20 sites to keep an eye on Web Applications

As all web developers do, I always try to keep an eye to get updated with new or latest or upcoming web based applications to get some fresh inspiration or ideas on daily basis. If you really love to explore the web applications, this is the right place you have come to.

The following sites really helps me to get some good inspiration and new ideas for my web site. Inspiration can be anything like, Layout, Graphical User Interface, User Interface, Presentation, Conceptual Oriented, Marketing Strategies and more.

List of Web Applications Directories
List of Web Applications Directories

Here are the couple of top and good Website directories where they showcase serious Web 2.0 applications. Hope you all love the list – if so don’t forget to subscribe to the Web Apps Twitter List for latest updates.


The MoMB is a site dedicated to listing webbased applications on a beta trip.

Web App Storm

Do you love all things web related, but feel a little overwhelmed with all the options? Do you use web based applications to do your job, but aren’t sure where exactly to start? If so, we hope you’ll find our site a great resource to learn about the web tools that are available and how to put them to the best use. We’ll review all the top apps and utilities that can help you work smarter and communicate more effectively.


For the past two years, Go2web20 has been one of the biggest web2.0 directories out there. We built this application to enable people to stay up to date with all the new & hot services that are born daily into the web. In many cases, Go2web20 has been the first to report the existence of a new application. Today Go2web20 includes over 3,000 services and more are uploaded everyday.

Web Ware

Cool Web Apps for everyone…..

Feed My App

Your daily Web 2.0 dose…..

Useful Tools

A web magazine for people who love web tools and apps. There are new and exciting applications being developed all the time. We sift through the abundance of technologies available to you, and help you find the most useful tools.

Refreshing Apps

The site was built primarily as a showcase and gallery that shows some of the fantastic Adobe AIR applications that are being developed today. So if you have seen a great AIR app, or you have built something cool go ahead and submit it to our showcase.

Creative Applications

Aim of CreativeApplications.Net is to bring together applications that challenge the ways how we share and engage with information. By scouting the web, CAN brings you best in creative app development and thinking. CreativeApplications.Net is platform independent. We look at OSX, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Web Apps, Flash, Physical Interfaces, Max MSP development, Processing and many others.

Smashing Apps

Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers…..

Web Appers

WebAppers is a blog dedicated to share top quality open source resources for web developer and web designer daily. As a web designer, you’ll find some of the best free icons, stock photos, brushes, fonts and design inspirations. As a web developer, you’ll also find some of the best Javascript and Ajax components like modal windows, menus, galleries, tooltips, charts, calendars plugins and a lot more…..

Ajaxian Applications Showcase

My first, best and good website for AJAX based applications…..

App Useful

AppUseful was created to help people discover useful web applications. Users can submit, rate, and write reviews for web applications that they like. There are many useful and innovative web applications that only a small minority know about. Likewise, there are also tons of web apps that are really not that useful. The AppUseful community will help you find the best apps for your interests and needs.

Lovely Pages

Lovely pages is a web applications & services directory focused on a minimalist style.

Apple Web Apps

Apple Web Applications directory…..

Make Use Of

Huge list of Cool Websites, Web Applications and Mobile Tools…..

The Next Web Appetite

Appetite focuses on reviews and major feature updates from the best software out there, whether it’s on the desktop, mobile or the web.

Net Web App

A Huge and best collection of Web 2.0 Applications and Sites Directory…..

Listio Web 2.0

Listio for Web 2.0 is a directory and product review website. We cover web 2.0 applications, services and new media.

Programmable Web

Best and Top site for list of Mashups, APIs and the Web as Platform.


We are all web 2.0! Our goal to showcase the best Web 2.0 websites, start-ups and applications. Building a great search engine that delivers great content in a visual way and is simple to use. We are growing thanks to the amazing response we have received from the fast growing web 2.0 community.

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Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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