Best-rated WordPress CMS Plugins Reviewed

List of best WordPress CMS plugins

Although WordPress comes loaded with features and functionalities that are more than enough for allowing you to woo your clients, if you intend to make the basic user interface a lot easier to work with, then plugins are the way to go.

Whether you plan to extend the existing functionality of your WordPress blog or wish to add custom content without getting into the hassles of writing difficult code, a CMS plugin is what you need to have.

In this blog, I’ve covered some useful and interesting details about the best-rated WordPress CMS Plugins that serve as the best fit for every WordPress user. So, get on and embrace these details for making an appropriate choice.

What’s the basic purpose of using a WordPress CMS plugin?

Talking specifically about WordPress CMS plugins, you can use them for rendering WordPress an additional amount of CMS (Content Management System) functionality and visual excellence.

That means, with WordPress CMS plugin either it could be premium WordPress plugins or free WordPress plugins, you can add your own branding, remove specific elements from the admin screens, make changes to the admin menus, create content without writing any code and a lot more interesting stuff.

And now, let us take a closer look at some of the highly recommended or top WordPress CMS Plugins available for you:

WP-CMS Post Control

With this CMS Plugin, you can have complete control over all the Write-Post and Write-Page areas within your WordPress back-end. That means you can choose to disable Flash uploader, hide all the unwanted items from the admin dashboard, remove post revisions, and do a lot more.

Having received a rating of 4.4 on a scale of 5.0, the WP-CMS Post Control plugin has been downloaded by 97,799 WordPress users to date.


As an immensely effective CMS Plugin for WordPress user-role management, Members allow you to create, edit, and delete roles and capabilities allotted to users with different roles. You can gain easy access to shortcodes for accessing the site/blog content.

Plus, there’s also an option for making your WordPress site and the feeds completely private. With a rating of 4.7 on a scale of 5.0, Members are the WordPress CMS Plugin that will surely impress users who want to have greater control over their WP Blog. This plugin has been downloaded by 399,538 WordPress users.

Page Restrict

As yet another remarkable WordPress CMS Plugin, Page Restrict allows you to restrict none, all, or some specific pages/posts to just the logged in users. To put it simply, if you want your users to have access to only some content on your blog/site then Page Restrict is the plugin for you. With a rating of 4.2/5.0, Page Restrict plugin has been downloaded for 110,348 times.


CustomPress is a WordPress CMS plugin that allows you to add custom post types, fields, taxonomies, and shortcodes, without the need for writing any complex code.

The built-in shortcodes allow you to add custom fields to the blog’s content while specifying the archives in which the post types need to be displayed. With a whopping 53,527 downloads to date, CustomPress is perhaps the best plugin for adding flexibility to your WordPress blog.

Supple Forms

Supple Forms is yet another remarkable WordPress CMS Plugin that allows you to create a writing panel or meta box for entering data during addition or updating posts and pages. With this plugin integrated into your WordPress blog, you can choose to format and insert data into blog posts via shortcodes and several HTML snippets.

Supple Forms plugin comes with brilliant options for the appropriate placement of custom meta boxes. You can either opt for storing data in a Custom Table or in the form of Custom Fields. Having received a rating of 5.0 on a scale of 5.0, Supple Forms is a WordPress CMS plugin that has witnessed over 14,880 downloads to date.

Role Scoper

As an all-inclusive access control solution, Role Scoper is a CMS plugin that offers you complete control of assigning restrictions and roles to a specific set of posts, pages, or categories. With Role Scoper plugin integrated into your WordPress blog, you can easily define user groups by allotting them one or more RS roles.

Also, you can control the categories that the user can post to and grant read or edit access. The built-in customizable Hidden Content Teaser allows you to hide posts/pages.


As one of the most commendable shopping cart plugins for WordPress, eShop allows you to avail the following features:

  • Upload a wide range of downloadable products
  • Upload products with multiple options
  • An ability to create products using WordPress pages or posts
  • An ability to list products in different ways
  • Flexibility to download sales data
  • As the admin, you can access the Order handling section

Having being downloaded for 597,190 times till date, eShop is a WordPress CMS plugin is the custom-made plugin for WordPress powered e-commerce websites.

Project Manager

Project Manager is a custom-made WordPress CMS plugin that allows you to manage an ample number of projects including recurrent datasets such as DVD collection, portrait system, etc.

With the Project Manager plugin, you can avail Ajax-enabled editing of datasets, change the color scheme for output tables using the admin panel, important export datasets from/to CSV file and hook multiple projects into the user profile.

Custom Write Panel

By integrating Custom Write Panel plugin in your WordPress website, you can include a unique functionality in your WordPress site/blog wherein you can add new input fields belonging to any of the below-mentioned types:

  • Checkbox
  • Textbox
  • Checkbox list
  • Multiline Textbox
  • Radio-button List
  • Listbox
  • Dropdown List

S2 Member

S2 Member is a WordPress CMS plugin that serves as a powerful, free membership plugin that secures the privacy of registered users of a WordPress blog/site. The best part of the S2 Member plugin is that it is compatible with BuddyPress, bbPress, and Multisite Networking.

Summing it all up

So with that, it’s a wrap on this post that briefed you regarding the best WordPress CMS plugins that are being used and recommended by WordPress users all across the globe. I hope by now you’d have chosen your pick and you’d be all geared up to install the same in your WordPress powered blog.

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