Celebrities and their Businesses

One of the essential factors in starting your business is being smart with your money. Even if you have a limited investment capital or are already rich for being a talented star there will be opportunities for you.

Celebrities and their Businesses - Bethenny Frankel, Kanye West, Sandra Bullock
Celebrities and their Businesses – Bethenny Frankel, Kanye West, Sandra Bullock

Many celebrities are wise with their money, they find a way to invest their earnings, and keep the money in circulation in order to get them richer. When we look at them we may think they’re shallow individuals obsessed with themselves, with their careers and worldly lives, but the fact of the matter is many of them are very successful entrepreneurs.

Bethenny Frankel

You would know her from being in the cast of the reality show “Real Housewives of New York”. Frankel has a people’s personality, and she took an opportunity to forego the fashion world and enter the liquor world. She launched her Skinnygirl brand of light pre-made cocktails, more than anything the name of the brand was catching for many customers.

The line included Skinnygirl Margarita which has become one of the best-selling ready-made cocktails in the United States. She was offered a great deal from Beam Global to sell her brand. Beam reported that sales of Skinnygirl products are around 100,000 cases per year. She also has her own talk show Bethenny, which is a fun women’s talk show that covers all topics.

Kanye West

Now very famous for his love life, and relationship with Kimberly Kardashian, Kanye is a rapper who you will either hate or love. Kanye not only raps but also has its own record label GOOD Music; the GOOD is an acronym for “Getting Out Our Dreams”.

Kanye originally wanted to be an artist and he is pretty good at creative activities, which lead to him designing clothing lines for Nike and Louis Vuitton. He also owns all rights to fast-food chain Fat Burger and plans to open up plans to open 10 across Chicago.

Sandra Bullock

The star of the Miss Congeniality series is known not only for her Oscar-winning acting skills but her keen interest in entrepreneurship. While miss Bullock looks like an Academy Award actress like any other she loved owning businesses and producing. Her big business is that of a film production company, Fortis Films.

Over the years the company has produced more than nine movies. Apart from the Hollywood obsession, Bullock also owns Bess Bistro, a restaurant in Austin Texas. She has also founded Walton’s Fancy and Staple, a bakery and florist shop also doing event planning.

These stars have been in the Hollywood business long enough to make connections, and by networking they grow their own circle of talented people who not only inspire them; but also help them launch their business careers. Being surrounded by the best in various industries helps them proceed into riskier areas, and flourish as great businessmen and women.

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