Backlift can create web apps with automatized back end coding

Backlift: The back end service for front end developers

A Y Combinator-backed startup, Backlift wants to automize backend programming or coding for front end developers. Backlift, a back end service for front end developers – which actually takes care of deploying your new website to Dropbox and then web, means you don’t need to code, etc.

Then the only thing you need to do is choose the front end tools or javascript libraries like Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, Handlebars, etc. The rest of the stuff like databases, user authentication, and plugins for external services will be taken care of by Backlift.

Backlift’s server, templates, and libraries support Asynchronous updates, API discovery, and other libraries like Angular.js, knockout.js, etc. and also they are planning to integrate with other JavaScript MVC libraries in the future. Their main aim is to give rapid user experience prototyping and developing production websites so that it is used easily by many front-end developers out there.

Check out the following video on how to create a basic website with Backlift and by using Dropbox:

The concept of automizing the backend programming is cool, right? Why not give it a try and share your thoughts and experience working on Backlift.

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