3D Holograms aren’t just for Screens and Dark Rooms Anymore

There has been a labor of love putting real-life holograms up to par with those of the Star Wars universe – seen by a naked eye sans wearable gear, dry ice, screens, or otherwise. It’s the real deal, and experts are saying it’s safe for the consumer market. Well, about as safe as a laser pen, so there are still safety conditions that will need be in place.

Next Generation Holographics

Today it’s now possible to produce holograms mid-air, with the use of a laser-induced plasma display. This is achieved by ionising molecules in the air so that they let go of additional energy which comes across in the form of photons which are a blue-white hue.

The term being applied to these photons of plasma is called “3D pixels“, or “voxels”, and are created by lasers firing thousands of repetitions per second in one spot to heat up the air in specific places.

Holograms are Hot

Literally, until recently holograms of this dispensation were too hot to handle, and could damage human skin. Applying femtosecond laser technology has allowed researchers to outfit the 3D holographic technology in such a way that is not harmful to human skin while still creating a sensation that can be felt to the touch and feel like a physical object. The caveat, imagery needs to be in constant motion because a femtosecond laser firing at the same point for over 2,000 milliseconds could still burn a person.

According to their published study, researchers indicated “Shock waves are generated by plasma when a user touches the plasma voxels. The user feels an impulse on the finger as if the light has physical substance”.

For now, the 3D holographic technology is pushing holograms into the light of day – albeit it’s more akin to LCD than HD, as with other 3D display technologies. These femtosecond laser-powered 3D holograms are likely to be used for signage in the case of emergencies.

The Real Holographic Deal

So now we’ve got standalone holograms able to be displayed in broad day light, but they look like Asteroids on Atari. Whoopity-doo.

What about existing mixed-media holographics that can be used in broad daylight right now that won’t burn off your finger if incorrectly installed?

Enter: Activ8 Events Hologram Mannequin – Ruler of the Trade Show universe!

Applying 3D holographic projection to a physical object like a mannequin has a lot of potential for communicating a message in a noteworthy way while wooing audiences.

Holographic projection can be used to “paint” objects with light animation in real-time, giving life to facial expressions, nuanced personality traits, and physical movement. 3D holographic mannequins can be used to present pre-recorded content, or they can also be used to facilitate real-time communication with voice actors hiding behind the scenes.

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In Conclusion

At the end of the day, for most people it will not be until holograms can be displayed in 3D, in any lighting, and interactive until they truly feel that 3D holograms are here in a big way. In the meantime, hologram mannequins are probably as close as you can get to interactive 3D holographic projections you can touch.

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