Can Mobility Help with the Global Refugee Crisis?

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Europe’s current refugee situation is undoubtedly painful spreading waves of panic and debate amongst countries that are completely underprepared to deal with this current crisis. According to tech experts, they state that smartphones can be of great help! Let’s find out more about how.

We mainly use our smartphones to order ourselves a bucket of chicken, stream our favorite TV shows, play games, or even jot down grocery lists. Mobile applications have totally changed the way we interact with our smartphones with their simple and intuitive user interfaces and their easy solutions to most of our complex problems.

However, looking at the other side for an Android app development company and Android app developers mobile applications are much more than online shopping, recreation, and business productivity.

S.O.S – The Refugee Crisis

According to the United Nations, there would be around 4,270,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2016, and a major portion of these distressed refugees would be spread across Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, and Jordan, with almost all of them living outside the region’s massive refugee camps.

The humanitarian efforts are led by United Nations agencies working with the national governments and a large number of NGOs. The tumultuous task of registering and delivering daily necessities and bare essentials such as food, healthcare as well as education relies on an array of innovative information and communications technology (ICT).

As we all know, Europe is bearing the brunt due to the severity of the current refugee situation. Due to extremely terrible conditions, more and more refugees are originating from the tumultuous and war-torn country of Syria.

As the circumstance keeps on becoming progressively hazardous and savage, roughly four million natives are frantically escaping to more secure, neighboring nations with the trust that they’ll be welcomed with open arms.

As more Syrians fled, the issue immediately spiraled crazy and got to be untenable – countries, for example, Hungary and Greece got up to 3,000 displaced people a day during the month of August.

To some degree justifiably, the size of this mass movement has found a large portion of the host countries’ napping. The absence of readiness for such an occasion is leaving innumerable transients in substandard living conditions, and nations are scrambling to discover an answer.

This is where the importance of mobility and technology walks in as it can help the refugee crisis to a certain extent which any Android app development company and Android app developers should take notice of. Let’s take a look at how:


As we are all aware, currently the Syria crisis is the worst kind of tragedy the world is facing ever since the Second World War! With the help of mobile applications especially the ones that track analytics, it can provide a clear indication of the upcoming signs and trends of mass migrations which can thus make it a predictable and probably preventable crisis.

Here’s where mobile applications can be of great help! Right from Netflix to apps showcasing the latest movies, predictive analytics are extremely helpful as they compile and analyze huge pools of data to keep a check on patterns and trends at a very early stage. This highly productive tool is already creating quite a massive impact within the mobile app development arena, but this is just the beginning.

Due to their extremely versatile feature, predictive analytics is highly beneficial to any market. Also, predictive analytics can be used to save lives thus which is helpful for the current refugee crisis.

Altruistic Apps:

Numerous organizations are as of now exploiting applications and prescient examination to have any kind of effect on individuals’ lives. A well-known healthcare system has been added to a project that coordinates and dissects clinical information to deal with the soundness of individual patients to create explanatory models that can be utilized to anticipate populace well-being patterns.

By collecting information usefully, the Carolinas Healthcare System can foresee future patterns and spikes sought after, permitting them to tend to these issues as fast and adequately as could be expected under the circumstances.

It’s anything but difficult to perceive what number of these same thoughts can be connected to philanthropic emergencies, for example, the present evacuee circumstance in Europe. On the off chance that such occasions can be better foreseen, the passing and disaster these nations have encountered for a considerable length of time might be totally preventable later on.

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