8 Outstanding Content Writing Secrets of Professional Writers: How Professional Writers Can Vastly Boost Your Traffic

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As a writer, you must wonder how other writers get so many hits on their pages as compared to what you get. There must be a secret to all that success, and the truth is, there is.

There are several things that go into creating content that readers will love. In this article, we’re going to highlight the eight most important ones that professional writers use in boosting their content.

Titles Get You Clicks

This is what attracts your readers, having a catchy title is more important than having great content. Your title has to be eye-catching and tempting, and the best way to create a title like this is to make it shocking, say, by making an outrageous claim or exaggerating a bit.

Interesting Introduction

Now that you have readers coming to your page, you have to keep them interested for the next two minutes so they read your content from top to bottom. Normally, a reader reads the very first part and that determines if they will stay or leave. The same also applies when you’re listening to music, people only listen to the first thirty seconds of a song, and from that, they can either skip it or listen to it.

The best way to keep your readers hooked is to have an amazing introduction. The very first thing you say will determine if they stay and read or pass up on your post. So, come up with an interesting introduction that will trigger their curiosity. You can decide to say something cryptic and controversial that will leave them in awe!

Be Conversational

Whenever you’re writing, do so in a conversational or informal manner. Don’t be all uptight and boss-like. Talk to your readers as if you’ve known them for years and you are the best of friends who tell each other everything and no joke is off-limits.

This will build a level of trust and understanding between the two of you and it will make them feel as if you’re there in front of them having a face-to-face conversation. With that, the message you are trying to convey to them will be received well and they won’t end up feeling judged or harassed.

Express your thoughts and views in an informal way so as not to piss off anyone who has a different view on things. Talking in a conversational way will also keep your readers interested and able to relate to what you’re saying.


Before you write anything, you must first do your research on what you are to write so as not to misinform your readers. Misinforming your readers will create distrust and controversy around your credibility as a writer and no one will ever want to read your content. So, as a writer, always do thorough research on your topic. You can Google and find related posts to the topic you are writing about now.

You can also do research on the latest trends in the niche you write about. This will help you get on top of things and be informed about the latest trends. In turn, your readers will always rely on you to inform them when it comes to the latest trends, and in turn, you’ll get more people reading your posts.

Rest Often

You should not be writing for long hours, this isn’t good for your health and creativity. You should rest as often as you can so that your brain can take a break and come up with fresh ideas for the post. Rest also helps you put things into perspective.

You can also take this time to go and read the comments from your readers and build your posts from the feedback that you get from them. This will go a long way in creating better content for readers and you will end up seeing an influx in the number of readers all because you took a break, reviewed your work, and took the advice and suggestions from your readers.

Be Calm

While writing a new piece, you should always keep your emotions in check. Don’t write posts when you’re angry or under any type of stress. Take some time to be relaxed and calm your mind. If you feel angry, sad, or stressed, don’t attempt to write anything as this will not yield the best results.

Writing while feeling negative emotions won’t help you put things into perspective and you’ll end up writing biased things or missing the very important points that were necessary as your mind will be engulfed by the emotions you’re feeling.

Writing while angry or stressed blurs your vision and hinders you from writing clearly and in the end, you won’t express yourself in the best way possible. Therefore, only write with a clear mind as this will bring out the best in you, your focus will be 100%, and your content will get the number of readers you want.

Be Direct

One of the main ways to boost traffic is by writing content that hits the nail on the head. Don’t beat around the bush when it comes to getting your point across in your blog posts. People don’t like waiting so you should never waste their time.

When you start writing, you can give your readers a brief introduction of what you’ll be talking about on your blog. This way, they’ll have a clear picture of what they are to expect from the rest of the blog post.

In the post’s main part, don’t be afraid to say things as they are, the people who are consuming your content aren’t shy so you shouldn’t be shy too. With this technique, your readers will end up sticking around and consuming all your content as they will know what to expect.

Be Robot Friendly

If you’re familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then you must be well aware of the robot.txt file which can be used by search engines for locating your content on the internet. If not, you should make a point of understanding what it is and how you can use it in SEO.

Through the robot.txt file, you can add keywords that assist in locating your blog by search engines. This file helps your blog stand out so you should embrace it by making it part of your site.


The eight points discussed in this article will definitely help you get a better readership on your website or blog. However, make sure that your content is written in proper language and with proper grammar!

You can implement SEO, be conversational, and have an interesting introduction, but if your work is full of typos and grammatical mistakes, this will put off readers! There are resources online that offer cool proofreading hints that you can make use of to avoid this. Always proofread your work!

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