8 Email Design Trends That Will Reign Supreme in 2023

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Email design is an ever-evolving field. It has come a long way from basic formatting, static images, and animations.

While the last couple of years saw dark mode, minimalism, interactivity, and AMP emails gaining immense popularity, 2023 will see the emergence of some new trends that will bring more uniqueness to email designs.

Here are the email design trends that are all set to woo your email subscribers.

1. Gradients

If you want the readers to scroll till the end, you must provide visual cues to direct their eye movement. One tactic to achieve it is using gradients.

You can use single-color or multicolor gradients. The former has one color going from lighter to darker or vice versa. On the other hand, multicolor gradients have multiple colors going from one to another. Gradients help in creating a memorable design and stronger connection with the readers.

You can use gradients as the focal point of the email design or in the background.

Look at this email by Baggu that uses pastel colors in the gradient. It is a minimalistic email that will certainly impress the recipients.

Baggu email newsletter
Baggu email newsletter

Some brands also go a step above and animate the gradients in the background. 

Here’s an example from Oura Ring that demonstrates animated gradient background.

Oura ring newsletter
Oura ring newsletter

2. A medley of real images, illustrations, and shapes

Email marketers will use a combination of real images, shapes, and illustrations in their hero image. They give a unique feel to the emails and make it more impactful for the readers.

Take a look at this email by Brooks Brothers to get a better picture.

Brooks Brothers - Email Newsletter
Brooks Brothers – Email Newsletter

3. Animated CTAs

The correct placement, actionable copy, and bold colors are definitely important to get the CTA noticed. In 2023, marketers will experiment with animated CTAs.

You can either use GIF or CSS to animate the CTA button. As your subscribers are inundated with hundreds of emails throughout the day, an animated CTA will be able to draw more attention and increase conversions.

Take a look at this email by Magic Spoon. They have been the early adopters of this trend and use it consistently in their email campaigns.

Magic Spoon - Email newsletter
Magic Spoon – Email newsletter

4. APNGs

APNGs are similar to GIF animations but have better image quality and higher resolution. It is an open standard for animated bitmap graphics and an alternative to MNG (Multiple-image Network Graphics). It supports 8-bit alpha transparency and 24-bit colors.

See the image below to understand how GIFs and APNGs are different from each other. APNG does not have that unsightly black border, which makes it a clear winner when compared to GIFs.

5. Memes

Memes have taken over the entire social media by storm. Considering their growing popularity across all marketing channels, email marketers will start using it in email designs, too. Memes are more effective in expressing a thought or emotion. They must support the primary content without distracting the reader.

Keep in mind three points while adding memes to your emails.

  1. Get your team’s opinion if you plan to send a meme. It should not be inappropriate or offensive for the readers.
  2. Make sure that the meme is connected with the current event or trends.
  3. Always provide copyright details with the meme so that you don’t end up in legal trouble.

Really, Good Emails has used a meme in the hero section of the email along with the copyright details. It manages to grab the subscriber’s eyeballs without any slapstick or dark humor that could offend the readers. Have a look.

Cordial Email Newsletter using Memes.
Cordial Email Newsletter using Memes.

6. White space

White space is a best practice that is expected to trend in 2023 and the years to come. Also known as negative space, it helps scan and break down the content. The email becomes more readable as the subscribers get enough breathing space to consume the content. 

There are two types of white space, namely:

  • Active white space around the vital elements of the email
  • Passive white space around the template borders and the spaces separating different folds of the email

Shinola makes the best use of white space in their email, as shown below:

Shinola Email Newsletter
Shinola Email Newsletter

7. Shapes

Hard geometric shapes can be used to convey an idea through emails. You can use them as illustrations in the email header or background. Squares and rectangles represent strength, discipline, durability, and reliability.

On the other hand, circles show harmony, eternity, and mystery. Triangles portray direction, stability, movement, and excitement. The sides of polygons like pentagons, hexagons, and octagons represent a long procedure in a simplified manner. Using them in patterns shows rigor, quality, and hard work. 

You can also use abstract shapes to make your emails more fun for the readers.

Tattly has nailed this trend in several emails, as shown in the email example:

Tattly Email Newsletter
Tattly Email Newsletter

You can also use wave patterns to separate different sections and break up the grid format in emails. They can also serve as direction cues to make the subscribers read until the end.

Here’s how Winc has used the power of wave patterns and made the email easy to read. It will also bring attention to the call to action and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Winc Email Newsletter
Winc Email Newsletter

8. Neon colors

Neon or fluorescent colors add a bold personality to the emails. They are extremely bright colors that can be used to instill excitement in the email designs. As they emit light and appear luminescent, they stand apart and make the emails visually appealing.

There was a time when marketers liked to use basic color palettes only. But now things have changed and people have got more receptive to such vibrant shades too.

Keep these 3 points in mind while using neons in emails. 

  1. Use neons to highlight the important elements of the email. 
  2. Choose a dark background if you plan to add neon colors.  
  3. Avoid neon backgrounds as it can get too overwhelming for the readers. 

Check this email by BlackWolf that uses neon green to highlight the 31% discount offer.

BlackWolf Email Newsletter
BlackWolf Email Newsletter

Wrapping Up

Your email design makes a huge difference when it comes to bringing better ROI and business growth. Owing to the intense competition, it becomes imperative to leave the herd mentality and think out-of-the-box.

Staying abreast with the trends and technological advancements will help you get an edge over the competitors. In 2023, most brands will use a combination of these trends for a visually rich email experience. 

Signing off with an inspiration from Prismatic Plants using a gradient in CTA, shapes, and wave patterns – all in one email.

Prismatic Plants - Email Newsletter
Prismatic Plants – Email Newsletter

In order to get a better understanding of the topic, head to the infographic created by the experts at Email Uplers: 9 Email Design Trends 2023 to Look Forward to.

Email design trends - Infographic
Email design trends – Infographic

Featured image: Freepik Premium

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