10 WooCommerce Tips for a Successful Holiday Season

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In many sectors of activity, the end-of-year holidays are an intense period. This is by far the time of year when people spend the most! And good news, whether you are a small or a large WooCommerce store, you have the opportunity to really boost your sales at this time of year.

If the big companies have all the organization and the necessary resources, the preparation of end-of-year marketing actions is often more complex to manage for SMEs. Yet you know how important it is to get started, and quickly!

Because we have less than 2 months since the arrival of the Holiday Season. So, if you want it brings a turnover a strong increase during the coming months, we will help you.

WooCommerce tips for the upcoming holidays

Here are 10 tips to keep in mind to prepare a WooCommerce store for the Holiday Season.

1. Website and Hosting

Website Hosting
Website Hosting

The website is the main pillar of a store; all others rely on it. The ultimate goal is to offer another type of relationship, complementary, not limited by distance. The windows of your eCommerce store are multiplying to adapt and improve accessibility to different customers.

Once the eCommerce store is launched, try to grow its traffic by encouraging users to visit. An SEO-optimized Cloudways WooCommerce hosting will allow you at first glance to appear more relevant on the search engines.

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Also, your WooCommerce store must be neat, interactive, fun, and intuitive. The message must also be clear and content quality. With these conditions combined, interested Internet users will stay longer on your website and be more ready to buy your products.

As your store’s traffic grows, you may consider a managed hosting option for the WooCommerce store. For that, we recommend Kinsta WooCommerce Hosting.

They provide premium managed WordPress hosting powered by Google Cloud Platform and their premium tier network. Their services are heavily optimized for eCommerce solutions, and they are ready to handle sudden traffic surges. In Kinsta’s custom-built dashboard, you can easily set up your WooCommerce store using a one-click WooCommerce auto-installer.

With their extended set of features such as server-level caching, automatic backups, auto-scaling, high-level security, and speed-obsessive architecture, they guarantee the smooth running of your WooCommerce site.

Each of their hosting plans comes with free white-glove migration, so you don’t need to spend hours moving your website to the platform; they will do it for you! All their plans include a free SSL certificate, free CDN, a one-click staging area, and many other tools!

Finally, an essential feature is to allow the user to contact store support. There are many tools, such as instant live chat or the innovative “click to call” service, which greatly facilitates contact with the customer.

2. A Holiday Design

Holiday Design for your eCommerce Store
Holiday Design for Your Online Store

Online eCommerce stores receive a lot of visits during the Holiday Season. If you expect a significant number of visitors, change your layout to a warm theme with moody colors, for example. Do not hesitate to highlight your promotional offers on your WooCommerce homepage.

Your customers are not looking for the same thing before and after the Holiday Season, so a good approach would be to modify your offers according to the moment so that they meet your customers’ needs. The relevance of your messages is essential to respond to customer queries.

3. Online Positioning

SEO - Online Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

SEO on search engines, we mentioned, is the biggest gateway of your WooCommerce store. Indeed, a good ranking (appearing on the first page among the first four results) is the equivalent of a physical store to be located on a pedestrian and commercial street. The lower this ranking, the more the store will move to the outskirts and unknown dead ends.

To be well-referenced, you can create quality content through a professional blog or press releases and use keywords and images on your WooCommerce store. In this way, you will be in the news of the conversations and blogs, which will make you arrive at the top of the search engine results pages (SERP).

4. Professional Blog

Professional Blogging
Professional Blogging to Boost Sales

Having a blog allows you to offer your visitors content quality and encourages them to follow you. Moreover, as we said before, quality content will increase your chances of being well-referenced.

Publish articles related to Holiday Season, with new information, will allow you to capture new readers and retain them. All this, as we have seen, will increase the traffic in your store and therefore your chances of being able to sell your products easily.

Remember to link your articles to your WooCommerce store and your social networks to create a real ecosystem between your different media.

5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing Guide
Tips for Effective Email Marketing to boost sales.

The Email Marketing tool will allow you to retain your customers and your community. Offer them to subscribe to your newsletter to receive new information about new products for Holiday Season, promotional offers, or invitations to events.

Keep in mind, however, that any excess can have negative effects. In this case, a too-fast pace of newsletters may cause you to go into the “Junk Mail” box. Strive for a good balance by offering a regular but not too intense mailing cycle.

6. Social Networking

Social Networking Social Media
Social Networking / Social Media

They will also help you increase the traffic on your WooCommerce and retain your customers. Their goal is to maintain a relationship of proximity and quality with customers. This is an opportunity to share additional information to newsletters (discovery of interesting products or services, the arrival of new products in stores, promo codes, special discounts, free delivery, etc.).

The statistical tools offered by these social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) also make it possible to follow your offer trends. It is important to know the different social networks and know your customers well to know which ones are the most adept.

Now that we have listed the main tools of online marketing, let’s take a look at the prerequisites for an effective strategy and planning.

7. Create a Special Offer

Special Offers
Special Offers for the Holiday Season.

The Holiday Season is the period of promotional offers par excellence. The motto: be attractive! The primary goal is not to sell your products but to arouse the curiosity of the customer by attracting them to your WooCommerce store.

A promotional offer is always a sensation, and the human spirit takes the missing step to ensure that a potential customer crosses your threshold.

Here again, several possibilities are available to you.

  • Coupon or voucher: a majority of the visitors favored items with a promotional offer to choose their gifts. So if your product, make a Holiday Season promo! You can drag it into one (or more) of your emails and ask your customers to use it at the checkout.
  • Organize a special event: it’s a way to thank your customers and your employees for their annual loyalty. It is also a way to attract new customers if access to your event is not restrictive.
  • Create value: In some industries, the price or promotional offers are not the main drivers influencing the purchase decision. In this case, focus on creating value. You can opt for the traditional gift; you can organize a contest or offer free shipping to your customers.

8. Target Audience

Target Audience or Users
Target Audience or Users

For this, we have a simple question to ask ourselves. Who can be interested in my product? Once you have a clear answer, you can segment your population and differentiate your marketing actions according to the latter.

For example, if the age of your target is between 16 and 24 years and has access to the Internet, then your presence on social networks will be fundamental, and its actualization and dynamism important.

Also, the language must be adapted so that the target audience can feel concerned. Similarly, if our target groups are specialists in a particular sector, then the language will have to be sharp and precise.

9. 24/7 Availability

24x7 Online
24×7 Online Availability and Support

The weeks before the Holiday Season are naturally excellent in sales, but there is an exciting income to make the days between Christmas and New Year’s Day. These days people have time to browse the web and want to use the gift cards they have received or exchange clothes that do not suit them. An opportunity to seize!

Make sure to book an attractive budget for these days and not restrict your AdWords ads from showing at specific times during this time. After all, we’re messing up our schedule a little during the holidays, and it’s possible to search at any time of the day or night, so you do not miss the purchase of a product that is important to the visitors.

10. Strength Analysis

SWOT Analysis
SWOT matrix – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

But also, your weaknesses! The SWOT matrix – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats – can be of great help to you. This will allow you to know which aspects will be maintained, developed, and which ones will need to be improved or even repositioned within your WooCommerce store.

Wrapping Up!

Now you know everything and have no excuse to prepare your marketing operations today for the Holiday Season. Do not limit the scope of your actions in the short term and keep in mind the fact that a customer relationship is built over the long term.

If this article has helped you, do not hesitate to share it on your social networks! It is quite possible that many people around you are concerned by the marketing preparations to put in place at this time conducive to consumption!

This article is finished, you can go ahead and prepare your WooCommerce marketing plan and marketing actions for the holidays!

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