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The world has become a smarter place with our handy smartphones and tablets. A lot of people feel a sense of loss of control when they use so many message sharing portals, and their children and family are on phones all day. The concerned spy in you awakens; Hoverwatch tries to solve this problem for you with its tracking software!

Hoverwatch is a mobile tracker that maintains records of SMS, call history and audio, locations, camera, WhatsApp, Facebook, internet activity, calendar, contacts etc. There are a total of 12 features available by Hoverwatch and you can track up-to 5 devices! The best part is, they’re not bias, Hoverwatch is supported by all platforms, Android, iOS and Windows! Some of the unique features of this app are; SIM change detection, stealth mode (completely invisible mode of tracking), call recording and Phone browsing history available for Android phones.

Best way to spy on someone’s Android device (Whatsapp/SMS/Calls/Contacts/Facebook):

The most intriguing is the cell phone location tracker feature with GPS and WiFi, the former being more accurate but the latter and uses less battery power. So what happens if the user has both their GPS and WiFi off? The software is still able to track cell phone location with the help of known cell phone towers (GSM). The mobile tracking feature is especially great if you’re a concerned parent, trying to track your child’s whereabouts. The current location of a user along with the route of commuting can be viewed in the personal account. You just have to be connected to the internet, and the information will be displayed via a map. This feature can also be used to track employees and friends for safety reasons.

Hoverwatch website gives clear instructions on how to manage and use all the features available by them. The website is super user friendly, and not cluttered. Usually one-of- a-kind apps will be extremely confusing for a regular user to understand, but that’s not the case with Hoverwatch. They understand that users of this app are interested in the app for its services not its technological complexity. It’s merely a simple three step process to get started with Hoverwatch.

  1. Signing up- It’s free to sign up for an online account with an email and password
  2. Prepare devices- Download and install the mobile tracker from your online account of your smart phone. You need to have the direct authorized access to the device you want to track. Hoverwatch isn’t meant for illegal spy usage. And the device you plan to track should have connection to the internet so that information is shared to your Hoverwatch account. For Android phone or tablet it requires Android 4 to 6, for Windows it requires the computer to be running Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. Mac computers running on OS X 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite or 10.11 El Captain, 10.12 Sierra are all compatible with the software. For security reasons, you have to have the admin privilege to install the software into both Windows and Mac systems.
  3. Start Watching- Now you can start monitoring and viewing all recorded data.

There are two payment plans you can use i.e. personal and family the former enables you to monitor one device, the latter enables you to monitor 5 devices and is more affordable than the personal plan. The payment installment plans are available for one month, three month and 12 months for both.

The Hoverwatch software has been installed on over 12 million devices till date. It’s unique and user friendly features make it a handy tracking software for not just individual devices but also as a family.

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