the tool is worth it. AI writers also allow you to rewrite the content you love.

6. WriteSonic

Writesonic Facebook ads
Writesonic Facebook ads

One of the most prominent tools of the time, WriteSonic, is known to produce engaging, good quality, and unique content. However, the quality of input matters a lot when it comes to this tool. From landing pages to Facebook and Google ads, WriteSonic is extremely useful for marketing professionals.

It also helps entrepreneurs generate creative content ideas, write product descriptions, video scripts, etc. One of the best parts is its data-driven approach to writing and the availability of 20+ languages.

Yet another benefit of using WriteSonic is its price. The free trial gives you 10 credits already, and when you move to a paid version, it is only $11.25 a month. Moving on, as you purchase a bigger package, you get a better price.

7. Quillbot Co Writer

QuillBot – AI Paraphrasing Tool

AI-powered paraphrasing tool that helps to create unique, engaging, and SEO-friendly content.

QuillBot - AI paraphrasing tool

Quillbot AI is an advanced AI writing assistant with versatile features that can aid you in your content writing tasks. It began as a paraphrasing tool and has evolved since. Today, it has key features like sophisticated paraphrasing with modes like Standard and Creative for different writing styles, a grammar checker to refine text, a summarizer for concise content, a citation generator for academic integrity, and a plagiarism checker to ensure originality! Massive, right?

But that’s not all! Its translation tool also supports over 30 languages, making it accessible to a global user base. With Quillbot AI, you also get handy extensions for Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and a macOS application. This ensures your QuillBot can easily integrate into any platform you are working on.  

It offers a Free Basic Plan and multiple premium options. So whether you are looking for a freebie tool or something professional, QuillBot has you covered. The premium plans unlock extensive features like unlimited paraphrasing and advanced writing modes.

Its flexible pricing, with Annual, Semi-Annual, and Monthly subscriptions, makes it a suitable choice and budget-friendly. If you are looking for a versatile tool with good writing ability, Quillbot can be a good choice. The only problem? It only offers a little creativity while writing.

8. Scalenut AI Writing

Scalenut – AI-powered content creation tool

Use Scalenut to create high-quality, engaging, and SEO-optimized content that ranks. Use Scalenut coupon codeFIRST10” for a 10% discount.

Scalenut logo

Scalenut AI is a dynamic content creation and optimization tool, gaining popularity for its advanced features and user-friendly interface. Launched in 2020, Scalenut has proliferated, aiding businesses and individual users in enhancing their content quality and SEO performance.

The platform utilizes the latest AI technology, including deep learning and the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) model, to produce high-quality, engaging content across various formats.

Scalenut stands out for its long-form content editor, insightful SEO reports, and over 40 AI templates designed for diverse categories like business, marketing, and blogging. While the tool excels in generating quality outputs, it has limitations, including a lack of support for multiple languages and tones and occasional grammatical errors and plagiarism issues. The platform’s interface is modern and intuitive, making it accessible even for beginners.

Regarding pricing, Scalenut offers several plans suitable for different user needs, all available on monthly and annual subscriptions. These plans vary in features like the number of AI words, SEO reports, and access to unique modes like ‘Cruise Mode’ and ‘Topic Clusters’. Scalenut also provides a free trial, allowing users to test its capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

Critical features of Scalenut include a robust AI content editor, integration with popular tools for plagiarism checking and keyword research, and a handy Chrome extension for ease of use across various online platforms. However, the platform has certain drawbacks, like a lack of a history tab, limited use cases, and collaboration features mainly available in the higher-priced Pro Plan.

9. Surfer AI

Surfer SEO – Rank Your Content With the Power of AI

A tool that merges content strategy, creation, and optimization into one process–to grow brands.

Surfer SEO logo avatar

Surfer AI is transforming content creation by integrating AI-driven writing with SEO optimization, streamlining the process of generating traffic-driving articles. This advanced tool utilizes the GPT-4 engine, offering a comprehensive solution for content creators, SEO experts, and agencies. With Surfer AI, users can quickly research, write, and optimize content across various industries at the click of a button.

The process begins with keyword selection, guiding the AI to develop a custom article outline. This is followed by adjusting settings and reviewing the system before the final article generation. Surfer AI is efficient, producing articles in less than 20 minutes, typically requiring more time and resources when done manually.

At the core of Surfer AI’s functionality is its SEO-centric approach. It analyzes over 300,000 words from the web, considering around 500 ranking factors, ensuring the content is engaging for readers and optimized for search engines. Case studies like the NBA Blast SEO illustrate its effectiveness, where AI-generated range significantly boosted organic traffic.

Surfer AI is ideal for those seeking a seamless, AI-powered content solution that blends quality writing with robust SEO strategies. It’s a valuable tool for producing high-ranking, audience-captivating content efficiently.

10. Rytr

Rytr is an innovative AI writing assistant designed to revolutionize content creation, particularly in crafting high-quality product descriptions swiftly and cost-effectively. As a versatile tool, Rytr appeals to many users, including copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs. It offers a free plan, making it accessible to a broad audience, with the option to upgrade as needs scale.

This tool has garnered a strong reputation, evidenced by a high satisfaction rating from over a thousand reviews on platforms like TrustPilot and G2. Rytr’s efficiency is highlighted by its ability to save over 25,000,000 hours and more than $500 million in content writing expenses.

The best part about Rytr is its usability. The entire writing process can be divided into three steps: choosing a use case, adding input for context, and letting the AI generate the content. It supports over 40 use cases and templates. So you can create a wide range of content, whether emails, ad copies or blogs. It can be written in 30+ languages and hence is accessible to a lot of users across the globe.

 Additionally, you get 20+ tones of voice to optimize your content. It also has scientific copywriting formulas like AIDA and PAS embedded in its training. This enhances the quality of the output with minimal editing required.

Its text editor is beautiful and a breeze to use. You can refine your ideas into polished content with features like rewording, shortening, and an in-built plagiarism checker. Rytr offers robust project management features, including seamless collaboration, team billing, and effortless organization.

Rytr’s browser extension makes it even more convenient for users. This allows you to craft content directly into your favourite apps! The all-in-one platform integrates various writing tools, including SEO and grammar checkers, minimizing the need for multiple applications in the writing workflow. Super cool, right?

11. Copy.AI

Copy.AI is an AI-powered content generation tool swiftly gaining popularity for creating engaging and high-quality content, from emails and blog posts to ad copies. Launched in 2020 by Paul Yacoubian and headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, Copy.AI is now used by over 3 million active users, including major companies like Microsoft and Nestlé.

This tool is remarkable for its extensive library of over 90 use cases, delivering premium AI content swiftly. Copy.AI operates on OpenAI’s GPT-3 model, renowned for generating refined content. Its user interface is modern and simplistic but has some slow responsiveness and output generation issues.

Copy.AI’s pricing is affordable, with a monthly or annual Pro plan and a free plan for beginners. The Pro plan, offering unlimited words and additional features, becomes more cost-effective with yearly billing. Payments can be made via credit card or Google Pay, and there’s a 10-day refund policy for added peace of mind.

Copy.AI supports over 25 languages and offers customizable tones, making it versatile for various content needs. The tool excels in generating product descriptions, ad copies, and brainstorming tools for startup ideas or brand names. Its blogging tools create titles and conclusions efficiently, while its social media tools effortlessly produce captivating Instagram captions and YouTube descriptions.

Ideal for a broad range of users, including email marketers, bloggers, copywriters, and social media managers, Copy.AI stands out for its ease of use, diversity of use cases, and ability to generate quality content quickly. While it has some limitations, like a missing history option and a glitchy interface, its content generation and optimization strengths make it a valuable asset in the digital content creation space.

12. Frase AI Content Generator is emerging as a standout AI writer and researcher in 2023, presenting a comprehensive solution for digital content creation and SEO optimization. This review delves into its extensive features, including blog post assistance, content editing, SEO tools, keyword research, and more. is particularly noted for its ability to generate AI-powered content and facilitate long-form content creation.

One of the critical strengths of is its ability to research topic gaps and perform detailed keyword research, aiding in creating high-quality SEO content to drive traffic. It also boasts integration with popular platforms like Google Docs, streamlining the workflow for digital marketers and content creators. operates through a blend of AI and natural language processing, offering suggestions based on Google search data and other online sources. This facilitates the creation of unique, SEO-optimized content. Additionally, it provides valuable tools like content briefs and gap analyses, making it an invaluable asset for anyone aiming to boost their digital presence.

However, there are some limitations. The basic plan lacks access to AI-generated content and advanced analytics, requiring an additional subscription. Moreover, while it can generate high-quality content, it only partially replaces human writers, especially for long-form content. The pricing might also be a hurdle for smaller businesses or startups.

Despite these drawbacks, the advantages of using – like its powerful keyword research tool, content optimization capabilities, and comprehensive AI writing and research assistance – make it a worthy contender for those seeking to elevate their content strategy in 2023. For those looking for alternatives, tools like Surfer SEO and Jasper AI offer similar functionalities with unique features.

While has some areas for improvement, its strengths in SEO content creation and optimization make it a valuable tool for digital marketers and content creators seeking to stay ahead in the fast-evolving digital landscape of 2023.

13., an AI copywriting assistant, stands out with its 38+ use cases and a highly refined AI algorithm, particularly excelling in short-form content creation. While it boasts a modern and fast user interface that is accessible from glitches,’s range of features and language support is limited.

Despite these constraints, its ability to quickly generate content and integrate target keywords efficiently makes it a viable tool for specific content creation needs.

Peppertype’s strength lies in its use of Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) technology, enabling it to swiftly produce unique and relevant content. Its user interface is approachable and intuitive, catering to beginners with ease. The platform is versatile, supporting various content categories and offering a range of use cases, making it suitable for bloggers, marketers, and businesses.

Regarding pricing, is positioned at the higher end of the spectrum, starting at $35/month for the Personal plan. This plan includes 50k word generation, access to 40+ content types, and active customer support, among other features. A free trial is available, but the tool needs a refund policy, which might concern some users.

The AI tool excels in generating social media captions, ad copies, and YouTube video descriptions, showcasing its proficiency in short-form content. However, it must create long-form content and support additional languages or offer live chat support. The absence of a plagiarism or grammar checker further limits its utility for more comprehensive writing needs. is most suitable for users requiring assistance with specific types of content, such as social media posts, product descriptions, and SEO tools.

14. Ink AI Writer

Ink AI is a straightforward and effective AI writing tool. It’s a one-size-fits-all tool that anyone can use, from bloggers to business owners and marketers. It utilizes its advanced algorithm and crafts fantastic content matching any human writer.

It offers a variety of writing styles and supports multiple languages. This makes it suitable for a global user base. Additionally, Ink AI enhances the content creation process by providing efficient topic research and integrated grammar and plagiarism checks, ensuring both originality and quality in the produced content.

A lot of users are saying a lot of good things about this tool. The AI’s adaptability in maintaining a consistent tone and style is particularly appreciated, as it ensures a cohesive reading experience. While users enjoy the time-saving and creative benefits of Ink AI, they also note some limitations, such as occasional inaccuracies in content and a reliance on internet connectivity.

Ink AI’s ability to significantly ease the content generation process and its SEO optimization capabilities make it an attractive option for those looking to improve their digital content quality. While it may have a few drawbacks, its overall efficiency and benefits make Ink AI a compelling choice.


The Longshot AI platform presents a unique tool in the AI-driven content creation, blending its proprietary AI models with GPT technology. Its approach to customer support is structured around the Atlassian Jira helpdesk system, where user queries are converted into Jira tickets and directed to the development team. This method ensures organized tracking of issues, although the response time is around 24 hours, which is pretty standard.

Security measures on the platform, however, could be more extensively detailed. The website provides essential documentation such as Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy, with a general assurance of industry-standard practices for data protection. This lack of in-depth information on security features might require users to place a certain degree of trust in the platform.

In terms of performance, Longshot AI was put through a standard test to evaluate its effectiveness in creating succinct content on a given topic. The process was more interactive, requiring more clicks and inputs than some competing solutions, but the final output was impressive. The AI writer of Longshot AI efficiently handles user queries, generates engaging titles, and produces content that is both easy to comprehend and not overly complicated.

Comparatively, Longshot AI faces stiff competition from platforms like JasperAI, which boasts a more comprehensive set of tools, especially in SEO and Google ads research, albeit with fewer integration options. Another competitor, Rytr, offers similar functionalities at a significantly lower price point but provides limited integration choices.

16. Content at Scale

Content at Scale is an advanced AI-driven content automation platform, designed to assist website owners, publishers, and marketers in scaling their content marketing efforts. This tool is unique in its approach to content creation, leveraging AI to enhance efficiency and quality.

Content at Scale uses AI to analyze top-ranking content based on specific keywords, enabling the creation of high-quality blog posts. This feature allows for the generation of content without the need for manual writing or editing​​.

The platform can transform various sources such as keywords, podcasts, YouTube videos, and existing URLs into well-structured, optimized blog posts​​. Content at Scale offers integration with WordPress and Shopify, using dedicated plugins, facilitating seamless content management across different platforms​​.

The platform has a feature to distinguish between human and AI-generated text, ensuring the authenticity of the content​​. The platform aims to produce content that maintains quality, optimization, and readability at a higher efficiency and lower cost than human writers​​​​.

Content at Scale’s pricing structure caters to a range of needs, starting with the Generative AI Individual Plan at $39/month, ideal for individual content creators. For more comprehensive needs, the Content Production Bundle at an additional $199/month offers fully optimized blog posts and advanced content intelligence tools.

The Starter Plan at $399/month includes all Generative AI features and is suitable for small businesses, while the Standard Plan at $999/month and Scaling Plan at $1199/month provide expanded services and limits.


Articoolo landing page
Articoolo landing page

With services ranging from article writing, rewriting, title generation, article summary, finding quotes, etc, Articoolo is a good fit for those who want to produce long-form content in a short time. The pricing model of Articoolo is substantially different from other tools.

It has a pay-per-use model, and you can credit a specific amount to use later as credit.  There is no time limit on these credits. This model would be a perfect fit for someone who has a fixed or minimal use of the tool. However, if you are a heavy user, you might want to go for a tool that provides unlimited access to a monthly pricing model.

18. Articleforge

Article forge landing page
Article forge landing page

Articleforge is an AI-powered tool based on deep learning that produces long-form content based on keywords entered by the user. The quality of content generated is decent enough and needs minimal restructuring, and it is 100% unique as well.

One of the unique features of this tool is a no strings attached money-back guarantee for 30 days! They offer a 5-day trial for the user to navigate and understand the tool, and later on, one can subscribe to either a monthly package or an annual package. The pricing model looks as follows:

Limitations of AI writing tools:

While these tools are extremely helpful, one cannot be completely dependent on them for their content. It relies a lot on the way it’s programmed, the data it derives insights from and the amount and quality of data provided by the user. In short, the efficiency and capability of these tools are limited to the bubble of data they possess access to. 

While it allows us to save time, leaving more space for us to work on other tasks, it is very important to contribute to and humanize your content after generating the same with the help of an AI writing tool.

AI Content Writing Tools Compared

With a plethora of AI writing tools available, selecting the right one for your needs can be challenging. Here’s a comparison table to help you make an informed decision:

FeatureJasper AIGrammarly Article WriterQuillbot Co-WriterScalenut AI WritingSurfer SEO AIRytr.meCopy.aiFrase.ioLongShot AIInk AI WriterCopysmith.aiCrawlq.aiShortlyAIAi-writer.comWriteSonic
AI ModelProprietaryProprietaryProprietaryGPT-3ProprietaryProprietaryProprietaryGPT-3ProprietaryProprietaryProprietaryProprietaryProprietaryProprietaryProprietary
Number of WordsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited50,000 words/monthUnlimitedUnlimited100,000 words/monthUnlimitedUnlimited25,000 words/month10,000 words/month40,000 words/monthUnlimited
Image GenerationYesNoNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Plagiarism CheckerYesYesNoYesYesYesNoYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYes
API AccessYesNoNoYesYesYesNoYesYesNoYesYesNoYesYes
Price (Starter Plan)$39/month$30/month$9.95/month$39/month$119/month$9/month$36/month$14.99/month$19/month$39/month$19/month$19.6/month$65/month$9.95/month$29/month
Free PlanLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedYesYesLimitedLimitedYesLimitedLimitedYesYesLimited
AI Writing Tools Compared

AI Content Writing: Conclusion

Artificial intelligence and automation are the keys to developing a successful business in the digital space. However, every business requires a human touch. After all, people buy from people! The availability of tools only eases the processes and gives one more time to focus and improve their business.

Coming to AI writing tools, the few things they are quite efficient with are saving time and money, using their algorithm to conduct impressive research, provide a concrete structure or flow to the content. A good AI writing tool leaves you with great content that only requires minimal editing and restructuring.

Given above are a few examples of what has been going on lately in the AI writing space. However, there are many more up-and-coming tools that one can make use of and generate precise, engaging, and meaningful content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI replace writers?

In a sense, not yet. This is because of the complexity of human interactions and how they can vary from person to person. However, humans are good at things that AI cannot replicate, like nuance, creativity, emotions, and empathy. These qualities make us who we are as individuals and show our individuality when writing for a company or brand.

Can AI write stories?

AI can help with creative inputs and content rephrases, but is not sophisticated enough to completely replace human writers. AI writing assistants are suitable for starting, but can’t write high-quality, well-researched blog posts that position your company as a thought leader.

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