Attitude is everything!


Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes.
–Norman Vincent Peale
In this fast changing world, one attribute that can ‘make’ or ‘break’ lives is attitude. Yes, I say, it is not riches or wealth but attitude as it holds the key to all types of success, riches, wealth and prosperity in life!
How to define Attitude?
Attitue with a captial ‘A‘, implies approaching a situation or viewing a set of proceedings through a certain perspective. A perspective that could be compared to a ‘prism’ which refracts light in a certain manner, depending on the way it falls on it!


Sometimes we wonder why people behave the way they do and there are also occasions when we are unable to behave in the best possible manner despite wanting it! We may conclude that it is in the nature of people that they behave in a specific way. We may call this nature as ‘attitude’. We need to know what exactly these attitudes are and how they affect our nature.

There are three different qualities of people or gunas in Sanskrit. They are the Satvic, Rajasic and Tamasic. For the right attitude, an individual needs the right goal or vision ahead of him.

We shall discuss how these qualities will manifest in us in terms of our external behaviour.A few traits about each of them have been discussed to help you mould your attitude!
The Vision: ‘Vision’ is the ability to think about the future with imagination or wisdom. We call such people -a ‘visionary’. Depending on whether a person is Satvic, Rajasic or Tamasic, a person behaves is a specific way with respect to this aspect of life.


A Satvic person is holistic and thinks beyond the present. He is able to think taking the broader picture and an over all perspective on life. He wishes to go to the root cause of problem and as a result of this inquisitive nature, his/her thinking is broad. The individual seeks to unify what his / her present with long term plans in life. Also, the individual would have a long term, medium term and short term plan.

A Rajasic person focusses on medium term issues in life. The individual at times takes the over all aspects into consideration. But on some other ocassions tends to get confused between the daily aspects and long term aspects. As a result of this, the individual has a wavering tendency in his / her priorities.

A Tamasic person is a narrow minded individual and focusses only on what is in front of him. The individual is very sensitive to crisis but blind to opportunities and as a result of which he / she does not think beyond what is to be done at this point of time.

Based on these traits, an individual’s attitudes gets shaped which eventually is a reflection of his/ her success, failure !
So, what is your attitude in life..?

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