Alexandria’s genesis – a beautiful anomaly or a fallacy that just went viral!

The rare genetic mutation called Alexandria’s Genesis is characteristic of beautiful violet eyes and little to nil biological disturbances. The existence of this disease has been of much debate and unlike so many other disorders produces a very good effect for the person involved. But for all the level headed people out there the disorder does not exist (not that the scientific community knows of) and seems to be just an urban legend.

Alexandria’s Genesis is characteristic of beautiful violet eyes!
Alexandria’s Genesis is characteristic of beautiful violet eyes!

But it could have existed in the past. The first recorded case of the disease was a woman named Alexandria Augustine born in 1329, London. Her parents looking at her purple eyes thought she might be possessed and took her to a priest to get her exorcised. The priest informed that there was nothing wrong with their daughter and that it was just a genetic mutation. The priest had heard about a flash of light over Egypt some thousands of years ago after which people with purple eyes and very fair skin had appeared only to disappear north until Alexandria’s appearance.

The symptoms of this disorder are shimmering white skin that is resistant to tanning or burning, no body hair other than that which they’re born with, purple colored eyes, a slowed down aging process, long life span of up to 170 years, no bodily excretions, well developed immune system which is resistant to every disease known, perfect vision and they never gain weight. Sounds kind of ‘alien’ doesn’t it? Well you be the judge! However, two reasons for it to be  a hoax are that firstly, the traits are too widespread to be of a single gene and secondly some traits are physiologically impossible such as the lack of waste production  and a slowed aging process. Also the fair skin which resists burning is naturally impossible other than Melanin which also darkens the skin. Most noticeably the person after whom the disease is named is said to have live 150 years but this is impossible as the longest life span very reached was 122 years.

The real reason for this astonishingly desirable disorder to go viral was a Daria fan-fiction website. Cameron Miquelon claimed to be the original author of the fictional disorder in 1998 and conveyed her frustration on the huge percentage of people believing the disorder actually exists in a blog post in 2011. She says in the post, “Alas, what’s truly astonishing is that in spite of this post’s existence (as well as the true origin of Alexandria’s Genesis being a Daria fan fiction website), nothing has changed among the 99 percent of you who believe that what I wrote is truth, if my bookmarked Tumblr search tag is anything to go by. For that, I hate you all so very much. Anyway, there you have it: Alexandria’s Genesis is simply a bad mash up of Daria, Art Bell, Twilight, witchcraft and Cylon skin jobs adopted by New Agers and others who should know better, but don’t and won’t”.

Well there you have it! So what do you think? Could this disorder have existed in the past could it exist in present times? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. First of all, “disorders” are things no one wants; every young woman wants my creation… at least the bit about forgoing periods and shaving forever.

    Secondly, you’d be hard-pressed to find the “recorded” first instance (hint: “April 29th/Florence and Normandy”), so good luck with that.

    Finally, could it exist in the present? No, but given enough time via genetic engineering, biotechnology, cybernetics, nanotechnology et al, everyone can have the chance to live in a posthuman world where Alexandria’s Genesis won’t be so special.

  2. So many people state that purple eyes do not exist or that Alexandria’s genesis does not exist but I know Elizabeth Taylor had rare purple or violet eyes, fair skin, and dark eyes. You can’t deny the existence of purple eyes.

  3. Okay, you can’t reply to comments so I’m just making a new one. Elizabeth Taylor did NOT have this FAKE disease. She didn’t even have black hair naturally, it became public knowledge quit a few years ago that she was having her hair dyed black and it was naturally red. Come on. She wasn’t even pale, she was quit tan IMO. Nor did she have purple eyes, her eyes were extremely blue and appeared purple in certain lighting, just like how mine are green but appear grey in certain lighting. Use your damn brains.

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