Are you spending enough time with your kids? Ask the Mini Hug app!

Mini Hug - Bitsmedia App for iOS

Childhood is such an important stage of human life. A stage that requires the most care. A stage that requires the most attention. But are you able to give the much-needed care and attention to your child? If you are guilty about not being able to do the right thing, I have a suggestion that can make you guilt-free!

It’s an app called Mini Hug that will help you monitor the quality and quantity of the time you are spending with your little ones. How does this happen? Let’s find out.

The time you spent with your kids!

With Mini Hug on your phone, you will have an idea of how much time you spent with your bundles of joy and activities you engaged in. By the end of the day, week, or month you have a sort of a report card in the form of a pie chart evaluating your performance. So now it’s not only the kids who have to worry about performing well.

Your motivation will be your own performance against that of your friends who have Mini Hug on their phones. The leader board in the app ranks parents based on their performance. Now you can even know which of your activities received the most attention and which the least. So if you want to stay on the top, switch off your laptop and sit by your kid.

App idea from a seven-year-old girl!

It’s a great idea, isn’t it? This brilliant idea is not the brainchild of some popular scientist but the idea of a simple seven-year-old girl who loves to spend time with her parents. Little Lia one day went up to her dad Erwan Mace, who is the CEO of Singapore-based mobile apps development firm Bitsmedia, with an idea of a new app.

The surprised father heard his daughter with amazement and was pleasantly shocked by his daughter’s creativity. Listen to the rest of the story from Mace himself.

“My daughter first came up with the idea about a year and a half ago, when she was six. She came up to me and said, ‘I have an idea for an app you could make.’ I was stunned!” recalls Mace.

“Her idea was to make an app to help other kids – starting with her own friends – and their parents spend time together and give each other lots of ‘hugs’ just like we do at home. I do that a lot as I work from home.”

He added, “Since her name is Lia, I suggested we call the app Liapp”, to which she quickly replied that it was a terrible name and that ‘Mini Hug’ would be much better. I was stunned again! She was so right.”

Making of Mini Hug App!

Lia’s involvement in making the app was as much as that of her father’s. She looked into every detail of making the app. She was so particular about everything that she carefully chose the designers by ranking each submission every day.

Mace says “I tried to convince her that user feedback would be valuable, but I ended up having to respect her non-negotiable stand on this. It’s her app, after all.” The father-daughter duo didn’t throw the app out in the open without trying it themselves first.

“I definitely started using the app with her as soon as I had developed my first viable early beta,” says Mace. “It’s awesome – it only takes a few seconds per day to track the activities you actually engage in with your kids.”

So if you want to experience the same joy with your kid download this wonderful app today! Mini Hug is available for free on iOS and can be downloaded on the Apple App Store.

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