A Complete Guide To Use Tailwind For Your Pinterest and Instagram Marketing

Tailwind - Visual marketing app for pinterest and instagram

It’s essential to promote your blog on social networking sites, but spending hours and a lot of bucks after marketing is definitely not a smart thing.

There are hundreds of online devices and tools on the internet that can help you lead your content and grow your website traffic, and one of the best tools we have ever come across is Tailwind App.

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Tailwind – Automating Pinterest & Instagram marketing

It is a tool that automates some of the tough tasks in your social media marketing to make it more efficient. It offers Pinterest profiles, Instagram profiles, many post designs, unlimited tailwind communities, and smart.bio custom link.

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Tailwind is a smart social media manager that helps you to grow your brand through the most popular social networking sites, Instagram and Pinterest.

Working as an official partner has evolved as the most effective social media marketing solution for blogs and businesses. Check out how it works with Instagram and Pinterest and how it can be helpful to your blog.

Tips To Grow Your Business and Get Leads Using Pinterest and Instagram

The smart social media manager can deliver results quickly without stressing your mind. This smart device has statistics that they have gradually increased their website traffic through Instagram and Pinterest.

Since Tailwind is an official Pinterest and Instagram partner, you get many customizations across the app. Here we share our views on Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest and how you can exploit its features to become an influencer on the internet.

Tailwind For Instagram

Tailwind for Instagram offers the most advanced content marketing tool to grow your website traffic. Smart Assistant is developed with features like SmartSchedule, Hashtag Finder, and Content Optimization. 

Master Tailwind for Instagram in 23 Minutes

It’s fine to run out of content ideas when you need to regularly stay connected with your audience. You’re not going to sit back and brainstorm all day long planning your next post!

So, this Visual Planning by Smart Assistant can help you to summarise posts for your next week. Not only it plans to schedule all of your posts, but also you can visualize a preview of your feed and how it will look and customize it as per various themes and designs.

Visual planning for Instagram using Tailwind
Visual planning for Instagram using Tailwind

Also, SmartSchedule chooses the best time for your posts automatically as per the total number of users active and schedules the post at that particular time. With the help of Hashtag Finder, it automatically adds up to a bunch of relevant hashtags to lead your post to a maximum audience.

One of the best things you can notice about Tailwind For Instagram is that you can spruce up your captions as per standard formatting of letters like making your fonts look Bold and italic, which you can’t do in regular Instagram posting.

With Tailwind For Instagram, you can plan your posts for an entire week in just a few minutes and then let it post automatically according to the right time, design, and captions.

Smart Assistant - Tailwind for Instagram
Smart Assistant – Tailwind for an Instagram marketing

Tailwind For Pinterest

Mastering Tailwind for Pinterest – Schedule Pins like a Pro in 10 Minutes

Tailwind For Pinterest primarily works to let you schedule pins for days and even weeks in very little time. It comes with smart features like SmartSchedule, Communities, and Smartloop, through which you can plan your Pinterest marketing effectively.

Using Tailwind For Pinterest Marketing, you can schedule up to 25 pins a day (it is recommended to schedule 15-25 a day for the best results). Creating multiple board lists at once, you can pin to all of them with just a click.

Not only that, but you can also monitor all of your scheduling activities through mobile and Google Chrome extensions. Check out the best features and how excellent they are to help you gain followers and enhance website traffic.

Grow Your Business With Communities

Tailwind Communities are a kind of digital planner that puts you into a group of other bloggers occupying a similar niche like you. So when you opt for Tailwind Communities, this app will suggest a dozen groups working in the same niche as you.

For instance, if you’re a food blogger and providing tips and ideas, you can join specific communities that have been created and connect with people in them and share your content. This way, you can reach up to thousands of people working in your Communities, get a million views, and eventually grow your website traffic.

There are currently more than 4000 communities active within Tailwind For Pinterest, and you can join all the communities relevant to your business and connect with influencers and other bloggers to take your business to the next level.

Tailwind tribes for pinterest marketing
Tailwind communities for Pinterest marketing

Get More Traffic and Reshare Your Content With Smartloop

Resharing of your pins needs to be done at specific intervals. If you keep repeating the same content to your followers without emphasizing time, they don’t usually find your profile helpful. So, Smartloop is here to help you to manage all your pins to reschedule at certain intervals, choosing the best time automatically.

Hours of time on Pinterest planning can be saved by just adding your pins into Smartloop. With very few ideas, you can reach up to more people that Smartloop helps to re-circulate your pins for a long period. This way, your pins that have performed the best are repinned without letting your followers know.

One of the greatest things about Smartloop is that it promotes your topics according to seasons, not seeking your attention in the scheduling. So when there is a particular season going on, Smartloop will only share pins related to that specific topic.

You can also notice at what time interval your pins are repinned and how each re-circulated pin has performed in your workflow.

Let SmartSchedule and SmartGuide Manage Your Pinterest Account:

Using SmartSchedule, you can manage all your pins for the entire next week. Create board lists, add pins to them, and automatically choose the right pinning time every day. In that case, you used to pin every day and all day long to gain a large follower base; SmartSchedule does all the job for you, saving you a pretty good amount of time daily.

It takes less than half an hour to schedule all your pins for the next week, so you’re going to save lots of hours a week, which you can redirect to other most important things like business planning or writing your next blog.

SmartGuide is like a smart personal assistant that helps you grow your audience by suggesting the best marketing practices. Tactics within social networking sites are always changing, and SmartGuide is the best tool to keep you updated and recommend new strategies every time.

So when SmartGuide is with you, you can schedule your pins at the best time, create the best pinning habits, and focus on improving your marketing strategies.

Weekly pinning scheduler - Tailwind for Pinterest
Weekly pinning scheduler – Tailwind for Pinterest

Comparing The Statistics Before and After Using Tailwind:

Getting real-time followers is the key thing behind growing your business. Tailwind provides your statistics of everyday activities and lets you compare your traffic before and after using it.

Users, including bloggers and small businesses, have noticed significant growth on their websites and have come up with positive reviews. Tailwind gives you a free trial for the first hundred pins, and in the first trial itself, you can notice a notable change in your activities.

Social referral traffic pinterest via tailwind
Social referral traffic Pinterest via Tailwind

Tailwind sets pricing according to 100 pins and Instagram posts. So if you’re planning to buy it, make sure you plan out your first hundred pins and Instagram posts ahead.

Tailwind Alternatives

Apart from Tailwind, there are some other tools too that you might find useful in managing your campaigns across Pinterest and Instagram. These tools have their own benefits and limitations. So depending on your needs, you might find them useful.

Here’s the list of the top 5 Tailwind alternatives that you should try if you are not satisfied with Tailwind: 

  • Hootsuite: A popular social media management platform Hootsuite allows you to schedule, monitor, and analyze your social media campaigns across various networks, including Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Sprout Social: This comprehensive social media management tool offers features like post scheduling, analytics, and engagement tracking, making it a reliable alternative to Tailwind for managing your Pinterest and Instagram marketing campaigns.
  • Later: Focused on visual content, Later enables you to schedule and manage your Instagram and Pinterest posts with a user-friendly interface, advanced analytics, and hashtag suggestions.
  • Zoho Social: Part of the Zoho suite, Zoho Social offers a range of features to help you schedule, publish, and analyze your social media campaigns, including support for Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Loomly: Designed to simplify social media content management, Loomly allows you to create, schedule, and analyze your social media campaigns, including those on Pinterest and Instagram, with its intuitive platform and collaboration tools.

These tools might come in handy for managing your campaigns. So if you want to test them before committing to Tailwind, feel free to do so. But still, I would recommend Tailwind, as it covers almost every need of business owners like yourself!

Wrap up:

The Tailwind app is one of the most effective ways to manage your social networking sites for promotion smartly. Apart from scheduling, Communities and Smartloop are great features that work as excellent content managers. Whether your marketing is based on Pinterest or Instagram, Tailwind App delivers accurate results quickly.


What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a social media management tool specifically designed for Pinterest and Instagram marketing, allowing users to schedule posts, join communities, and access advanced analytics.

Is Tailwind an official partner of Pinterest and Instagram?

Yes, Tailwind is an official partner of both Pinterest and Instagram, ensuring its features and functionalities are optimized for these platforms.

Can I use Tailwind for other social media platforms?

Tailwind is primarily focused on Pinterest and Instagram, although some of its features may be compatible with other platforms. However, it is best to use platform-specific tools for comprehensive social media management.

How does Tailwind help improve my Pinterest and Instagram marketing?

Tailwind offers features like SmartSchedule, Communities, and Smartloop, which help you optimize your post timing, reach new audiences, and reshare content effectively, ultimately improving your overall social media marketing efforts.

Are there any free alternatives to Tailwind?

While some free social media management tools exist, they may not offer the same level of functionality and platform-specific features as Tailwind or its paid alternatives.

Start growing your instagram and pinterest using tailwind
Start growing your Instagram and Pinterest accounts using Tailwind.

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Grow Website Traffic With Tailwind For Instagram & Pinterest
tailwind visual marketing app for pinterest instagram

Tailwind is a smart social media manager that helps you to grow your brand through the most popular social networking sites Instagram and Pinterest.

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