7 Ridiculously Mind-blowing Ways to Celebrate Christmas This Year

Festive season is around the corner and Christmas celebrations will once again fill the whole world with joy and jubilation. Illuminated and decorated pine trees, Santa Claus with that proverbial bag of gifts, and people making a beeline to supermarket stores – these are just a few of several usual scenarios that we will witness in the coming days.

So how are you planning to celebrate this Christmas?

Since the fascination for enjoying Christmas holidays resides deep in your heart, this year just unleash your fascination by using so many different ways to celebrate this centuries old festivity. It is perhaps the right time to find creative and innovative ways to make this Christmas a truly special one.

Here are some amazing ways of celebrating Christmas:

  1. Spread the message of joy and peace:

    Very few global festivities like Christmas give you an opportunity to bring sunshine in the lives of those who are less fortunate. Through videos and podcasting on the internet you can reach out to the world community and spread the message of joy and peace. You can make this Christmas a reason to bring happiness in the lives of orphanage children or special kids.

  2. Give printable Christmas cards:

    You sure are so excited to catch up with your friends and family and want to spend a good time this festive season. It would be a really nice feeling to give your loved ones attractive printable Christmas labels in order to create unforgettable memories. Just hang around with them, go on vacation together, or take sunbath on sandy beaches. This is the perfect time to get up, close and personal with your special someone as well.

  3. Use decorations to tell about the life of Christ:

    The life of Christ was one of love and sacrifice for the well-being of others. In today’s perspective it is more than necessary to tell about the life of Christ when we are witnessing so much crimes being committed around us. Although Christmas signifies the birth of Jesus, you can use decorations to show the zest of his life on earth. You can use artwork to narrate the events from the life of Jesus.

  4. Go green:

    Going green is the eco-friendly way of celebrating the festival. Since climate change is one of the hottest contemporary issues in the world, so buying a real tree for decoration is certainly not a greener option. Just think if everyone starts using a real living tree for Christmas, how many trees will be cut down across the world. Use artificial trees instead, or you can grow your own real trees. You can also give eco-friendly gifts such as special varieties of plants or saplings.

  5. Make a DIY Christmas tree costume:

    If we are talking about creativity and innovativeness, then you have many options to use your imagination. You can make a lot of things for yourself while sitting at home, for example a DIY Christmas tree costume will be a unique piece of art. You have to buy a few pieces of synthetic grass and some light bulbs from supermarket. Make a suit from the grass and put light bulbs on different places, and connect them through wires. Now put the dress on and light bulbs with caution and you are a walking Christmas tree.

  6. Exquisite food:

    The celebration of Christmas holidays cannot be completed without a gourmet delight. In order to make your Christmas feasting special you can pick a few traditional along with foods from different cultures. For example, traditional Christmas meal includes ham or turkey. You can mix it with seafood along with green vegetables and salads. Other ideas you can use in your Christmas kitchen include Bacon Potatoes au Gratin, salt roasted lollipop lamb chops, Shrimp Scampi with Linguine, Holiday Duck with Fig Glaze and Cornbread Stuffing.

  7. Volunteer for bringing a change around:

    Compassionate and kindness is the true lesson that one can learn from Christmas. You can encourage your near and dear ones to donate cash and clothes to poor people. Why not get your family members to volunteer at a local shelter or hospital on Christmas holidays. This will surely go down as the most unique and incredible Christmas celebration in your life so far. As a matter of fact, you don’t what it means for those people who are in dire need.

Christmas will come and go every year, but what difference are you making at your end. How unique and different is your disposition towards the spirit of Christmas. What new ideas are you using this festive season to bring a change around you? The above mentioned tips will surely help you glance in this thought.

Published by Carol Combs

Carol Combs has been in the fashion industry for over many years. A mother of one, latest vogue and fashion trends keep her living hale and hearty. She aims to impart herself knowledge and experience to refine the look of womenfolk to look better than ever.

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