Bizarre ideas are not so bizarre after the first million!

Every time an idea crosses your mind, you need not believe it’s the one going to make you rich. However, sometimes it’s the most bizarre, over-the-top, way out of the box ideas that surprisingly rise to millionaires!

Bizarre business ideas that made millions
Bizarre business ideas that made millions

Now and then, it’s good to have a look at those who are making the cash and doing so walking on ice, the true risk-takers, and the outrageous problem-solving techniques they use to get the customers on their knees. Who doesn’t need that kind of inspiration; here are a few that will effectively blow your mind.

1. Dating website for the married

Here’s a website you won’t be logging in on for a great date or potential marriage. is a website for those already married and looking for an affair with those married! (Talk about twisted lives) Even though the website stands for undeniably wrong values, the founder of the website Noel Biderman is now a successful millionaire. Unfortunately, the world does support such ideologies and uses such services.

2. The plastic fishbone

Here’s trouble caused every thanksgiving; there will only be one fishbone at the table, and Ken Ahorni decided to end the misery of mankind by starting a company called LuckyBreak.

The company produces real synthetic wishbones, and you can want them to be with the sound and feel of a real dried turkey bone. This company made Ahorni a millionaire, making sales of over $2.5 million a year.

3. Excuses Excuses

We all need one, especially for the days we unreasonably want to miss work, or any other occasion for that matter. Presenting to you a guy who made it his priority to make sure you have the most innovative excuses.

You can get an excuse note. The Excused Absence Network is an online business run by the owner on his laptop in a small town in Oklahoma, USA. The website currently gets over 15,000 hits a month. Talk about humanity! No more “my dog ate my paper” just for a mere $9.95.

4. Smash it out

The most peaceful of us has seen days where you want to smash the whack out of the world, break a leg, burn down a house, throw kitchenware. Here’s another Good Samaritan who understands this undeniable fact and caters to it smashingly.

The Venting Place in Akihabara, Tokyo, gets you relaxed by letting you unleash your smashing feelings by letting you break plates. Of course, you have to pay for the plates, but it’s a small price for relieving the stress.

We live in a beautiful world; there is always mutual understanding and a lot of money at the end of the tunnel. Help your species with extra-marital affairs, smashing plates, breaking fake wishbones, give exclusive excuses, and live happily ever after. Not to mention make the owners super-rich.

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