Using Instagram To Market Your Hotels

Benefits of buying Instagram Likes

These days, customers click pictures whenever they want. This trend has a huge bearing on how hotels and restaurants are now designed.

It is extremely pertinent to have an Instagram strategy for your hotel so that more and more customers are attracted to it.

Mentioned below are some of the ways how you can use Instagram to promote your hotel or restaurant:

Make Your Hotel Instagrammable

One of the best ways to draw more customers is to build special corners in your hotels where the pictures can be clicked. As a matter of fact, millennials pay a lot of heed to this fact when they are choosing a hotel for their stay.

When you have lovely pictures of your hotel online, the number of people coming in will increase drastically. Most big companies put in their best efforts to get followers on Instagram as this will propel their popularity.

Building Photo-Based Social Media Network

The hospitality industry garners a lot of advantages from the photo-based social media networking that is done on Instagram. When you see amazing pictures of people from a given location, this is a validation of a wonderful holiday.

This motivates other people to visit that particular hotel or restaurant and this is a win-win situation from the tourism point of view.


Instagram is one of the most affordable mediums of marketing. It is not only effective but also extremely useful as compared to other ways that people resort to in order to promote their products and services.

With an expansive user base and sky rocketing engagement rate, this platform guarantees sure shot success in most of the cases. Young people stay loyal to brands that they have known via social media. They prefer an Instagrammable hotel to a place that is not that good looking.

Mentioned below there are some hotels that use Instagram in a smart and successful way:

  1. @livezoku (Zoku)- This hotel has outstanding high-quality professional pictures showing guests relaxing and enjoying a nice time.
  2. @uxua (UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa)- Thos hotel has pictures of the local community, village, etc. on the Instagram handle.
  3. @santorini_greece (Astarte Suites)- Pictures of the naturally beautiful location are used to attract more and more tourists. They even show off the delectable dining experience that they offer to their guests.

It is amazing to see how the constancy and steadfastness of the followers on Instagram grow. But, for this restaurant and hotel owners need to put in efforts in the right direction. Social media marketing is a novel and efficient way of reaching out to potential customers.

It is vital for a hotel to have an easy-to-locate Instagram presence. There needs to be a straightforward user handle. What’s more, a hotel can have its unique hashtag. Guests should be encouraged to use it when they are uploading their posts. You can even buy likes to augment the popularity of the posts.

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