Confusion within? Decision-making holds the key to success!

Confusion - What to do?

Confusion in Mind?

Some minds are like concrete, all mixed up and permanently set.

– Unknown

In today’s jet age one could say that decision-making holds the key to success. But many times we find ourselves in dilemma, unable to arrive at a conclusive inference regarding things. This leads to procrastination and eventually takes a toll on the final outcome.

Also, sometimes we are confused about the course of action to be taken. Consequently, this immobilizes us and we end up confused, not knowing what to do.

Sometimes, it is the lack of analytical thinking that leads to this confusion while in some cases, this mental confusion is due to a lack of information. Most of us operate within a circle of comfort. It will be useful to know the following areas of what we ‘know.

  1. Known and experienced there are certain facts, which we know to be true, and we have also experienced the same. In this area, there will be no confusion in our minds. This is an area of comfort and we are at ease while performing anything. There will be natural ‘flow’ in us regarding understanding details pertaining to this field. This field could be related to your office work or might pertain to domestic affairs.
  2. Known but not experienced this we know certain facts, but have not experienced the same. Lack of experience will put a slight tension in us. Our ‘flow’ will not be normal in this area owing to the lack of experience and apprehension which will stall decision making in many cases.
  3. Unknown, but experienced in this area, our experience will guide and tell us that we are right, but we do not know why it is so. We will have to seek the knowledge to reinforce our speed and flow.
  4. Unknown and “unexperienced”
    This area confuses us a lot. We have neither the experience nor the knowledge to take certain action plans. We will feel terribly confused to operate in this area. However, this is the area of opportunity.

Successful people are those who operate in this area trying to know new things and trying to do new things. It is the “lack” which drives and most successful people, be it the founders of Google or Bill Gates, they ventured into the areas which were unknown to reap success!

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