Do not miss these 7 lead generation strategies in 2020 [Tried and Tested]

Lead Generation Strategies

Whether you own a large business or any small shop, everybody needs clients. Now, do we only need to start the company and the customers will start flowing in? Not. Now, this is where Lead generation strategies come into the picture.

According to the B2B Technology Marketing Community, 61% of B2B marketers have the opinion that producing top-quality leads come under the category of their greatest challenges. For growth, your company is required to increase exposure to potential new customers and clients.

Lead generation funnel - marketing
Lead generation funnel – marketing strategy

A lot of businesses deal with the question of why there are so many B2B strategies for lead generation and which one works for them? Well, the variation is due to audience biases.

Any survey conducted through a provider for email marketing is going to offer different results than the one conducted through the PPC management tool, because their target audiences have diverse biases and skillsets, changing their sample’s results.

So, assess each one attentively in the context of the company’s resources, revenue, competitive landscape, and marketing goals.

Make sure to not miss these 7 strategies for lead generation that will benefit you in 2020.

Content Marketing

The content-based B2B lead generation strategies permit you to increase your presence in the search engine, as long as your content remains well optimized. The more top-quality content is generated, the more search engines will reward you.

Also, please note that as per Marketo, planned landing pages are utilized by more than 65% of B2B companies for acquiring leads. Whether you prefer sticking to the same strategy that is working well for the other or you are the contrarian marketer, a good strategy for content marketing needs a level of experimentation and diversity to comprehend where the greatest growth chances are for the business.

Search engines provide preference to sites that aid answer queries simply and quickly. For example, if you produce the blog post which offers the what, who, why, and were of something that your business is a professional, you will reap the awards by getting a good rank in search.

So, experiment with uncommon and common tactics. Regardless of what you are using i.e., blogging, microsites, infographics, or research reports, the vital thing is for testing what doesn’t and does work to gradually refine the lead generation over time.

Provide better offers

If you are not one of the topmost advertisers, there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of conversion rate. One unique way for B2B lead generation is to give better offers. It makes a lot more sense than using what the other run-of-the-mill, typical organizations do, i.e., changing font type, button color, and spacing, etc.

Each software company provides you with the free trial, so just think about what your company has to provide that is compelling, unique, and gives real value to a visitor?

Moreover, in case your conversion rates are 2% or even lower than that, you should try out something drastic such as changing up the offer big time. You need to keep in mind that small optimizations will give rise to small results.

Learn SEO

As a matter of fact, as less than 10% of the search users visit past the search results’ first page while looking for the information. This makes it tough for any company to get the website across potential leads, irrespective of how informative or well-designed it is.

This is where SEO, i.e., Search Engine Optimization, comes into the picture, as it is an exceptional strategy for online lead generation.

SEO may seem like a mystery to everyone but the most tech-savvy company owners, however core principles of the search engine visibility boil down to 3 easy-to-understand ideas

  • Offer answers to FAQs
  • Provide quality information
  • Ensure the fact that the writing is concise and clear

Generally, it puts the website in the perfect position for getting on that the first page of results. It is free to learn the SEO best practices by yourself, however in case your company is in a specific competitive market, you should invest in the consultation from SEO professionals as it might offer extra value to the strategies for lead generation.

Add the feature of Live Chat

5 convincing reasons why live chat is a must-have for your site
5 things live chat does exceptionally well for your business

One of the major online lead generation methods is to add the feature of live chat to the website. Furthermore, live chat can be an amazing lead generation strategy to stimulate interest from the new customers, as well as encourage repeat business through being accessible in real-time.

The functions of live chat permit site visitors for reaching out to the agents directly without the need to make a phone call or writing an email.

The recent report by Marketing Donut states that 63% of customers requesting information from a company today won’t buy for at least 3 months. New consumers are benefited from being capable of asking queries whenever they wish, and afterward, you can directly reach out to help close the new sales and answer questions.

In this situation, the little touch, like the button of “Chat Now!” on the company website, can be of major help in building relations with new leads and customers.

Email Marketing

It comes under the category of the rarest online marketing channels, which has proved itself with time. When it comes to one of the greatest trends in email marketing at this time, that has produced good results for a lot of B2B businesses, is marketing automation.

In a nutshell, tools for marketing automation are efficiently hybrid email marketing tools that connect with the CRM for making you capable of automatically send highly targeted emails to the leads which are specifically personalized to them.

Considered as an exceptional Sales lead generation strategy, there is no need for the direct mail to become synonymous with junk mail, specifically in case you know about doing it the right way, such as

  • Using data-controlled referral codes
  • Mailing out convincing flyers with beneficial offers
  • Hitting more tuned-in, smaller audiences

By being picky with the direct mail endeavors, you can easily invest more into that physical item that you are sending out.


Increase Sales by Remarketing
Increase Sales by Remarketing Strategy

This strategy for Sales lead generation makes you capable of tagging site visitors as well as getting back in front of them when they go about their companies around the Internet, viewing YouTube, checking email, chatting on Facebook, and even searching Google.

According to MarketingSherpa, 56% of B2B organizations check the valid leads before passing them on to the sales department.

As per the recent researches, it has been found that the fatigue of remarketing ads is almost half the rate of daily ads, and that is why you should be aggressive in terms of remarketing. It assists in turning abandoners into potential leads, which is great keeping it in mind that more than 95% of people will leave the landing page of your website without converting.

It increases the impact of all the other activities of startup marketing, like social media marketing and content marketing etc., through positioning you across the audience again.

Design and maintain the modern website

There is no way that you can afford an incompetent business website. The site that offers visitors a clear what, who, why, and where behind your business is the best asset for you and it is just like the digital company card.

Do you know that as per B2B Technology Marketing Community, increasing the quality leads remains the topmost preference for over 65% of B2B experts, which is followed by the increasing volume of leads?

B2B Lead Generation Trends 2013 by Holger Schulze

Whether you are opting for outbound or inbound marketing, both of them are not time-consuming or costly. Through today’s site builders, there is no need for you to know the line of code for creating an expert website.

Gone are those days when only the digitally focused media companies, tech organizations, and businesses should have to be impressed with attractive websites. Be it building bagpipes or apps, you must have a site that offers you the perfect blend of smart, elegant design with efficiency and speed.

Also, you can try out inbound marketing that helps in forming connections your business is searching for as well as resolves problems. Only through experimenting with different strategies can you know what doesn’t and does work, then after knowing it, you can utilize your budget and time more effectively for generating higher returns on the investment, as well as better overall results for lead generation.

The most consistent lead generation strategy, for a very long time, has been email marketing that has helped a lot of businesses in not only enhancing their overall performance but also boosting customer traffic.

Furthermore, companies witness a more than 50% increase in the leads when enhancing a number of landing pages from 10 to 15. In case you wish to grow fast, you are required to prioritize the strategies for lead generation and use schemes like the above-mentioned ones for getting qualified prospects into the funnel.

Lead Generation Strategies
Lead Generation Strategies to consider in 2020.

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