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Human beings are social animals and by this I mean, our actions do not exist in isolation. They have generally a cause and effect nature, which implies that each and every action performed voluntarily or involuntarily, has its origin somewhere. Everyday in our lives, domestic as well as workplace, we come across different situations, few require treatment different from others.

And all this is decided upon by our mind, which correlates and comprehends various factors and stimuli and arrives at a decision after weighing different pros and cons. But then doesn’t this activity comprising of relating and comprehending, open the gates to apprehension and doubt? Yes it does and that does not mean all decision human beings take can be perfect, that’s why we are human! But in the hindsight people could reduce their erring rate while arriving upon and taking decisions.

The key element that comes into play here is “Clear Thinking”. Clear thinking is partially a product of the thought process of an individual and to some extent, his surroundings. To be clear in our thinking we need to be consciously responsible for those actions that are within our power while accepting what is not within our power.

To develop clarity in the thought process the mind should be able to distinguish facts from opinions. The reason being, opinions are numerous and vary from person to person but facts remain the same and it is the latter mixed in small proportions with the former that leads to laying the path to clear thinking.

Freedom of mind

Another key aspect that goes into establishing clarity is- freedom of mind. The mind needs to be devoid of worries and other elements, which lead it astray while thinking. By disciplining our consciousness to weigh the circumstances without immediately judging from what we see, we can equip ourselves to be more aware of the subtlety of the situation and avoid an immediate emotional reaction that may not be productive or beneficial.

So ensuring that the mind is focused and free to think becomes a vital necessity for clear thinking. “Evaluating consequences” comes in very handy and is quintessential when it comes to arriving upon a decision by thinking clearly. Evaluation of facts and observations assume a key role which eventually lead to thinking clearly.

Introspecting in hindsight the actions and motives “cements” the standpoint or the thought process which sums up the process in totality. Hence, for clear thinking, a measure of details such as facts, stimuli, freedom of mind and hindsight can steer a person’s mind clear of doubts and can aid him to think clearly.

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  1. “Men are not disturbed because of things that happen but because of their opinion of things that happen”.

    But aren’t ‘facts’ influenced by the thoughts reflecting the context in which the individual is influenced with / by?

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