A New Way of Cooking Rice!

Cook rice without calories

Did you know? Rice does not make you fat! It’s all in the way you cook it. Thanks to a Sri Lankan researcher and his mentor, now the whole world knows how to eat rice without growing fat. Many rice lovers might jump with joy after discovering this unique technique if they have been deprived of rice to avoid calories.

So without wasting any more time, let us understand the technique from undergraduate student Sudhair James at the College of Chemical Sciences in Sri Lanka and his mentor Pushparajah Thavarajah.

Knowing this cooking technique can help many people in the Caribbean and southern parts of India, where rice dominates the meal. The major reasons for the popularity of rice are interesting to know. Rice is one of the few things that pair well with most dishes, and it is inexpensive.

New low-calorie rice could help cut rising obesity rates (Video)

New low-calorie rice could help cut rising obesity rates.

The procedure begins normally, but the only change is the magic ingredient – coconut oil! If coconut becomes 3 percent of the weight of the rice you will be cooking, more than half of the job is already done. All that remains for you to do is, let it cool in the refrigerator for 12 hours before enjoying a healthy meal. Let us now explore why it is healthy to do so.

As the researchers say, the oil changes the rice’s architecture, and chilling it will foster the starch’s conversion. The best thing about this kind of cooking is that the dish remains healthy even when heat it before serving.

The researchers claim that you can get rid of 50 to 60% of your calories by using this cooking method. Now that’s a big number. Now you try it out and let us know your experience.

Image Source: Rice Bowl

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