Five Types of Content Your Blog Needs

Your Blog needs fresh and New Content

Content is king in the highly competitive field of blogging. You’ve heard the quote countless times, but it is based on fact. Most search engine algorithms are designed to reward sites that consistently provide the highest quality content.

Here are five types of content that will help you become one of those sites.

Video Content

In terms of revenue opportunities and social media boosting, video has become the most important aspect of blogging. The internet is awash with stories of video bloggers who have developed a YouTube audience in the hundreds of thousands. They have leveraged this captive audience into millions of dollars.

You need not try or expect to become a net celebrity. The point is that video content has proven to be tremendously effective in boosting site traffic. It also helps enhance your online reputation by garnering loyal followers. The potential financial gains are innumerable. Reputation equals money online.


With literally billions of sites in existence, readers are spoiled by the internet’s ready amount of entertainment. They want a user experience that will be quick and easy. No matter how high-minded you may be, it would help if you accepted that infographics are a way of life for content creators.

As a blogger, you should be focused on answering the question, “What is quality content?” By supplying engaging visuals that tell a story without requiring a lot of thought from the user, you will quickly build a reputation for delivering concise content. Great infographics are better yet shared on social media, which should boost your search engine rankings.


Everyone has an opinion they want to share. You are no different, and in providing that viewpoint, you will cause others to take notice. Some will remember you for sharing their opinion, while others will attempt to dissuade you from your perspective. Either way, their awareness enhances your profile as a blogger.

Guest Posts

The reality is that even if you dedicate most of your day to your content, one person can produce only so much during a week. Hosting guest posts exponentially increases the amount of content a reader can enjoy on your site. Also, it boosts your networking potential as you build new relationships. A pleasant guest posting experience will cause the writer to remember you. You never know who may be able to help your career in the future.


For some readers, “listicle” is a dirty word. As a blogger, however, lists are your best friend. If you stretch out the inclusions over several pages, you automatically multiply your daily views. Most readers click all the way through a list once they start.

Lists are viral and interactive by nature. Readers want to share their opinions with others to be more deeply engaged with your content. By sharing their thoughts on your list, they entice others to view the article and formulate their own opinion. Listicles are the driving force behind traffic generation powerhouses such as Buzzfeed.

Blogging is an enjoyable job for people who want to create their own content. By following these simple guidelines, you can quickly make your site successful.

Image Source: Time For New Content Typewriter

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