Chameleon Launcher for Customized Android Home Screen

I am very excited to buy this Chameleon Launcher and get it installed to customize my Android tablet. For a long was looking for this to get a custom widgetised home screen experience. Here is my personal experience of this Android Tablet Chameleon Launcher, which will come to your Android Phones soon.

Chameleon Launcher for Customized Android Home Screen
Chameleon Launcher for Customized Android Home Screen

I always wanted to customize either my Android Tablet or smartphone and always look for various applications/launchers which are lightweight and which is user-friendly.

I was keeping an eye on Chameleon Launcher since when it gets launched and was observing how it got improved version by version and when I recently opened their website, I found $3.99 as a Holiday offer price which was available at $10, so I couldn’t stop myself to grab this cool launcher immediately.

Let me give you basic info and available features about this Launcher: Chameleon Launcher is to customize your Android tablet home screen designed to fit your lifestyle, which lets you create multiple home screens with your widgetized layout and apps.

You can look at some of the widgets or create/build your widgets with their custom API; you can get more info on the next generation of widgets.

Chameleon Widgets will give you a great experience in terms of readability and their customized content presentation, and yes, without any clutter.

I am sure most of the Android Tablet users might not be happy with the default widgets available by app providers as they try to have their own look and feel for their widgets, so if you place widgets from different app providers, then you may site other color schemes and various fixed sizes of devices where customization is significantly less.

In the case of Chameleon, custom widgets work like a charm; you can have consistency all across various widgets and are built with HTML5.

Chameleon Launcher comes with the following popular and most used widgets as default to customize your home screen – Calendar, Facebook, Gmail, Google+, Instagram, RSS News Reader, Switches, Time, Twitter, Weather, YouTube and you can even add Native Widgets, last but not least you can also create your own widgets with Make a Widget facility.

And all the widgets are transparent and can fit in any of the backgrounds; these launchers provide some cool and eye-catchy wallpapers to get a great user experience. From The Nexus 7 to Motorola Xoom, Chameleon Launcher was specifically designed to work beautifully on tablets. And yes home launcher is responsive, and the transition is very smooth when we shift from portrait to landscape or landscape to portrait mode.

My overall experience with this Chameleon Launcher was great, and I was expecting the following customization options:

  1. Typography – option to choose at least 5 good custom fonts for headings or content etc. and able to add more fonts would be a great option or provide Google Web Fonts library to choose :)
  2. Once the tablet is switched off and switched on back – I see blank widgets, instead of that you would have cached the earlier content and display it as default content. Because after I switch on the tablet someone felt that something is broken in the tablet or was not working properly etc.
  3. Some minor bug with the Twitter widget – after I click on refresh, nothing happens – once done with refresh and I click on the edit icon the updates are displayed.
  4. Would have been great if there is a widget that could display all the social activity in one widget? Like combining, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. all in one widget – a kind of social stream?
  5. Right now the display is a mix of text and thumbnails etc. Can the widgets be like Flipboard? Text with a background or related images covering the widget width?
And here is a hands-on review of Chameleon Launcher v1.0

I Will keep updating this list as and when I come across some ideas to improve this further – I hope that helps the team :)

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