Car gadgets: how to find the best one for you

Gadgets for your Car

The latest car models tend to boast amazing features, which make you want to book them for yourself instantly. However, when you don’t have the bucks to call such shots, then you can always supplement the passion by adding cool gadgets to your current car. Accessories can make your ride more safe and comfortable.

Best gadgets for your car

You can always select the best gadgets for your car by aligning your specific needs with the features of the product. Following is a list of cool and trending car gadgets that you can select for your ride as per your needs and preferences:

1. Key finder

This accessory is an instant pick-up for those people who forget to carry their car keys with them. There is an extensive variety of key finders to choose from. You just have to attach the tracker with your keychain and when your car keys start playing hide and seek, you can pull out the app on your phone, and then you can locate your keys. The Bluetooth-enabled tracker rings when you search for your keys.

2. Self-powered jump starter

Helping by giving another fellow’s car a friendly jolt when his car is out of battery is an act of kindness. However, the situation turns into a disaster if you turn it the other way around and there’s nobody to give your vehicle a jolt.

In times like these, a self-powered jump starter can snuggle you out of the isolation trap. Depending on the type you get, the jump starter may even feature two USB ports for your flashlight and mobile device.

3. Stinger emergency tool

Emergencies have a way of coming uninvited. It is only wise to be prepared to meet them anytime they strike. For this, a stinger is a useful gadget to own. In the event of an accident, this handy device allows you to shatter your car’s windows or the dashboard when your doors or windows are jammed.

Therefore, these enable you to exit quickly from your vehicle. Most of these are equipped with a tiny blade at the other end too. It allows you to tear your way through a jammed seatbelt.

4. Air vent smartphone mount

You don’t need to make any permanent addition to your car for navigation or think about buying a new car that has an inbuilt navigation system. Instead, you only need to get the air vent smartphone vehicle mount gadget.

It attaches to the air vents without any elaborate installation. Next, it holds your smartphone to itself with the help of a powerful magnet. And, it swivels in different directions too so that you can view the navigation on your smartphone screen from varying angles.

5. Bluetooth car kit

You don’t have to change your car if it doesn’t have any Bluetooth connectivity. This is because a Bluetooth car kit plug serves the purpose of connectivity. The gadget allows you to make and take hands-free calls and sync your phone’s playlist with your car’s music player.

6. Waterproof car rearview backup camera

A rearview backup camera is a lifesaver. Pair it up with a waterproof feature, and you have a must-have car gadget that helps you drive like a pro on rainy days. The waterproof car rearview backup camera sits on your car’s back window or license plate area.

From there, the accessory provides you with a 170-degree visibility field, which streams on your vehicle’s infotainment system. Since it’s waterproof, it survives the rainy days too.

7. Car garbage can

Don’t let the gum wrappers find a new home in your car. Add a garbage can to your automobile. This accessory can hang from the back seat, behind the central console, or the door. This is a perfect gadget for long road trips that can’t afford frequent stops for trash disposal.

8. The tire pressure monitoring system

You don’t have to crawl around to investigate your tires if you have a car tire pressure monitoring system in place. The gadget is powered by Bluetooth-enabled sensors, which attach to the inlet of the tires’ valves. They report the need for fill-ups via an app. Thus, allowing to keep an eye on the tire pressure.

9. Blind spot mirrors

A useful feature that the latest automobiles boast is the blind spot alert function. The side view mirror is installed with a light that flashes whenever someone is in the blind spot.

You don’t have such a feature in older vehicles though, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t install such a feature in the car you own. It’s simple, get yourself blind spot mirrors that will help you focus more on the road ahead than on your sides.

10. Car vacuum cleaner

About 8 million vehicles are serviced at car washes in a day. If you don’t have the time to stand in line though, then you can always clean the car yourself. This makes a car vacuum cleaner an essential gadget to have.

Select a vacuum cleaner that is easy to use, reliable, and compact. An excellent car cleaner can work wonders in helping you maintain a clean car by sucking trash from every nook and cranny.

11. Car dash grip pad

This is another useful car gadget that helps upgrade your ride and ante up your comfort game. A car dash gripping pad holds your keys, spare change, and phone in place without any signs of sticky residue on your dashboard. Typically, these are made from silicone rubber and come in varying dimensions.

12. GPS tracker

As its name suggests, a GPS tracker connects your vehicle’s location to your phone. In this way, you can track your car from your phone easily, making it a critical gadget for safety. It’s best for parents too as they can know the whereabouts of their kids. Plus, it becomes an all-important tool in case of incidents such as vehicle theft.

Wrap up thoughts

There are tons of car gadgets that are currently available. You can always pick the ones that you need. For instance, select a USB charger to charge your phone in your car if you tend to be running late most of the time or get a car vacuum cleaner to maintain your ride’s cleanliness, and garbage can if you’re a frequent road traveler.

Have a tire pressure monitoring system if you have extra mileage on your tires or keep the self-powered jump starter to avoid getting stranded due to a dead battery.

On the other hand, you could simply sell your car and buy a new one with various installations. If you want to sell your car, look for places where you can get a free car valuation, without the bother of visiting several dealers.

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