Win-Win Business Strategy With Snapchat Ads

Is your business not getting any attention online? Are you marketing your business on the right social media platform? Facebook and Instagram are already ruling the market right now. But, who is winning hearts? Snapchat! Well, the most crucial part of businesses is to choose the right social media platform. With more than 200 million active users, Snapchat is something you should not miss!

Originally launched as Picaboo in 2011, Snapchat pushing the boundaries and giving tough competition to big social media giants like – Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Snapchat is an innovative social media platform particularly targeting younger audiences. The app works differently than other social media platforms. And, that’s what makes Snapchat more attractive for the advertisers.

But, if you don’t follow the right strategy, then you might lose your precious clients.

Why you should go for Snapchat Ads?

With the increasing number of users each day, Snapchat has come out as an engaging platform where an average user uses the app over 20 times a day. Snapchat is constantly launching new features, what started as videos now includes long-form videos, augmented reality, games, third-party content and other camera features.

Snapchat is not only fun to use but also a great platform to market your business. The influential market is earning huge profits from its use and getting tremendous responses from people across the globe. There are so many opportunities Snapchat has to offer to its users. But, before we dig deep in deep in the details into Snapchat Ads, let’s understand the Snapchat app.

Snapchat app has three core areas:

  • Camera – This enables the users to use filters and AR to click pictures and make videos.
  • Friends – You can communicate with your friends and family to send messages, videos, and pictures.
  • Discover – This section includes stories not only from your friends but also from content providers and creators across the globe.

Snapchat Ads

A powerful platform to advertise your business. But, what is making Snapchat a powerful medium to advertise? Well, it’s an astounding and unique style of advertising is what makes it stand out among other social media platforms. Let’s know how to create a Snapchat Ad.

To begin with, you need to do on Ad Manager where you can set your ad sets and ad campaigns. Just like any other platform, you need to set your own objectives. Some include:

  • Branding: Snapchat is a great platform to viral your business to larger audiences both privately and publicly. You can take the help of a mobile advertising partner and create a Snapchat AR lens for your brand. Plan the ad and see how it garner the audiences.
  • Consideration: Snapchat is also a great platform for performance marketing. With the number of snaps viewed, shared, subscribed, you can do so much with this. The number of app downloads and app traffic, you can use the dashboard provided by the Ad Manager to see how your advertisement is working.

Once you decide on your objectives, you need to select the right ad format. Well, this is a critical step. Let us explain to you different types of Snapchat ads.

Collection Ads: These appear between stories. Here, you can show a series of products to the users. A frictionless way to drive traffic and get app installs.

Snap Ads: If you have used Snapchat before, then you must have seen these ads between your stories. When the user is scrolling between the stories, the ad appears. It can be a video, text, or AR-enabled ads to drive users to your app or website. There are some Snap Ads that allow the users to fill forms.

AR lens: How about interacting with your audiences in a fun way? That’s possible with AR lenses! The sponsored lenses get instantly viral and result in brand awareness.

Story Ads: In the Discover screen, you can see sponsored tile where you can see users across the globe. Based on how you are using the app, Snapchat provides the ads you like thereby increasing user engagement.

Location: This is another powerful way to increase brand awareness. Using this feature, the users can view stories in the region nearby. You can provide the specific ad content and target the audience nearby.

How To Use Snapchat Ad Manager

Snapchat Ads have evolved a lot. Earlier if you wanted to create an ad on Snapchat, you were required to partner with ad partners. But, now you can easily create amazing as with the Snapchat Ad Manager. Wondering, how? Read on the details.

Step 1: Curate Content

Go to the dashboard and click “New Campaign.” Make sure you are creative with thoughts and explain the objective clearly through your Ad. You can also schedule for how long you want to an ad campaign to run.

Step 2: Set Budget and Identify Your Target Audience

It is important for an ad campaign to reach the right market, and for this, you need to do audience targeting. There are two ways to do so, using Geography and using Demographics.

Step 3: Create and Design Your Ad Campaign

You simply need to click on “New Design” to design your Snapchat Ad. you can then choose among four categories:

  • Web View: If you want to increase traffic to your landing page or website, then this type of ad will help you in doing so. Here, you ad swipe-up option in the videos.
  • Top Snap Only: Want to make your ads attractive? Use Top Snap Only. It’s the videos without the swipe-up action.
  • Long-Form Video: Here, you can tease your viewers with a small video and then direct them to a longer version of the ad.
  • App Install: Using this feature, you can encourage the users to download your app and check your products/services.

Step 4: Performance Of Your Ad

Once Snapchat approves your ad, you can then check how your Ad Campaign is performing on the platform. You can easily view the metrics on the dashboard and see what people are liking and what not.

Snapchat Ads Cost

Considering the amazing features, Snapchat supports, you must be wondering about the costs of Snapchat Ads. Well, it depends! When it comes to the Snapchat Ads cost, it depends on the type of ad and the payment method. Yes, there are some ads that can be costly too, but the value you get in return is highly impressive. Keep your budget flexible! Believe me, if done correctly, Snapchat Ads can turn a strong ROI.

One simple funda to excel in Snapchat Ads is – Be Creative. Make innovative ads and drive incredible results.

Grow your business with snapchat
How to grow your business with snapchat marketing strategy.

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