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SEMrush link building tool review

The website is your online asset meant to drive traffic towards your brand. And SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the heart of this asset. One of the essential components of SEO is link building.

Strong backlinks help you give cutting-edge competition to your rivals and gain better convertible leads.

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Semrush has developed an excellent link-building tool to help you run an efficient outreach activity to gain potential links. Thus, you can simultaneously conduct a competitive analysis of your SEO rivals and an outreach campaign. The Semrush database has over 16.7 trillion backlinks, according to their record for 2019.

This review focuses on this tool’s features and functionality, mainly when it is used to launch a project through Semrush.

Launching a project on Semrush for a better online presence

Semrush projects are set up to analyze all the aspects of a business’ online presence using 12 analytical tools. Depending on your subscription type, there is a variation in the number of projects your Semrush can host at a given time. The number ranges from 1 to 25 projects. All the briefs related to your ongoing projects are visible on the Dashboard.

You can also get detailed tabular information on all of them, depending on the analysis conducted by all the 12 analytical tools. You only need to launch your project on Semrush and get the tool configuration done perfectly for accurate reports that will help you improve your online visibility. One of the essential tools among them is the link-building tool. Let’s talk about it in detail!

The link-building tool by Semrush is dedicated to exploring the link-building opportunities for any domain of yours, providing you with an interface that can help you acquire potential links for a successful outreach campaign. The tool performs the following functions to achieve this goal:

  • The tool provides a huge list of outreach prospects based on the target keywords and SEO rivals.
  • Workflow management of the outreach processes
  • Gmail integration for communication through project reports
  • The tool also helps to retrieve the contact information for the target websites.
  • It also provides timely reports of the campaign/project.

Link building is as important as any other SEO activity your website undergoes for better online visibility. The search engine targets these links to find your website. Thus, they also decide your rankings on SERPs. Hence, looking around for newer and stronger backlinks is essential to maintain and upscale your website’s rankings. And the link-building tool helps you with the same.

Configuration of the link-building tool in your project requires some simple steps as follows:

  1. Go to your project dashboard.
  2. In the link-building widget, click on the setup button.
  3. Enter ten keywords in the window
  4. Semrush will provide you with multiple keyword suggestions.
  5. You can either remove or add your suggestions.
  6. Semrush also allows you to change the regional database for searching keywords through the country selector.
  7. Now you can also add ten competitors.
  8. You will get the list of competitors by Semrush from their Organic competitor reports.
  9. You can now add or remove the competitors’ domains from the list.
  10. You need to review your prospects and reach out to the websites with the best opportunities for your firm.
SEMrush link building tool settings
Getting started with the SEMrush link building tool – SEMrush link building tool settings.

Semrush takes time to extract all the data from the internet that matches your configuration setups. The tool will further display four tabs on the screen to manage the workflow:

  1. Overview: This tab displays a report which is a summary of your campaign size and growth through the following aspects:
    • Number of prospects involved in your campaign
    • Number of prospects that you remain to reach out
    • Number of replies you have attained from your prospects
    • Number of domains that you are currently monitoring
  2. Prospects: Out of all the prospective link-building foci mentioned here, you can remove the ones you wish to avoid and get the final list of your prospects. The prospect report mentions the following details:
    • Your prospects’ domains
    • The domains that rank high on the organic keyword search
    • Domains that offer backlinks to your rivals and the ones that mention your brand name
    • Domains that you uploaded to your campaign
    • The domains that have a history of linking to your site
  3. Progress: The list of prospects now advances to this tab, where you can contact them with a specific outreach strategy.
  4. Monitor: Once you contact your prospect, you can move them to the monitor tab and wait for their reply. The tab also helps you to track new backlinks arriving from your prospects.
SEMrush link building domain prospects
SEMrush link-building domain prospects

While reviewing your prospects, the link-building tool allows you to apply filters and search your potential backlinks through keywords, URL types, or top-level domains. You can choose wiki URLs if searching for domains that informally share factual knowledge.

Similarly, you can go for blog URLs if you wish to write a guest post or promote your product and services on their blogs. Further, you can opt for news, forums, and general URLs according to your requirements.

If you want to apply one of the keywords as your filter, you can choose the respective filter and select the keyword. The link-building tool will search the domain accordingly. Applying the TLD filter, you can search for the domains belonging to different countries.

The progress tab of the Semrush link-building tool allows you to perform a variety of functions on your domain prospects with the following features:

1. Adding or connecting the tool to your mail account:

You can automate your email outreach campaign by connecting the link-building tool to your Gmail, Outlook, Exchange Online, or Office 365. Once you complete this step, you can easily send and receive emails and keep track of your campaign. Thus, through this feature, you can send around 500 emails per day from a Gmail account or 100 emails/per day from a Microsoft account.

2. Keeping track of the domains

The “Domains in progress” option on the progress tab helps you get a simple analysis of your campaign. It displays the emails that are still not sent to the prospects and those that have been delivered, seen, and replied to (manually or auto-reply).

3. Importing domains from other platforms

Suppose you have a list of potential domains and want to add them to your list; you can click on “Import” and choose from the file of domains present in your system. Once you add a domain, the Semrush link-building tool will get the contact information and reach out to the prospect.

4. Checking the domain quality and domain health

Semrush provides options for testing the domains’ quality based on four important factors: Traffic, Keywords, Backlinks, and Referring domains. The Backlink Audit tool helps determine the domains’ health based on around 50 factors. The health is displayed in scores ranging from 1 to 100, where one is the best and 100 is the worst.

5. Email customization

If you wish to generate a campaign-specific pitch customized for different domains, you can edit your emails anytime by selecting the emails and editing them. The edits you make can include changes in email templates, messages, and even font formatting.

Other features include optimization of the outreach strategies, saving different templates, and filtering the prospects.

SEMrush outreach email templates
SEMrush outreach email templates link building strategy – SEMrush link building tool In-progress tab.

The monitor tab breaks all the domains into five classes viz, Active, Lost, Undefined, Rejected, and Deleted. Apart from this, you can perform the following functions:

1. Filtering the data

You can filter the data displayed on the screen based on the type of link and Google Search Console index and redirect chains. These filters help you to search for and check the reports of all the domains in your interest.

Further, some domains are marked as undefined, lost, rejected, or deleted. Finding these domains will help you know the reason behind their unavailability. You can also resolve any issues related to them on your side and add some of them back to your campaign.

Like the process tab, the monitor tab provides an option for importing domains. Further, you can keep track of the backlinks you monitor by exporting them into a CSV file and saving them on your system.

3. Updating data

You can update the data on the monitor tab according to your plans and actions at any given time. Once you update the data, the monitor tab will show the new data within minutes.

SEMrush Toolbox #13: Link Building tool


Thus, the Semrush link-building tool is highly efficient in managing your SEO, especially when launching a project. The tool makes every process that goes into the backlink generation and runs a successful outreach campaign more accessible and faster.

It manages every step by categorizing the data and displaying it in a highly sorted manner. Further, the tool offers various automation while contacting and monitoring the domains. You can join the free trials, watch the tutorials to get a hands-on tool, and then start using the professional version for better outcomes.

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