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AI-based content writing has been creating a lot of buzz in the Digital marketplace recently. And Given the importance of well-crafted content, these tools are enjoying a lot of popularity.

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From creating blogs to writing ad copies, titles & meta descriptions, Such tools assist content creators in nailing their marketing goals.

You’ll find a lot of AI-based optimization tools used by copywriters & digital marketing experts. One such tool that is generating a lot of buzz right now is Its excellent features & quality tool have quickly become content creators’ favorite tools.

So the questions like Is a suitable choice for you? Are these AI-powered content optimization tools worth your money?

I’ve answered all these questions in this review.

So let’s explore right away.

What is is a next-generation AI-powered Content Optimization tool. As a content creator, you are well aware of the importance of well-optimized & quality content.

It takes up to months to create highly engaging & high-quality content with the right keywords. But with, you can do all these within just a couple of minutes.

It helps you understand what type of content your competitors are using, how well their content is performing & what you can do to optimize your content t outrank them. You can create high-ranking articles within hours instead of wasting hours of your precious time.

Founded in 2020, quickly rose to the ranks among AI-powered content writing tools with its simplicity & efficacy.

What can you do with is a group of tools that work for optimizing SEO and analyzing SERPs. The results include high-ranking keywords, phrases, and steps for SEO optimization.

The tool provides instant SEO scoring. You can use these recommendations to rank higher on the search engine and improve your visibility online. is an all-in-one platform that performs in-depth research and creates as well as optimizes content to get more organic traffic on your website. 

Who can benefit from this tool? Everyone is looking forward to ranking higher on Google and increasing their website traffic. 

They can be SEO firms, social media marketing agencies, small and big business owners, and individuals who are trying to increase their visibility online. Review
Do SEO content optimization with

Features of

AI-based writing in no time starts analyzing SERPs once you enter the related keywords. Within no time, you get multiple suggestions for titles, headings, concepts, and meta-description. All you need to do is build an outline of these suggestions and select concepts as well as data that would go into your content.

Adjusting the tone of content can also help you to deliver contents that align with the expectations of your target audience.

Multiple integrations integrates with multiple third-party platforms like Google Docs, Grammarly, WordPress, and every other platform that a content marketer uses to generate, optimize, and publish content online.

SEO content optimization for higher ranking

The most vital part of any material is to rank high in search engines, which you can achieve with Outranking. Your content will rise higher in the search results of the browser. Thanks to the AI’s usage of SEO tactics and statistics!

By doing in-depth research, the in-built AI will determine the crucial components that need to go in your blog. These components include high-ranking and competitive keywords, phrases, relevant questions, etc. after a detailed analysis of SERPs that already rank higher on the page.

This feature helps you create new content from scratch or optimize the one you have already made.

In the first step, you need to select whether you want to create new content or optimize the existing one.

The next step is to enter “Search Query”, “Location” & “Title”. Once all of this is done, you are ready to create your content.


Shared efforts give out the best content. And if you own a bigger business, your content would be definitely designed by a team. In order to bring excellent coordination among the team members, offers team management features that include sharing SEO documents, allocating the use, and managing the team workflow.

Guide to writing content with can generate SEO content in no time. You only need to enter clear queries and the rest will be handled by the tool. review Review 2022: Does this content tool stand up to the hype?

Let’s see how.

Step 1: Create AI-optimized Meta tags

With, you get freedom from creating your Meta tags. With its GTP3 AI technology, itself generates highly optimized Meta tags. You get multiple options & you can choose any one of them. Review – Ai Wizard – Generate title ideas

Step 2: Generate h1 tags.

As you know, H1 tags are vital for optimized content that can rank better on Google. And f you want to rank better, it’s advisable to create an H1 tag that is different from your Title tag. eases your job here too.

It prepares a lit of top-quality H1 tags that are rich in long-tail & high-frequency keywords. Using such H1 tags in your content will surely boost its capability to rank higher.

Step 3: Generate Sections

This is one of my favorite features of This is where Outraning does all the hard work for you!

Once you are ready with your meta titles & H1 titles, it’s time to create an outline for your content. But you don’t have to swim through hundreds of your competitors’ blogs & articles.

This Ai-powered tool lists top ideas that you can include in your headline. - Ai wizard - Layout with sections and content ideas – Ai wizard – Layout with sections and content ideas

Step 4: Generate Content for Outline

This is a highly advanced feature of It creates content for every outline that you have added to your blog.

By clicking the “write for me” button. But I am against this particular step. I believe your content must have some human touch to get the best result.

So generate summaries, & optimize them in your own way. Review – Ai wizard – Content outlines

SERP Questions for efficient results

Voice-optimized search content is rapidly gaining popularity. And Outranking has got you covered here too.

By using this “Questions” feature, you’ll get a massive list of questions related to your search query. You will also get PPA questions in this list. The tool automatically raises more than 50 SERP-related queries that are incorporated right from the Google PAS (People Also Ask) list of queries. Some of them include:

  • Determination of user intent behind common queries on Google search
  • Identifying the frequently asked questions
  • Inquiries that include long-tail keyword searches

Running many such queries can eat up your time and energy. However, the tool does it automatically in the background to provide you with the best results.

Adding these questions to your content will definitely boost your content’s visibility.

Efficient SERP Analysis Review
SERP Analysis with

This fantastic feature enables content creators to create perfect content that ranks better. This particular feature is a boon for someone who loves data.

As soon as you enter the keywords, starts collecting data from different pages that rank higher on the SERPs. This results in content that will precisely align with the requirements of your target audience. Apart from these, it also works on competitive analysis, and on-page SEO elements ensuring high-quality content.

It consists of three primary features.

Type the keywords you want to focus on, the location for which you are creating the content & the language.

Hit enter & you’ll get the detailed results

SERP Overview:

Under this tab, you’ll get the minimum & maximum range of things you should target in your content. It includes the number of images, Word counts, Meta title length & Meta description length. These are not benchmarks, but you can cue from this data.

Meta Data & URL:

This feature is also extremely helpful while creating content. offers you a perfect meta-description, meta title & URL for your content. This feature greatly benefits your SEO.

Including high-frequency Keyword data:

Uncovering key phrases that are unique to your content and incorporating them into your content are the two workflows that are managed by The data that is displayed as suggestions is a result of background analysis on over 20-30 SERPs. Adding high-frequency keywords in SEO tags that are crucial to your content is also taken care of by the tool itself.

Analyzing the gap between keywords and the user intent and including the most suitable keywords in the title, H1, H2, H3, meta tags, and questions is one of the crucial jobs of this tool. This helps you create customized content that performs better on online platforms.

Keywords are your most potent arsenal to rank higher on Google. With Outranking, you can find the exact keywords that will help you achieve this goal. recommends an on-page SEO strategy based on this keyword mapping to improve topic organic search engine discovery. It effortlessly examines the places where your competitors’ relevant keywords are used on their websites.

Further, it carries out the investigation and identification of the relevant keywords. The most relevant keywords are suggested in Heading tags as well as other SEO components like the title.

Here, you get a list of related keywords that are separated correctly in Titles, Meta Description, H1, H2 & Alt text. takes this task to the next level by heat-mapping each keyword. Along with showing how many times a particular keyword is used in the content, it also shows you which are the most important ones through color-coding.

  • Gold is an opportunity.
  • Green is a Strong suggestion.
  • Blue is the most important.

Real-time SEO scoring and content assessment also offers a feature to score your content based on different elements of SEO. This includes title, meta tags, content outline, depth of the content, readability, questions, and use of keywords. At the same time, the tool also manages to estimate the cost of content creation based on the outline that you feed into it.

Outranking V6 Walkthrough

Who can use

In today’s business, developing engaging content that attracts readers might help you stay competitive. can prove to be beneficial for freelancers, content marketers, bloggers, and small and large businesses.

Enterprises can use the tool to create web content, blogs, articles, and social media content for their business growth. You can advertise your business and automatically increase traffic and conversation by providing a lot of fascinating content.

Freelancers can use it to save on their time and provide high-quality content to their clients. This can eventually increase their content turnover.

Pros of using

  • Easy navigation and clean layout
  • Generates content based on AI
  • Displays checklist for SEO via a virtual assistant
  • Easy to use for agencies and marketing professionals
  • Affordable pricing
  • Provides numerous topics for your blogs
  • Strong competitor research 
  • Efficient keyword research for organic reach
  • Backlink analysis and domain profiles
  • Helps you decide the best keywords for your blog/article
  • Content evaluation and SEO ranking in real-time
  • Guidance for boosting your SEO score

What is the Pricing Structure of pricing Review 2021: Details, pricing, and Features offers a free trial where you can write up to 2000 characters using AI and create 4 SEO documents per month. You can also use an SEO content editor, AI outline builder, content writer, and SERP analysis features under this plan. However, if you want to avail of additional services, there are paid plans available:

Starter plan

Cost: $39/month

Under this plan, you can create 10 SEO documents and conduct 10 SERP analyses with no limit on AI writing. Apart from these, you can use all the tools offered by the platform.

Growth plan

Cost: $79/month

Under this plan, you can create 30 SEO documents and conduct 30 SERP analyses with no limit on AI writing along with all the tools offered by the platform.

Professional plan

Cost: $159/month

Cost: $159/month

Under this plan, you can create 100 SEO documents and conduct 100 SERP analyses with no limit on AI writing. Apart from these, you can use all the tools offered by the platform.

If your requirements vary from the pre-designed plans available, you can get customized plans by contacting their sales team.

Should you invest in is an excellent content creation & optimization tool available in the market. If you want to grow your website by delivering top-quality content, is a perfect choice.

It helps you create SEO-friendly & optimized content that can help you outrank your peers. Moreover, it will ease your content creation task so you can spare your time & resources for something better. Coupon Code

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Final Thoughts

Outranking is a one-stop shop that provides actionable insights and step-by-step instructions to help anyone create SEO content and do thorough research. It’s an excellent choice for SEO companies, webmasters, and anybody else trying to boost their Google ranks.

In order to improve organic traffic, it does research, creates content, and optimizes it. You can also use outranking to see how high you rank for any rival search phrases and make modifications to boost your rankings based on the results.

You can build and optimize your content for SEO before publishing it. You can use Instant SEO Scoring to predict the performance of your content in addition to outranking.

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming popular in Digital Marketing. Also, given the tough competition out there, you need to create high-quality content at a fast pace.

Doing it manually can be challenging. But thanks to, you can achieve all your goals quickly & efficiently.


Is worth all the hype?

In my opinion, it is! I found this tool extremely helpful & practical. So I will say it is worth all the hype.

Are AI-powered Content creation tools reliable?

Yes, up to a certain extent. But don’t rely entirely on these tools.

Use coupon code: WITTYSPARKS50 for 50% off. Review: Cost, features, details
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Editor's Rating:


  • Creates SEO-friendly contents in seconds
  • Real-time SEO scoring
  • Competitor research


  • Expensive compared to other tools available in the market.

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