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To begin with, I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of creating a logo using the DesignEvo logo maker. Since I am a professional graphic designer, expertizing in logo making, website designing, and related things, using various designing tools and software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, 3d max, and many others, I was keen to learn what DesignEvo has to offer and how smooth my experience would be, in terms of features, design, variety, quality, etc.

Grading on the parameter of the above-mentioned things, I would say, I am genuinely happy using DesignEvo and find it highly user-friendly.

So, let me introduce this amazing logo maker. DesignEvo is a platform by the company – PearlMount, that offers the service to create your own logos, be it for business, wedding, club, or a brand.

They made the logo designing, simple and easy, without having to hassle around with complicated software, like Photoshop. One doesn’t need to have graphic designing skills to create logos anymore. You can just log in to their website and start creating your own logo.

Using DesignEvo logo maker, you can design your own logo in 3 simple steps.

STEP 1: Select the icon design.

DesignEvo offers more than 4000 logo templates. You can either, select a template of your choice and modify it to suit your needs or, you can search your own icon in the search bar and customize it as per your requirement.

The below icon is selected using one of the templates.

The color of the icon can be modified using the color palette given on the top left.

DesignEvo - Online Logo Marker
Design your own custom logo for your business for free with DesignEvo – Logo making tool – Ideal Logo Designer

You can search for your own icon as shown in the below picture. I have searched for a globe and used the image I found appropriate for my logo.

STEP 2: Add the Text: Company name and slogan.

Once the text is added you can select the font from the list of font options they offer. You can also, change the colors as per your liking and requirement.

DesignEvo - Logo Font Selection
DesignEvo – Logo Font Selection

STEP 3: Select the shape, if needed.

The shape can be used to insert/around the icon, to enhance the logo. If your logo doesn’t require an extra shape, you can quit this option and your logo will be ready in just the 2 above-mentioned steps.

Below, I have experimented with different shapes to add around the main icon design.

Online Logo Design Tool - DesignEvo
Design Your Own Logo Using DesignEvo

In shapes, you can select from the below options including badge, decoration, line, solid shapes, outlined shapes, banner, and symbol.

You can also modify the colors as per your needs. I wanted to add a contrasting color to make the outer shape stand out, at the same time compliment the primary colors of blue in my logo. Hence, I preferred using orange.

My logo was ready in about 10 minutes. I chose to download a free logo, and I received a jpeg file and a png (with white background) file with 500×500 pixel quality, which is good enough for basic use, like websites, business cards, and letterheads.

DesignEvo - Custom Logo Design Software
DesignEvo – Custom Logo Design Software

Besides, DesignEvo can be used in three different ways. Like I said, super-easy and user-friendly.

  1. Visit their website and use it directly (or)
  2. Download the software on your desktop. The mac version is available to download currently. Windows version should be out soon, as mentioned on their website.
  3. Download the app on your smartphone.
DesignEvo - Desktop Mobile Apps
DesignEvo – Desktop Mobile Apps

Moreover, you can either design for free or take a membership. Unlike many other websites that offer a yearly membership, DesignEvo offers a one-time payment, lifetime membership. You can download a sample and take either basic or plus membership, as per your needs.

DesignEvo - Pricing
DesignEvo – Pricing

Lastly, you will receive continuous support from DesignEvo, in the form of tutorials, FAQs, and suggestions, regardless of your membership status.

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