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Content is the king of the modern market. Marketing your content requires an amalgamation of skills and strategies. What if you have excellent content for your potential target audience, but it doesn’t reach them quickly?

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This is where you need to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is the group of strategies that decides the rank of your content.

Better the SEO, the more is the traffic on your website. It demands a lot of labour behind keywords, designing snippets and infographics, adding hyperlinks, analyzing the traffic, etc. Fortunately, there are tools on the internet that assist with these strategies.

One of the best SEO tools is Semrush. It is the Software as a Service (SAAS) company in Boston that provides an exclusive range of online visibility as well as marketing analysis tools. Launched in 2008 as SEOdigger, this software was a Firefox extension. Today, it is the Software used by over 5,000,000 users around the world.

How does Semrush help you with your content?

Semrush helps to attract more traffic to your content by analyzing the market and your content. You get to know the following facts and data about your content:

1. Traffic information on your website

Semrush tools give you detailed information on traffic on your website. You can view the number of traffic on your website along with the average views on your web pages, session duration, bounce rates, and much more about your traffic. Apart from this, you also get to know the source of this traffic.

2. Use, frequency, and density of keywords

Semrush is known for reverse engineering, which means that you can use it as a keyword tool too. It gives you a list of keywords related to your blog/post/site and also analyzes the use of keywords in your content. You can know about keyword gaps, keyword density, keyword phrases, competition, etc. from Semrush.

3. Site audit results

Your site might seem to be perfect, but it may have issues with technical SEO, layouts, etc. Semrush provides the feature of auditing the entire site at the end of which you get a detailed report about all the existing issues. It also includes assistance in fixing these issues. This is an excellent feature for continuously monitoring website issues.

4. Optimization of web content

You can optimize the content on your website to get a higher rank on Google and other search engines using the Semrush SEO checker tool. It provides you with tips to optimize the SEO of your page and get higher visibility on the search engine.

Moreover, it also provides the feature of organic research that helps you know about the current marketing strategies and optimize your content accordingly. This further helps you in the best Lead generation.

Apart from these, it provides all the data related to SEO. Ultimately, you will improve your content marketing, which will lead to the following benefits:

  1. Establishment of a loyal clientele
  2. Active engagement with the customers
  3. Firm competition
  4. Excellence in content quality
  5. Better reputation in your niche
WittySparks and SEMrush special offer
WittySparks and SEMrush special offer

Characteristic features of Semrush

Semrush is an internationally trusted SEO tool that assists you

1. Organic keyword research

Keyword strategy is a crucial part of any content. Semrush offers the feature of organic research that gives you an insight into keywords of competitive content. This further tells you about “competitors” keyword rankings. You can use the keywords with higher ranks in your content further to improve the visibility of your website.

SEMrush - Keyword Research Tool
SEMrush – Keyword Research Tool

2. Monitoring of your brand outreach

It is an excellent feature of Semrush that tells you about the reviews of your content on the website. You can find online mentions of your content or blogs on all the social media platforms, including Twitter. This tells you about the positive side of your content. You can also get an idea about the choice of your audience and optimize your site accordingly.

Building newer links is one of the crucial parts of Search Engine Optimization to rank your content higher on SERPs. Semrush provides a complete prospect that helps to enhance the overall backlink profile. This prospect is based on various factors like online mentions, organic search, competitors’ backlinks, etc.

4. Writing and SEO assistance

Semrush provides writing assistance add-on tools for Google docs as well as WordPress. Moreover, it also provides the feature of real-time SEO checking along with writing, which will help you optimize the content along with its formulation. This saves your time in altering the content further for SEO optimization.

5. Advertising research

Under this feature, Semrush allows you to search for the keywords that your competitors are bidding on. Apart from this, you can perform keyword analysis based on Cost-per-click (CPC), competitive keyword density, and metrics. Further, this data helps you to research, plan and execute the advertising strategies in your ad campaigns.

Tools under Semrush

Semrush is a pool of the following tools that together offer the features mentioned above:

1. Keyword Magic Tool

It is a simple keyword analysis tool, where you only need to enter the keyword in the given space and hit the ‘Search’ tab. The tool calculates the keyword potential and displays the following details on the screen:

  1. CPC
  2. Competition
  3. Keyword Volume
  4. The difficulty level of keyword

2. Keyword difficulty tool

This tool provides you with a space to enter one or more keywords. The tool then displays the difficulty and volume of keywords that further determine its competition. Thus, you can analyze the strongest and weakest competitors and use the keywords with strong competition in your content. You can export the output of this tool to your system in XLS as well as CSV file formats.

3. Site Audit Tool

SEMrush - WittySparks site audit tool
SEMrush – WittySparks site audit tool

This tool by Semrush has space where you can enter your domain. Further, the tool analyzes all the in-tech SEO and displays a thematic report that includes crawlability, HTTPS, Site performance, Internal linking, and International SEO. It shows the priorities of the tasks to be performed and also tracks the progress and crawlability of site content in real-time.

4. Position tracking tool

This tool analyzes your domain and displays an overview report consisting of traffic & keyword analysis and visibility of your domain. Apart from these, the detailed report includes visibility trends, suggestions for adding, deleting, and tagging keywords, advanced filters, etc.

It is a 3 step backlink building tool by Semrush where you need to enter your domain and click on the “Start Link Building” tab. It automatically explores new sources for backlinks, connects to the relatable backlinks, and tracks your backlink profile continuously.

SEMrush - Link building tool
SEMrush – Link building tool

Apart from these, it provides a variety of tools that are listed as follows:

  1. On-Page SEO checker
  2. Social media tracker
  3. Ad Builder
  4. Social media poster
  5. Brand monitoring tool
  6. Domain v/s. domain
  7. Gap analysis tools
  8. Domain analysis tools
  9. Lead generation tools
  10. Topic research tools


With all the fantastic features and tools, Semrush is leading the SEO tool market online. You can try out the free Semrush trial versions for all the tools and then go for the premier version where Semrush provides all the functionalities for handling your content marketing strategies.

Tips to grow your online business with SEMrush
Tips to grow your online business with Semrush – Special Offer

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