Top 10 Appointment Scheduling Softwares

As your business flourishes and grows, it is not surprising to notice that keeping oneself organised can grow to become quite a challenge. In fact, this is to be expected, seeing that there are so many business processes one has to stay on top of.

To help minimise the rate of customer dissatisfaction and maintain good performance results consistently, business owners are recommended to rely on the use of appointment scheduling softwares to stay on top of things.

Appointment scheduling softwares are designed to facilitate the user with a wide range of functions that are ideal not only for themselves, but also for their clients too.

If you are looking for a good software to try out,

here are the top 10 appointment scheduling softwares we recommend:

1. AppointEze (Adjustable Pricing)

Perform essential tasks like appointment booking and keeping track of your customers with AppointEze today! This appointment scheduling software allows business owners to maintain and keep track of user details in organised records for future access so that no information is lost. In addition, business owners can also easily integrate AppointEze to any of their existing customer relationship management tools since the software comes with an API.

Accessibility is also a guarantee since this appointment scheduling software can be accessed through smartphone devices while on the go too, with a responsive interface that makes navigating a quick and painless process. What’s more, customers will also be better able to trust business dealings with the corporation since they are able to gain access to a more detailed view of the transactions they are making through the invoice management system within AppointEze. They will also be granted the ability to edit, book and cancel their appointments whenever necessary and help keep things organised. No more dates are missed since customised notifications can be designed to be delivered to staff members as well as customers for matters like confirmation, pending appointments and reminders.

To ensure full flexibility, AppointEze also comes with professional tech support. Prices for it are based on annual subscriptions according to the user’s requirements. For a better price quotation that is tailored for your needs, do contact the helpful staff members of AppontEze!

2. Acuity Scheduling ($10 to $34 per month)

When it comes to appointment scheduling softwares, Acuity Scheduling is also yet another top choice one can consider. Much like a personal assistant that is tailored to the business owner’s
requirements, this appointment software allows the business owner’s clients to actually view their real time availability! They can also proceed to book appointments for themselves through a
sleek user-friendly interface without much interference or the need for guidance. In addition, Acuity Scheduling is also designed to be compatible with different payment gateways. They are also capable of handling advanced payments through gateways like Stripe,, Paypal and others.

3. Pulse 24/7 ($9.95 to $99 per month)

Designed for compatibility with various business models, Pulse 24/7 is an ideal appointment booking software for both online and mobile users. Business owners can essentially process payment even while on the go, rely on the software to schedule or automate marketing content for social media marketing and even keep track of referrals as well as discount codes without struggle! What’s more, this software also comes at a free trial for users who are interested in experiencing it’s features first hand before committing to the product. There’s also online support for those who require assistance too!

4. ( $9.90 to $59.90 per month)

If you are looking for an appointment scheduling software combined with an online booking system, then would be an ideal choice. By making use of this, business owners will essentially be receiving a number of resources including a web page for appointment booking, a facebook booking integration button, syncing to google calendars and performance statistics to keep track of everything. For users who need guidance, there is no need to worry since there will also be support and training online!

5. Appointy ( $19.99 to $59.99 per month)

Designed to be a flexible appointment scheduling software, Appointy aids business owners in accepting online appointments as well as automating both phone and email reminders to eliminate the no show rate in customers. In addition, business owners don’t necessarily have to resort to manual tweaking either since it can integrate with Google Calendars as well as social media. In addition, Appointy also allows business owners to create and keep track of gift cards as well as discount code events!

6. Setmore ( $25 to $199 per month)

Intuitive and sleek, Setmore is a software that is capable of handling appointments at any time of the dar and night. For easy management, business owners can simply drag and drop slots to
reschedule, create unlimited alerts (email) and perform other essential functions. In addition, Setmore also allows business owners to create free accounts as a beginning process and upgrade whenever necessary.

7. TimeTrade ($50 per month)

For large business types, TimeTrade is also a compatible option to make use of. This web based software can be used internally for essential functions like central scheduling through call centers, self service scheduling by customers, as well as automating other complicated appointment processes. This can be done over a wide range of locations and even timezones! Business owners can opt to make use of a free trial and free version of the software to get a hang of it before deciding to make purchases.

8. Calendly ($8 to $12 per month)

Calendly is yet another good scheduling option to choose, especially when one wants to eliminate back and forth email messages. With the ability to integrate with a large number of popular organisation tools like Google, Microsoft Office and other app calendars, business owners are better able to keep track of their scheduling. In addition, this software also comes at affordable prices so entrepreneurs looking to streamline their work process can definitely consider it.

9. 10to8 ( $28.80 to $238.80 per month)

Set up this appointment scheduling software fairly quickly and enjoy access to the ability in customising and automating SMS as well as email reminders, keep track of booking slots, manage payments and perform 2 way syncing with popular tools like Google or Outlook calendars. 10to8 also assists by securing the data stored in their software with bank rate encryption and enabling access to both online web as well as mobile devices.

10. MINDBODY ( $85 to $315 per month)

Arguably one of the most discussed appointment scheduling softwares, the MINDBODY software is one that provides users with a ton of useful features. In just a few simple adjustments, business owners can perform a series of tasks like managing of schedules for their staff, tracking success metrics, automating daily tasks, manage payments and more!

These are just some of the top appointment scheduling softwares we are recommending. In order to gain full experience in what each of them have to offer, business owners are highly advised to try them out for themselves and monitor the performance results!

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