How to Improve Your Internet Marketing Efficiency With Top SEO Tools?

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In the present time, the way of doing SEO has changed a lot. The traditional approaches have been taken over by the new advanced SEO techniques that are making a big difference. Another thing that you will find it worth is the use of the SEO Tools.

Gone are the days when the marketers were just dependent on the simple SEO approaches to accomplish the purpose but with time SEO tools have emerged as one of the convenient ways of marketing. It not only leads to accuracy but things get done in time.

There is no denial to the fact that the SEO tools have really become the need of the hour. Integrating it with your existing Internet Marketing or digital marketing is definitely helpful. But a question arises as which SEO tools need to be employed or which ones are purposeful. As there is a long list of free and paid SEO tools you are bound to get confused. That is why we have compiled a list of the Top SEO Tools that you can incorporate into your internet marketing to get the excellent outcomes.

So let us take a quick tour of the best SEO tools that you can go for.

Google Keyword Planner

It is a free tool from Google that helps you to find the best keywords that match with your business. You just have to provide the phrases and the tool will generate a number of keyword ideas along with their monthly searches and competition. This helps you to get an insight as which phrases are popular and their respective competition. The ones with low competition are usually preferred as it is easy to target them and bring it into search.


Next tool that helps you to audit your website completely is the WooRank. Through this tool, you can easily get familiar with the technical issues faced by your website and address them. The website plays a crucial role in the ranking and therefore it should be free from all kinds of errors and WooRank can prove really helpful in this concern. By making the changes suggested by the tool you can look forward to more traffic thus improving the rank of your website.


Then you have the SEMRush which helps to identify the position of your website on the different search engines and how your keywords are performing. Based on the report you get an idea of which keywords are more used by the people to reach the site and which ones are not. Thus you can work on the keywords and ensure that all of them come into search and give you enough traffic. You can compare the same with your competitors and analyze it to make the desired changes.

Site Analyzer

If you are looking for a tool that will inspect the various elements of your site properly then Site Analyser is something that you should go for. Through this tool, you can get the report of all the issues related to the visibility of the site, its performance, the type of content used in it, the use of the keywords, and lots more. All the issues are dealt with in detail so you get complete information that helps in making the changes and getting the best out of the tool. So do make use of this tool to the fullest to get the right results you have been waiting for.

Google Webmaster tool

Another very effective tool that you should not miss out is the Google Webmaster. This is a complete tool which tells you about the traffic coming to your site, the different sources like countries, operating systems, browsers and lots more. You get to know the bounce rate and the conversion rate as how the traffic is converting into leads. It is a free tool and you need to have an account to get started. It gets activated within 48 hours and then you get a complete report of the same. You can compare the monthly reports to see how things are working and whether it has improved or not. In all, you can say that it is a worth integrating tool for all the SEO professionals.

SEO Powersuite

The basic idea of having this tool is to bring up the performance so that it gains more visibility in the search engines. The primary purpose is to get traffic and this is only possible if your website is optimised and accomplishes the purpose. So use this multipurpose tool called SEO Powersuite which helps you in giving the insight about the website performance. It is definitely a good tool and can be handy if you are able to employ its features smartly.

Thus this is the list of the best SEO tools which you can use for your marketing. Some of them are free while a few of them are paid but have a nominal price. It is up to you as which tools you feel are helpful and will serve the purpose. Using too many tools is not at all advisable because it can create confusion and then manage them can be tough. So a better idea is to have two or three tools which are enough to have a powerful SEO campaign for your business.

Hope you find the tools to be really useful and worth integrating to boost your internet marketing plan.

Author: Kylee Brown is a SEO Trainer by profession and Writer by hobby. She has been providing SEO Course in Singapore. Her advanced internet marketing skills will provide you the most recent information. She has done lots of creative works in the field of online Marketing. She has written multi fold blogs and articles that present strategic approach, and marketing tips for online businesses.

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