How to use Astra Pro hooks?

Quick guide to Astra Pro hooks customization with live example.

Astra Pro hooks are a powerful feature in the Astra Pro theme that allows you to easily and visually customize and modify various elements of your website for which you don’t need any programming knowledge.

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Astra ranks #5 among the most popular WordPress themes based on active installations. (Source:

Astra Pro comes packed with over 50+ professionally designed Starter Templates for any niche and empowers you with the intuitive Spectra Pro visual builder to customize them effortlessly. It’s a game-changer for anyone who wants a beautiful website without writing a line of code.

Understanding how to use these hooks effectively can greatly enhance your web design and provide you with more flexibility in creating a unique and personalized WordPress website.

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Understanding Astra Pro Hooks

Before diving into the details of using Astra Pro hooks, it’s important to have a clear definition of what they are. Astra Pro hooks are specific locations within the theme’s code where you can add your custom code or content.

These hooks act as placeholders that allow you to insert your own code or custom component without modifying the theme’s core files.

By utilizing Astra Pro hooks, you can add custom functionality, modify existing elements, and create a more tailored experience for your website visitors.

Definition of Astra Pro Hooks

Astra Pro hooks can be defined as predefined action hooks that are integrated within the theme. These hooks are strategically placed to enable developers to add their functions or content at specific points in the theme’s code.

These predefined action hooks serve as entry points for developers to inject their code, allowing for seamless customization without interfering with the theme’s core files. This modular approach ensures that your modifications are isolated and can be easily managed.

For example, if you want to add a custom banner above the header section of your website, you can use an Astra Pro hook specifically designed for that purpose. This hook acts as a designated spot where you can insert your code, ensuring that it is executed at the right moment during the page rendering process.

Furthermore, Astra Pro hooks are not limited to adding code snippets. They can also be used to display dynamic content, such as pulling data from external sources or integrating with third-party services. This flexibility allows you to create unique and interactive elements on your website.

Importance of Astra Pro Hooks in WordPress

Astra Pro hooks play a crucial role in web design or WordPress design as they provide developers with the flexibility to customize the theme without making any changes to the core WordPress theme files like functions.php or style.css.

This ensures that your modifications are not lost during future theme updates and allows for easier maintenance and updates in the long run.

Imagine spending hours customizing your website, only to have all your changes overwritten when a theme update is released. With Astra Pro hooks, this is no longer a concern.

By utilizing hooks, you can keep your customizations separate from the theme’s core files, which makes it easier to update the theme without losing any of your hard work.

Additionally, Astra Pro hooks promote best coding practices by encouraging a modular and organized approach to customization. Instead of modifying the theme’s files directly, which can lead to messy and hard-to-maintain code, hooks provide a clean and structured way to add your functionality.

Moreover, Astra Pro hooks enhance collaboration and compatibility. Since hooks are standardized and well-documented, developers can easily share their customizations with others, allowing for a vibrant community of theme customization.

This also ensures that your customizations are compatible with future versions of the theme, as long as the hooks remain unchanged.

In conclusion, Astra Pro hooks are a powerful tool for developers looking to customize their Astra Pro theme. They provide a flexible and modular approach to adding custom code or content, allowing for seamless customization without modifying the theme’s core files.

By utilizing hooks, you can create a unique and tailored experience for your website visitors, while also ensuring easier maintenance and compatibility with future theme updates.

Setting Up Astra Pro Hooks

Now that we have a better understanding of Astra Pro hooks, let’s explore the process of setting them up on your website.

Astra Pro hooks are a powerful feature that allows you to customize and extend the functionality of your WordPress website. By using hooks, you can add additional code or modify existing code without directly editing the theme files. This makes it easier to maintain your website and ensures that your customizations are not lost during theme updates.

How to get started with Astra Pro Hooks?

Astra Pro theme - site builder
Astra Pro theme – site builder

The first step in using Astra Pro hooks is to ensure that you have the Astra Pro theme installed and activated on your WordPress website. Astra Pro is a premium version of the Astra theme that offers additional features and customization options.

Astra – Customizable WordPress theme

A faster and more reliable WordPress theme that helps users build high-performing websites at affordable rates. It offers advanced blog templates, typography, and global color palettes, and you can easily customize the layouts.

Astra Pro theme logo

2.38 million websites currently use Astra, with the remaining having used it historically. (Source: BuiltWith Trends)

Once you have the theme installed, you’ll need to access the theme settings to start working on Hooks, just go to Astra, look for Site Builder, and then within the Site Builder interface, look for Hooks under Website Parts. This will allow you to start with Astra Pro hooks functionality on your website.

Now you have access to a wide range of hooks that you can use to customize various aspects of your WordPress theme. These hooks are categorized into different sections, such as Header, Footer, Inside Post/Page, Single, Archive, 404 Page, and on custom templates. Each section contains multiple hooks that you can utilize.

Astra Pro site builder hooks
Astra Pro site builder hooks

Configuring Astra Pro Hooks Settings

Now you can configure various settings related to Astra Pro hooks. These settings allow you to control the behavior and appearance of the hooks on your website.

You can specify where the hooks should be displayed, choose their priority order, and even customize the markup surrounding the hooks. This level of control ensures that you can achieve the desired layout and functionality for your website.

For example, if you want to add a custom sub-navigation below the category header section of your website archive pages, you can use the “astra_content_while_before” hook. By specifying the location and priority of this hook, you can ensure that the banner is displayed exactly where you want it.

Astra content while before - Astra pro hooks
Astra content while before – Astra Pro hooks

In addition to the location and priority settings, you can also customize the markup surrounding the hooks. This allows you to add HTML elements, CSS classes, or any other code that you need to achieve your desired design.

By combining the power of Astra Pro hooks with your knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP, you can create truly unique and customized websites. Whether you want to add a custom widget area, modify the layout of a specific page, or integrate third-party plugins seamlessly, Astra Pro hooks provide the flexibility and control you need.

So, take some time to explore the various hooks available in Astra Pro and experiment with different configurations. With a little creativity and experimentation, you can create a website that stands out from the crowd and meets your specific requirements.

Working with Astra Pro Hooks

Now that we have Astra Pro hooks set up and configured, let’s explore how to use them effectively to customize your website.

Basic Operations with Astra Pro Hooks

When working with Astra Pro hooks, the possibilities are endless. You can add custom functionality to various elements of your website, such as headers, footers, sidebars, and more.

To utilize a hook, simply identify the specific hook you want to modify, create a custom function in your theme’s functions.php file, and add your desired code or content. This will be inserted into the designated hook location.

Advanced Techniques in Using Astra Pro Hooks

While basic operations with Astra Pro hooks are straightforward, there are advanced techniques you can employ to take your customization to the next level.

For example, you can use conditional statements within your custom functions to dynamically display content based on specific conditions or user roles. This allows for a more personalized and targeted user experience.

→ Here is how we used Astra Pro Hooks to customize our theme!

Go to Astra > Site Builder > Hooks > Create New

Astra pro site builder - create new hook
Astra pro site builder – create a new hook

Either choose one of the pre-defined hooks like, Header, Footer, Hooks, Inside Post/Page, Single, Archive, 404 Page, and on custom templates. For this example let’s choose Hooks as shown below to create our custom layout and assign it to a specific hook.

Astra pro create hooks
Astra Pro create hooks

Looking at the snapshot below, you may be confused that you will be creating another post, a big naah :)

Astra Pro - New hook page
Astra Pro – New hook page

This is a visual builder to build your custom component, if you are not utilizing the Title, just hide it by clicking on the eye icon and start using blocks or form builder or anything in the place where you see Type / to choose your block.

Here we are trying to create a custom sub-navigation for all the sub-categories which will be placed under each category archive page to improve the user experience and to Crawl depth and this is what our sub-navigation looks like.

Using navigation blocks in Astra Pro Hooks
Using navigation blocks in Astra Pro Hooks

Now it’s time to choose the right Hook and update the display and user conditions to make your custom component in our case it is sub-navigation on the right category archive pages.

Now click on Astra Settings from the top bar and then choose and then scroll down until you see “Display and User Conditions”, click on it and you’ll get to see the following dialog, where you have three different display conditions:

  • Display on
  • Do not display on
  • Display for users
Hooks display and user conditions in astra pro WordPress theme
Hooks display and user conditions in Astra Pro WordPress theme.

In this dialog, you can see + and – buttons to add or remove any conditions, it’s very advanced to create your conditions which allows you to replace your custom coding in functions.php file.

As the first step, choose the right template from the dropdown, in our case, it is “Specific Pages / Posts / Taxonomies, etc.

And then select which pages you want your custom component to appear, in our case, it is sub-category sub-navigation. Once you are done setting up the right conditions, choose “Return to Post” and then Publish the hook to display the custom component on the right pages as per your configuration.

Here is the snapshot of how our sub-category-specific sub-navigation is appearing on the right pages without any coding knowledge.

Custom Astra Pro Hooks on WordPress archive page
Custom Astra Pro Hooks on the WordPress archive page.

That’s it, this is how easy it is to work on Astra Pro Hooks and customize your WordPress theme without any coding knowledge.

The simplicity of Astra Pro’s Hooks system blew me away!

Gone are the days of manually editing functions.php, risking website breakage with even minor coding errors. I used to spend hours resolving such issues with the Genesis Framework. Now, customizing is effortless, and my site flies with a perfect 100/100 Pagespeed score on almost every page!

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Astra Pro Hooks

As with any custom development work, it’s important to be aware of potential issues that may arise when using Astra Pro hooks. Let’s explore some common problems and their solutions.

Identifying Common Problems

If you encounter issues with Astra Pro hooks, the first step is to identify the problem. This involves checking your custom code for syntax errors or conflicts with other plugins or themes.

It’s also a good practice to review the Astra Pro documentation and support resources for any known issues or troubleshooting guides.

Solutions to Common Astra Pro Hooks Issues

Once you’ve identified the issue, you can proceed to troubleshoot and resolve it. This may involve debugging your custom code, updating your theme or plugins, or seeking assistance from the Astra Pro support team.

Optimizing Your Use of Astra Pro Hooks

Now that you’re familiar with using Astra Pro hooks and troubleshooting common issues, let’s explore some best practices and tips for maximizing their efficiency.

Best Practices for Using Astra Pro Hooks

When using Astra Pro hooks, following best practices to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with future updates is important. This includes keeping your custom code organized, regularly testing your hooks, and staying up-to-date with the latest Astra Pro documentation.

Tips for Maximizing Astra Pro Hooks Efficiency

To further enhance your use of Astra Pro hooks, consider utilizing caching plugins to improve website loading speed. Additionally, implementing conditional statements and hook priorities effectively can help optimize the rendering of your hooks.

By following these tips and best practices, you can make the most out of Astra Pro hooks and unleash your creativity in web design.


Empower your website, not your coding skills! Our live example has just shown you how anyone, regardless of technical expertise, can leverage the powerful combination of Astra Pro Hooks and a visual block builder to transform their WordPress website.

Ditch the code frustrations and unlock the freedom to design a website that’s truly unique and reflects your vision. Start exploring Astra Pro Hooks today and witness the difference intuitive customization can make – your website awaits!

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