Can Technology Lead To Highly Productive Employees?

Employee Efficiency and Productivity

“Employee Engagement” has been a growing topic of conversion among several business owners over the past few years. Whether it’s an HR meet or conference or even a forum, one often hears regarding the significance of employee engagement. Unfortunately, there has been found a knowing-doing gap here and a serious one!

First of all, HRs aren’t well aware regarding the various tools and businesses out there that can be successfully used for employee engagement. And second, even if they happen to know, the cost of these are prohibitive for SMEs.

Improving Employee Engagement with Latest Technology

Being a wide concept, Good work, boss and pay are considered to be the basic foundations of employee engagement. But the question is how such engagement can be advanced with the help of advancing technology?

What Exactly Is Employee Engagement?

Other than the aforementioned basic aspects, employee engagement is even measured in terms of how emotionally invested your workforce is in the company. After all, an engaged worker does not only want another paycheck but sincerly aims for your company to succeed. Professional requires to feel that they are a part of the team and should be treated as a valued member of the company, not just another brick in the wall. At present most of the HR professionals make use of modern systems an apps to engage as well as motivate workers at the tip of their fingers.

Where Technology Comes into Play

One of the well-known facts is that most of the people across the globe tend to abandon their jobs is the lack of appreciation. The actual problem is that less than 15% of organizations provide HR managers with the necessary tools for employee recognition. As a result, it’s high time they must start implementing recognition software, like Globoforce that aids well in building a strong culture through the power of acknowledgment. This type of software will encourage healthy lifestyles it will help you to increase positive practices, and acknowledge anniversaries.

As per the modern techniques we now on the other hand have performance appraisal software for example, Engagedly: Employee Performance Management Software it generates ideas and manager feedback in a cloud-based platform that delivers continuous feedback to workers. Now I have come across many employees who often get disappointed in performance reviews due to a lack of feedback and/or goal setting. In order to simplify the process of tracking attendance and time, one no longer needs to have an expensive, stand-alone hardware. In fact, you can think of obtaining modern online time attendance software, which allows you to set up specific clock locations and you can easily supervise when your staff clocks in and out, by it.

Fighting Disengagement with Gamification

It doesn’t seem to be surprising at all, how gamification has overgrown in terms of popularity among recent years. The technology has offered a great help by allowing your staff to have fun on their job, relief stress, and even expand their personal social networks while they work. It may quite interest you to know that the worldwide market is expected to grow to $2.8 billion by the end of the year. With such gamification tools, businesses are slowly but surely gaining.

However, most managers regard gamification as a mere gimmick. But in the actual scenario, it has successfully resulted in affect engagement in a positive way and even boosts performance. The technology is useful upto quite an extent especially with millennials because these apps encourage young people to pick up new skills and meet deadlines.

Down below I would like to share a few methods for leveraging technology to boost employee engagement.

Collaborative Working

Much like the human body, work seems to be better when flexible. In five years down the line, flexibility and virtual work would definitely be considered in limelight. In fact, the change has already begun and by doing this one could easily reap the benefits of happier, more motivated, and more productive employees. Besides, virtual work even cuts overhead costs and shows that you trust your employees even when they are working remotely.

File sharing, Wikis, ORG and project management tools, Shared whiteboards and forums are some of the Potential tools worth considering.

Personal Tools at Work

Like I said before, millennials are obsessed with their personal apps. And by allowing personal tools at work, you can make your employees perform faster. In the long run, these minor gains lead to big improvements. Don’t upset your employees, let them use their own tech! And don’t go give that “evil look” to any employee with their iPhone out.

Mobile Learning

With Generation Z on the horizon, such trends aren’t going anywhere. Right from balancing work to hobbies, outside interests, education, and family, today’s employees are juggling through a highly complicated multifaceted life. Mobile is everywhere, it’s a global technology that people can’t exist without. This can successfully help to increase flexible working practices and raise enthusiasm toward learning.

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