4 methods to boost search engine ranking and brand name

How Search Engine Ranking helps to build brand

If you are relying on your target audience to find your brand through a Google search, search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be your top priority. Millions of people search the internet every day, so it is important you optimize your site to improve your search engine ranking.

According to research, 93 percent of experiences on the internet start with a search engine. In addition, the top search result on Google has a 33 percent chance of getting clicked.

That means if your website is not on the first page, your business just missed out on a third of your potential target. That is why you need to rank higher on the search engine, especially more than your competition. If you want your business to show up on the first page,

Here are the ways you can boost your search engine ranking and brand name.

1. Match search intent

If you want your website to appear in relevant search results, you must match your search intent (the information your target audience hopes to find when looking at your content). It is not enough to just add keywords to your content; people make searches because they want answers to their questions. The details that surround those keywords must support the user search intent.

For instance, let’s assume you are trying to rank for the keyword “how to bake a cake.” If an individual entered those keywords and pulled up your page, what material do you think they would want to find? In this situation, the user intends to focus on finding step-by-step recipe instructions.

If your content concentrates on the different types of cakes, it wouldn’t be relevant to your target audience, because your content doesn’t match the user search intent. Instead, you should rank for the keyword by adding content that matches your audience’s query.

2. Improve the user experience

Improving user experience is an essential part of having a better search engine ranking. It is one thing to drive traffic to your page, but a completely different ball game to get them to remain on your site. You must improve the user experience if you want these people to stay on your page. When your audience checks out information on your page, you want them to have a great user experience.

It is vital to make your content engaging and enjoyable for your audience to keep them on your page. The more time your target audience spends on your page, the higher chances you have of turning them into leads for your business. For instance, something as simple as adding an infographic or a video can spice up your page.

3. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

A mobile-friendly website is important to earning a better search engine ranking. In fact, over 60 percent of Google searches come from mobile devices. Google takes a website’s mobile-friendliness into account; that is why they rank a mobile-friendly site higher than those websites that don’t focus on mobile-friendliness.

To see if your website is mobile-friendly, you can use Google’s free mobile-friendliness tool. This tool offers clarity on whether your website is responsive and mobile-friendly or not.

In this case, if there is any problem with your website; the tool will offer ways to solve these issues and optimize your website to be more responsible and mobile-friendly. One of the suggestions is to make your site mobile responsive. Responsive design provides your target audience with the best experience, no matter the device, and this, in turn, improves your search engine ranking.

4. Google Ads

Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads covers about four ads at the top of a search result page and more at the bottom of the pages, and this reduces the number of organic results you can find on a page.

As of 2018, it is reported that 50.55 percent of ads appear at the top of a search results page, while 59.45 percent appear at the bottom. 4.70 percent of the ads appear on page one, while the average number of ads per page is 2.96.

The importance of Google Ads makes it essential for you to take a look at how much you budget for it and see if you have room to spend more on ads. You can contact AdWords Management Companies like Joel House Search Media for more details about what you can do for your ads to show on more relevant SERPs.


Your site is very important for your digital marketing campaign. You must invest in improving your website to attract your audience if you want to get the best results with your marketing campaign. These are only a few of the several methods you can use to boost your website’s search engine ranking and brand name.

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