10 Strategies to Help Agencies and Clients Develop Good Working Relationships

Build Customer Relationship

Many agencies had to deal with the fact that their activities do not bring the expected results. The problem lies in the fact that agencies are not fully aware of how vital it is to build fruitful relationships with their clients properly. In this article, we will tell you how to improve the situation.

Relationship Marketing: Do Agencies Need This?

Relationship marketing management aims to achieve sustainable privileged relationships with customers and increase the company’s competitiveness in the market. The answer is obvious: every agency needs it!

That is, it’s needed to achieve a level of loyalty from customers who would contribute to stable profits. This is the goal of relationship marketing. The main tools for achieving such results are:

  • The first-class service
  • Focused work with key customers.

The Relationship Marketing Essence

Relationship marketing helps agencies increase profitability, not because the staff will sell one product to thousands of customers. And not because sales managers can sell several goods or services at once. Achieving good results is due to the individual approach to consumers.

10 Strategies to Improve Business Relationships Among Agencies and Clients

Today there are a variety of strategies by which agencies can win the loyalty of their clients. However, it is not enough to win one thing, because you need to remember about maintaining working relationships with your clients. We have prepared a selection of strategies that are actively used by many agencies.

1. Development of Customer Interaction Steps at Each Stage of Working Interaction

Many agencies try to gain trust either only at the beginning of the interaction or at the end. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that can cost the loyalty of many customers. For example, Cuberis pursues a customer engagement strategy at all stages of the workflow, from planning to project management.

So, develop a template for how you will enhance customer relationships throughout the service delivery cycles. Because usually, during the work process, many things can arise that give rise to disagreements between agencies and clients. And of course, everything needs to be smooth!

2. Show Your Customers a Workflow

For example, the agency KlientBoost demonstrates progress in achieving a common goal to its customers. This is a good tactic of interaction because every client wants to feel personalized and receive individual attention.

3. You Must Speak the Same Language as Your Customers

If you do not know your customers well, then what kind of relationship can we talk about? For example, if your customers have no idea about marketing abbreviations, then obviously you should not use such abbreviations in correspondence, communication with customers, and so on.

For example, your agency is engaged in the promotion of beauty services. Most likely, your clients have no idea what is CPA (cost per acquisition). Imagine their reaction! Some companies, before starting work, try to get to know each client better. This approach uses an agency like Saturn.

4. Email Is Not the Only Channel of Communication with the Client

If you want to build a strong relationship, then personal meetings, and video chatting should become as familiar with your agency as sending emails. Invite a team of your customers to the office for a coffee or go to them. So you will not only establish trust but also be able to get to know your customers. Many agencies use this approach, and Konstruct Digital is no exception.

5. Do Not Forget to Share Your Knowledge

Many agencies charge a fee to answer questions from their clients. However, this is exactly what prevents building trust. Strive to provide your customers with beneficial knowledge. For example, you can create a free consultation option, content with answers to frequently asked questions, or create educational webinars.

You should be a reliable source of knowledge on the Internet to become something more for your customers than an Internet resource. For example, Molly Ho seeks to be useful to clients for free, thereby creating a strong relationship.

“When you give away good content, trust and credibility are built”, explains Molly from Molly Ho.

6. Do Not Just Show Your Knowledge, Prove It

How? It’s effortless to show that your knowledge is not just a theory but also a successful practice. Statistics and research are what make you a guru in the eyes of clients.

Market research has always been an integral part of developing marketing campaigns that work. However, if this research is only done in one language, the insights gained are very limited. This is where translation market research comes in.

– explains The Word Point Translation agency

For instance, the statement that you can extend your account on Instagram with a minimum budget will not give such an exhaust. But if you demonstrate a real result, this will be the basis for respecting you in the client’s eyes. Builtvisible is one of the agencies that use such a strategy to distinguish themselves from competitors and build strong relationships.

7. You Should Not Provide Any Service, Provide Help Instead!

It often happens that a customer needs a service that you do not provide. Here you do not need to refuse and say that this is not your profile immediately. Offer them help in finding and offering a good agency. Thus, you show your customers that they are valuable to you, and they return to you already for your services. Pandable agency believes that such a strategy creates real trust and commitment.

8. Give the Customer an Invaluable Experience

How about providing free bonuses? Your services are the same product. And customers are the same consumers who love bonuses and gifts, for instance, an individual discount on the service on the principle of the one-day offer.

A free press release or even regular greeting cards will bring you brand loyalty. The Rojek Consulting Group tries to benefit its customers by introducing its activities to other customers. Catch the essence?

9. Create Customer Guides

As a result, it can be like research, documentation, or even e-books. This is one more way to bring value to your customers and get answers to many questions. CMI Media considers such a strategy to be equally effective for strong relationships.

10. External Audit to Understand Your Customer Satisfaction

Brand trust is inclined to believe that not understanding real customer satisfaction is a mistake of many agencies. Intuition is not the thing that will help you. It is better to use elementary questionnaires to understand better what level your relationship with clients is at.

Of course, all these strategies are not the panacea for customer retention. In addition to implementing strategies, you need to realize all the nuances of relationship marketing clearly. Without a doubt, agencies need to increase interaction with customers no less than e-commerce businesses. Therefore, if you want to take your agency to a new level, it won’t be easy to keep afloat without loyal customers!

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