Instagram Stories For Brand Marketing – A Complete Guide

Instagram for brand marketing

Brand marketing promotes the product or services in such a way that it brings attention to the overall range of products. The objective of brand marketing is to promote integrity, worth, and identity in the target market.

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With the advent of technology and modern marketing tools, this concept has multiple platforms. Social media plays a pivotal role in endorsing a brand such as Instagram stories, which create a sensation among internet users.

Instagram Stories have transformed the use of Instagram, making it a whole new platform in contrast to the older online photo album. As more and more consumers are using social media to search for proposed items, Instagram Stories offers a channel for brands to showcase their products. It is considered one of the top SEO tips for a marketing strategy to drive more organic traffic.

Instagram Stories, facts, and Statistics

The journey of the Instagram story began when it was inspired by a famous feature of Snapchat; then it introduced its trendy list of stickers. Below, some statistics are shared about Instagram Stories, which reflect its importance for brand marketing.

  • It is being used by 500 million users every day (according to internal data from Instagram of January 2019)
  • Around one-third (1/3) of Instagram Stories are viewed by businesses
  • Half of all businesses around the world on Instagram have created one story every month
  • 96% of US marketers have conducted surveys which resulted in a continuation of Instagram Stories for the next six months

How to use Instagram Stories

Instagram keeps updating new features to its platform, which offers various new options that can be applied to the posts for creating content within its editor. It also offers a choice of uploading content that is created on a different platform.

Here is a way to use Instagram Stories.

  1. Click the camera icon on the profile picture or swipe right, followed by clicking the camera icon.
  2. Tap and hold the white circle in the middle, or tap the gallery icon in case of using a media file on the phone.
  3. The photo or video can be edited using various Instagram editing options.
  4. For posting to the public story, tap the “your story” button. Now the profile picture will appear at the top of the follower’s feed. Tap “send to” to send it privately to any follower via direct message.

Instagram Stories for Brand Marketing

1. To Build a Theme and Style

Just like other online marketing strategies, Instagram stories must be based on a theme and style that differentiates them from other content. According to statistics, last year, stories comprised more than 24% of all content on Instagram.

This reflects the enormous amount of stories shared on this platform. Therefore, high consideration must be given in regards to making the stories unique and exclusive from others to get the attention of the audience.

Some aspects help to create uncommon stories and keep them persistent and noticeable, such as

  • Font choice
  • The font on the doodle color choice
  • Filters

2. Developing engaging and creative content

Content is termed as the essence or heart of any Instagram story, as it plays a pivotal role in engaging the audience. Creating content is an art, and most companies hire or get the services of professional content writers to develop and create content for them.

There are various tools for writing content that is appealing and engaging for brand marketing. Some of these tools are:

  • Grammarly: It automatically detects grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mistakes in writing.
  • Hemingway Editor: It makes the writing bold and clear. It also highlights long, complex sentences and common errors.
  • Word Count Jet: The length of a blog or article is important, and the Word count jet is a helpful tool for counting the number of words in any writing.
  • Crowd Writer: Among some online human proofreaders that can provide you with quality suggestions and the best opinions.

Grammarly – AI-powered writing assistant

The most popular AI-based spelling and grammar checkers.

Grammarly logo and Icon

3. Compelling strategy for brand marketing

Instagram stories are a highly effective method of building a name, service, or design that determines and differentiates a product from others. With a compelling marketing strategy, a company can take a significant edge in this highly competitive business marketplace. Using the platform Instagram, a brand becomes a commitment to its consumers.

Stories must be created about trending topics to get organic traffic for business growth. The companies must consider Instagram stories in the same way they consider other marketing content such as ads, commercials, or TV programming with new episodes at regular intervals. Teasers can be used to inform followers about what will be happening next.

4. Adequate use of Instagram stickers, geotags, and hashtags

Brand marketing is all about advertising the brand and keeping it in the spotlight so that more and more internet users can see and admire it. Adding Instagram stickers geotags, and hashtags also serve the same benefits for Instagram stories.

Stickers are added to encourage different types of engagements when sharing photos or videos of a story. There are multiple options for stickers, such as product stickers, poll stickers, hashtag stickers, etc.

Geotags offer to discover the location-level of stories. Tagging location in the story appeals to users who check in on that particular location. Similarly, hashtags are used to get more attention on social media. It takes users to a series of posts for the respective brand.

5. Getting interactive with questions, polls, and quizzes

One of the best ways of brand marketing is keeping consumers engaged by using various modes of interaction, such as polls, questions, and quizzes. They provide depth to an Instagram story by urging users to pay more attention to each of its topics. It makes stories more intriguing and drives more traffic toward the site of the brand by incorporating the right features.

These stickers are a powerful source of interaction with consumers to build a strong connection with the brand. It helps to keep the content attractive and get more feeds from the users. When consumers respond to these stickers, it provides insight into their approach and preferences.

6. Keeping stories targeted and to the point

This is one very important aspect that requires comprehensive attention which is creating the content by keeping into consideration the target audience. For instance, if a company manufactures sports goods, its target audience must be youngsters, athletes, and sports persons.

On the other side, if the same company targets household women or business persons, it will not get the desired results. Therefore, stories must be created relating to the target market rather than focusing on everyone.

Similarly, being precise and to the point is a recommended approach advised by experts. Creating lengthy stories with too much text or pages may end up losing enthusiasm for consumers. This will make followers disinterested in the brand. Hence, definite and intended stories must be developed for enhanced brand marketing.

Brands using Instagram Stories

Since Instagram stories have become a trending platform for brand marketing, it is being adopted by major companies and multinational organizations. Some of these are briefly discussed here with their approach.


NASA has a casual and easy-to-understand approach when leveraging Instagram stories. Regardless of its complex topics, such as space, science, and technology, they create simple explanatory stories.


National Geographic generally highlights mini-documentaries, but at times they come up with polls and quizzes as well. This reflects a good way of merging different content styles.


Airbnb shares numerous high-quality videos and animated content as Instagram stories. They also post high-definition videos of customers for crediting and tagging them in their stories.

Instagram stories for brand marketing
Advantages of Instagram stories for brand marketing.

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