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Pinterest marketing strategy

Research suggests that almost 70% of SMBs ignore Pinterest Marketing. But given the potential of Pinterest, this is a big mistake.

Pinterest is a great way to bring more traffic to your website, especially to bloggers. Although Pinterest Marketing might feel more time-consuming, you cannot ignore it.

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So how do you automate your Pinterest Marketing? Which Pinterest automation tools should you use to get more leads? What are the best Pinterest Marketing strategies?

I have answered all the above questions in this piece of information.

But first, let’s understand what Pinterest Marketing is.

What is the Pinterest Marketing?

To understand this, you will have to understand what Pinterest is.

Imagine a notice board in your high school or college. Students pin some valuable information or a note in the form of small bits of paper to spread a specific message across.

Pinterest is exactly like that! From cooking, creative ideas, informative blogs, suggestions, & reviews to DIY projects & sharing unique recipes, you can do it all on Pinterest.

Like anyone who can pin an idea on the high school board, the same goes with Pinterest. Anyone having an account on Pinterest can “Pin” (Bookmark) their ideas or message.

Pinterest has multiple “Boards” where people share ideas on a familiar niche. The bookmark is called “Pin.”

Leveraging this facility of Pinterest to market your offerings to the viewers is called Pinterest Marketing.

What are the Best Pinterest automation strategies?

Pinterest marketing strategy
Million-dollar Pinterest marketing strategy for more leads, sales and growth.

As I mentioned earlier, Pinterest Marketing is a time-consuming process. So the better way is to automate your Pinterest Marketing.

Let’s take at some of the best Pinterest Automation strategies.

  • Schedule your Pins in advance
  • Extend your Pin’s reach using Tribes
  • Enable Auto-follow
  • Enable the Save it button on your Pinterest account
  • Automat the reposting of your evergreen account
  • Make sure your Pins are visible on your website

Now you might think about how you can get all this stuff done by itself. The answer to your question is “Pinterest Automation Tools.”

Let’s take a look at the top 5 of them.

Which are the best Pinterest Automation tools?

Pinterest marketing strategy
How to grow your brand socially 101: Pinterest marketing strategy 2021.


This fantastic software had to be on the top of our list. It’s arguably the #1 Pinterest Automation tool available in the market.

There are plenty of things that Tailwind will do for you.

E.g., you can schedule your pins well in advance. This will ensure you do not miss single pinning. This will also ensure your content is shared via autopilot, making your Pinterest Marketing super-easy.

A Tailwind is an AI-powered tool. It knows exactly the time that will bring you maximum engagement from your viewers.

Based on how many posts you want per week, Tailwind will schedule all your saved pins, saving you the tedious task of manual scheduling.

There is also an option to customize your schedule so you can get the best results.

Want to create Branded Content? No worries, Tailwind has got you covered!

Uploading the images for Pin & Tailwind will set your brand colours, resulting in beautiful pins.


  • Free plan available for newbies
  • Supportive communities that will help grow your reach
  • Automated Pinning schedule, based on your user’s activity hours
  • Autopilot mode to save a lot of time.
  • Awesome Customer support services


  • The free plan has limited functionality

Tailwind – Automating Pinterest & Instagram marketing

It is a tool that automates some of the tough tasks in your social media marketing to make it more efficient. It offers Pinterest profiles, Instagram profiles, many post designs, unlimited tailwind communities, and custom link.

TailWind App logo


Hootsuite is a well-known Social Media management tool. And it works excellently with Pinterest too. Whether you want to create boards, manage pins, or schedule them for posting, Hootsuite can do it all for you.

It offers you a detailed analysis of how your pins are performing on Pinterest. Another exciting feature of Hootsuite is the collaboration facility.

You can collaborate with your team anywhere in the world for your projects.


  • You can schedule Pin in advance
  • You can post on multiple accounts at the same time
  • Comes with a massive in-built media library
  • Easy to use
  • No upper cap on Pin scheduling with the paid plans


  • Expensive as compared to peers
  • No communities to help expand your reach.


Buffer is an official Pinterest partner. It’s a comprehensive social media management tool that helps you automate your Pinterest Marketing.

With Buffer, you can visually set your calendar. All you have to do is upload your Pins or add URLs in the queue. Once done, it will automatically schedule your pins.

Buffer makes your job a lot easier, as you won’t have to keep track of your pin-posting schedule. It also comes with detailed analytics. Using it, you can view repins & comments on your pins. Another great feature is you can pin images either from your local storage or from the Internet.


  • It comes with a Chrome extension, so you can directly use it without downloading
  • It’s simple & easy to use
  • Makes your scheduling easy


  • Pinterest Management services are paid
  • It’s quite expensive
  • It doesn’t have a Communities feature


SocialPilot is yet another Social Media Management tool that works well with Pinterest. It’s equipped with scheduling features that will make your Pin posting punctual & easy.

The best part of SocialPilot is that you can manage multiple Pinterest accounts from this single software.

Along with image Pins, you can also schedule Video & GIF Pins & watermark all of them. SocialPilot also allows you to create your Pins via their app. With its analytic tool kit & White label solutions, Social Pilot is a great Pinterest Automation tool to boost your growth on Pinterest.


  • Has a mobile app
  • You get a White label solution option
  • The facility for Pinning Videos & GIF
  • Excellent choice for agencies
  • Live customer support for paid plans


  • There is no automated schedule generation
  • It’s expensive compared to its peers

Apart from these 4 tools, there are a lot of other Pinterest automation tools available in the market. But I feel these are the best ones that will boost your Pinterest Marketing.

SocialPilot – Social Media Scheduling, Marketing, and Analytics Tool

A social media marketing automation tool to increase brand awareness with tailored social media scheduling.

SocialPilot logo

Final thoughts

Although Pinterest Marketing is not as popular as other social media platforms, the scenario is changing rapidly.

More Businesses & bloggers have started using Pinterest Marketing to grow their digital presence. I hope this blog will help you automate your Pinterest Marketing to get the best results.

If you want to grow your followers on Pinterest, try Tailwind.


Does SocialPilot have an auto-scheduling facility?

No, SocialPilot does not offer an auto-scheduling facility.

Which one’s better, Buffer or TailWind

I personally prefer Tailwind, as it outsmarts Buffer in almost every front. But depending on your need, you can select any one of them.

Why do I need to automate my Pinterest Marketing?

Automating your Pinterest Marketing will ensure that you are saving a lot of time. You can utilize this time for some more productive work.

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