How to Make the Best Use of Online Legal Services for Your Business

Business Use of Online Legal Services

Online legal services are relatively inexpensive for an individual as well as a firm. Some online law firms offer legal advice for free of cost and many of them charge a normal fee. Majority of people are turning to online legal platforms, the biggest reason being its cost-effective services.

Besides saving money, availing online legal services will save a lot of time and efforts. For a matter as personal as divorce or abuse, one might consider seeking legal help in person but, many lawyers agree that professional requirements, in most cases, can be handled online. Whether you are operating a small business or a multinational organisation, online legal assistance can be availed to save your time, efforts and money.

Every business is required to comply with various local, state and federal laws. Failing to comply with these laws can result in fines, penalties and corporate liabilities. These online law firms including, LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer, Law Guru to name a few, provide attorneys specialising in different areas offering legal advice, emergency legal help or preparing you for an unforeseen lawsuit in future. Commercial legal advice is not only for entrepreneurs operating their respective businesses, it can also be for managers, marketers and investors.

Registrations and Permits

The fundamental step in starting a business is to register the business name and the nature of your business. It is necessary to secure work permits and licenses from local, state and federal government. This can be easily done using a reliable legal service online. Your assigned business lawyer will suggest what registrations and permits are applicable by understanding your specified business needs.

Income Tax

Keeping an organisation’s income tax file up to date is one of the most important keys in operating a business. Online legal advisors and tax lawyers can take care of everything pertaining to your business income that is liable for tax. Apart from filing tax on your behalf, they can also help you in saving tax and getting tax returns wherever applicable.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is a document stating how your business will manage the personal information it collects, how it is used and how it is stored by the entrepreneur or a company. If the nature of your business is service oriented or collects data of customers directly or indirectly than you are liable to maintain a privacy policy and online legal services can feasibly help you out in creating a policy pertaining to the use of your company’s private and confidential information.

Contracts and Agreements

If your business requires a legally binding agreement, your Attorney can conveniently discuss and draft a contract for you online. Be it a new or an existing partnership, articles of incorporation and bylaws for your business; or even the articles of organisation and operating agreements for drafting or renewing LLCs.

Employment Terms & Conditions

A legal bond defining terms and conditions of employment, including different types of employment contracts, the written statement of particulars, notice periods, number of work-hours agreed between employer and employee etc. All these can be drafted by your online attorney with a proper understanding of your business requirements.

Code of Conduct

The standard set of rules to behave within an organisation, also known as code of business ethics or code of ethics, can also be drafted smoothly by an online legislative firm. This serves as a framework for ethical decision making within a company.

Besides these, you can also reach out to an online legal service for general business advice like complaints and accusations, investigating for violation of laws, suing and being sued as an ounce of prevention.

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