Top Strategies For Becoming A Reseller On Instagram

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Becoming a reseller on Instagram can be a hard business to jump into.

What starts out as a hobby for most people most often ends up being cast to the wayside, a project that gets picked up once in a blue moon.

However, if reselling is something you’ve been considering doing for a while, then we’ve compiled a few helpful tips on how to come out of the gate strong enough to eventually make this your full-time job. Check it out below:

Push Yourself With The Right Tools

When opening your store, it’s helpful to have the right digital tools in place to ensure that people will trust your brand. From having a system like Later or Buffer in place to help with content management and analytics to having an engagement agency ready for instant Instagram likes, the toolbelt you’ll need to manage opening day isn’t a heavy one, but one that you should curate accordingly.

Furthermore, this is also a good time to start familiarizing yourself with any tools you might need to make your Instagram more of a success; for example, photography or design software that can help push your product shots to be a little cleaner. The overall mission here is to establish processes that will not only make you competitive but exceed the competition’s placement as well.

Build Your Catalog

No matter if you’re someone with great taste looking to get into a new industry or someone with a ton of clothes they’re looking to get rid of, knowing where you’re going to start in building your catalog is key to becoming a reseller on Instagram. 

Almost every successful reseller has not only a back catalog of different clothes they can see, but all fit within a certain aesthetic and brand too.

The biggest thing that a reseller has to rely on is their reputation, which is why you need to develop your catalog to be strong out of the gate to gain the attention of your community quickly.

We’ll note that this is a patient process, so give yourself at least a few weeks to a few months of the building before you really start dropping products online.

Study The Market’s Pricing

One of the biggest mistakes a reseller can make is selling things too high out of the gate. Not only will that tarnish your reputation, but it will also sputter out your marketing efforts, giving you a reputation as someone that’s only out for personal gain rather than to share with this community.

Instead, you should take the time to study as much as possible, going as far back as certain seasons.

The biggest thing with pricing as a reseller is knowing where different the scarcity is and how to capture it. For example, if I live in a city like Columbus, Ohio, and know that with the college population, denim jackets are a big trend, but can source from a rural area that’s much cheaper, then I’ve put out demand in the market that didn’t exist.

With competitive pricing per your area, the discrimination can go any number of ways, especially if you find something that’s counter culture to where you’re currently at. Take the time to dig and study what are both going to make a comeback soon, as well as general places to start sourcing.

Have A Brand To Match Your Aesthetic

Unless you’ve already developed a reputation as a reseller, then you need to come out with a solid brand from the start. To sell clothes (or any goods, really) people want to make sure you have a good taste before they even walk in the door, which often comes from your little icon in the corner.

Making sure that whatever logo and brand aesthetic you go with is tied directly to what you’re selling is key, which often comes from knowing where your tastes come from at first.

On an altruistic level, taking a moment to study and ask yourself what type of clothes you’re selling and why you’re selling, it is always a key that separates the good brands from the greats.

A big reason why people gravitate towards major resellers is that they not only understand the market, but have enough of a passion to truly study the art form and see where it’s going to go. That type of reflection is going to be crucial for you, especially as a newcomer to the industry.

According to ViralRace, if you haven’t really put much thought into your brand, a helpful tip is to simply do a brain dump of everything you’ve been concepting around it. Whether it’s a lot of words and manifestos or drawings and illustrations, your creative output should be based on how you want this thing to look.

From there, either take the DIY approach of taking it to the finish line, or hire someone who you can trust to do it for you. Remember, just because you’re starting out as a reseller doesn’t mean you can’t develop your own brand too, selling directly as the producer as well.

Follow The Right Accounts (and Start Socializing With Them)

When gearing up to launch, it’s smart to follow the accounts you really admire in the reselling world or fashion world. While we’re not suggesting to try and get the attention of them and fanboy over what they post, a much smarter approach would be to follow those you genuinely enjoy and let them know why you like them. 

Really study their posts and see what it is about their contributions you love, with much of your messaging coming organically from your appreciation for the art and sport. If it feels forced, don’t go after it, as anything that isn’t for you could hurt your reputation just as much, too.

Establish A Consistent Cycle

As you continue on your path of being a reseller, one of the most crucial pillars is having a system in place to stay consistent.

Especially if you plan on scaling this business and making it grow, the most vital aspect is you have the processes in place that get your products, product content, new business pitches/outreach, and designs all in tip-top shape like clockwork.

A big part of being able to sell on Instagram is consistency, where you’re only going to grow a reputation as strong as you can keep pushing.

What are some strategies you used to become a reseller? Comment with your insights below!

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